Far-Right Radio Host: Obama Is ‘Demon-Possessed’ And ‘Adolf Hitler Reincarnated’

Religious Right activist and End Times broadcaster Rick Wiles, who has previously scored interviews with GOP congressmen, dedicated the Monday edition of his “Trunews” program to arguing that President Obama created ISIS in order to build an Islamic caliphate that he will one day lead.

“I’ve told the truth about Barack Obama,” Wiles said. “I’m out of names to call him, I don’t know what else to call him. He’s wicked. He’s evil. He’s diabolical. He’s full of the devil. He’s demon-possessed. He’s Adolf Hitler reincarnated. He has inspired ISIS. He’s dreaming of leading a caliphate. He’s leading this world into world war. He’s provoking Putin. I don’t know what else to say about the man. You don’t think there’s not a target on my head?”

Wiles claimed the U.S. government is “deliberately allowing ISIS to expand its authority, its reach, its territory” because Obama plans to one day preside over the caliphate: “You’ve got a Muslim in the White House who is building a caliphate. You’ve got to deal with the Hitler that’s in the White House. You’ve got an Adolf Hitler in the White House conquering, going to war, setting nations on fire, using the power and the might of the U.S. military to accomplish his Islamic caliphate.”

According to Wiles, the president, along with Hillary Clinton and John McCain, all worship Satan.

“Their god is the Devil, they serve Lucifer, this is a Luciferian government and it’s causing bloodshed and violence all over the world,” Wiles said. “I really believe something is being set up for Barack Obama to become the head of an Islamic caliphate, he is setting up an Islamic NATO, he is setting up an alliance of Islamic nations, I think this guy has dream of being a leader of an Islamic caliphate.”