Rick Wiles Binds The Demonic Spirits That Seek To Destroy President Trump

Yesterday, End Times broadcaster Rick Wiles dedicated nearly five minutes of his “TruNews” broadcast to binding the demonic spirits that are supposedly working to destroy President Trump.

“We don’t have to tolerate this stuff,” Wiles said. “These are demonic spirits attempting to start a civil war in this country. If they think that they are going to succeed in removing the president of the United States and this country is not going to erupt into a civil war, these people are totally deluded and full of pompous pride. They will destroy the country and they cannot be allowed to do it.”

“They are acting under the spirit of Lucifer and therefore we, the church, have authority … [to] bind these devils and let’s loose angels to protect the president,” Wiles proclaimed as he then spent several minutes calling on God to protect Trump and to expose and destroy those “who have been orchestrating this satanic campaign of lies and deception against the president.”

“We bind every demonic, evil, wicked, satanic spirit,” he declared. “We bind all of those demonic spirits that are operating in the White House, in the Congress, in the intelligence agencies, in the Pentagon, anywhere in this nation to destabilize the president of the United States and to cause our government to collapse. We bind those evil spirits and we render them paralyzed.”

“Set this country free, Father, from this torment that these people are bringing upon this nation,” he prayed.