Conspiracy Theorist Clay Clark Brags of Connecting ‘The Prophets’ to ‘Trump’s Inner Circle’

Clay Clark is a far-right conspiracy theorist who has been organizing “ReAwaken America” rallies where various election, COVID-19, and QAnon conspiracy theorists are brought together in churches to spread their disinformation all over the nation.

Clark’s events are a nonstop cavalcade of outlandish conspiracy theories and violent rhetoric mixed with aggressive Christian nationalism. For For example, during a recent event at one of former President Donald Trump’s properties in Florida, a self-proclaimed “prophet” named Amanda Grace warned about the dangers posed by technologically advanced “mermaids and water people.”

Speaking alongside Grace at this event were Eric and Lara Trump, and Clark recently bragged that through his ReAwaken America event, he has been able to connect Trump”s “inner circle” to prophets like Grace.

During an appearance on the Elijah Streams network last Wednesday, Clark reported that he has been successful in his effort to directly connect with Trump and has been working to ensure that Trump will be “surrounded by both prophets and pastors” if he is reelected to the White House.

“I had dinner with Devin [Nunes],” Clark reported. “He loves our country. He loves Jesus. He’s backstage at the ReAwaken America tour. … I want the prophets, the patriots, and the pastors all to be connected. So, Amanda Grace is backstage talking to Devin Nunes. Lara Trump—Eric’s wife—she openly describes the battle that we’re facing right now is a spiritual battle, which is a far cry from the secular right that doesn’t want to talk about God.”

Clark then noted that Trump had called into the event to promise disgraced his former disgraced national security adviser Michael Flynn a high-level position in his next administration. Flynn himself is a far-right conspiracy theorist who has developed close ties to Clark and has consistently been a speaker at Clark’s events.

Clark hailed Trump’s participation as further evidence that the former president is embracing the radical activists whom Clark has brought together for his ReAwaken America events.

“Trump’s inner circle is embracing the prophets,” Clark said. “It was great to see Eric Trump, find Amanda Grace, call her out by name, give her a hug, ‘How are you doing?,’ introduce her to his wife. That’s the kind of stuff that needs to be happening because if Trump is to return into the White House—and I believe he’s going to—we are going to need to make sure he is surrounded by both prophets and pastors that aren’t afraid to work together.”

While it is deeply disturbing that the Trump family has embraced Clay and his cavalcade of extremists, Clay can’t take exclusive credit for introducing Trump to the world of right-wing dominionist “prophets,” “apostles,” and “spiritual warriors.” Right Wing Watch exhaustively documented the close mutual embrace of Trump and Christian nationalist prophets during his 2016 run for Congress and throughout his administration, where Trump spiritual adviser Paula White used her White House job as a platform for nurturing those relationships, denouncing Trump’s political opponents as demonic, and decreeing that God would intervene to keep Trump in office after his reelection defeat.

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