Clay Clark Alleges Tragic Alec Baldwin Shooting Was Really a ‘Satanic Ritual’ to Protect the Clintons

Clay Clark, the right-wing conspiracy theorist who has been organizing “ReAwaken America” rallies where various election, COVID-19, and QAnon conspiracy theorists are brought together in churches around the country, appeared on “The Charlie Ward Show” last Tuesday where he alleged that the tragic incident in which actor Alec Baldwin accidentally shot and killed a cinematographer was really part of a satanic plot to protect Bill and Hillary Clinton.

As Clark explained it, the husband of Halyna Hutchins, the cinematographer who was fatally shot on the set of the film “Rust,” works for Latham & Watkins, which is a massive law firm employing thousands of attorneys. Other attorneys who work for Latham & Watkins are currently representing Michael Sussmann, a lawyer who worked for the Democrats and Hillary Clinton and was recently indicted by special counsel John Durham for allegedly lying to the FBI during Robert Muller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election.

To Clark, it all adds up.

“It is shocking to you that the attorney that this woman—the woman who was killed by Baldwin ‘accidentally’ by a prop gun—was married to [is] an attorney who’s representing closely the Clinton Foundation?” Clark asked rhetorically. “Michael Sussmann is the attorney at the epicenter, at the very beginning of the Russia, Russia, Russia allegations when they were saying President Trump—at the time candidate Trump—was involved with the Russians doing nefarious business dealings. The guy who perpetuated that story, his name is Michael Sussmann. Michael Sussmann was an attorney working for the Clintons at this law firm. That is a fact. Now we have another attorney who is supposed to be involved closely at the epicenter of Sussmann/Durham/Clintons. This attorney’s wife just got shot. Let’s talk about that on a personal level. Let’s say that I was married to somebody who’s really, really on the tip of the spear, and they know what’s going on, and somebody wanted to scare me into not moving forward or not speaking or not whatever. If they killed my spouse, that’s maybe one way to stop most people from moving forward.”

Contrary to Clark’s claim, Hutchins’ husband, Matt, has no role in the Sussmann case, as he specializes in “handling mergers and acquisitions transactions, securities offerings, cross-border investments, spin-offs, restructuring transactions and corporate governance matters for public and private companies and private equity funds.”

But then Clark and Ward decided to take things even further by alleging that the shooting was actually part of a “satanic ritual” carried out by Baldwin in an effort to “move up a level” within the Freemasons.

“There’s definitely a parallel between people moving up a level in this sick world of celebrity and these satanic rituals,” Clark said. “So you’re saying, Charlie, is that Alec Baldwin wanted to move up a level?”

“What I heard from somebody who dislikes him, so it may be made up, is that he’s also a Freemason,” Ward replied. “I have people that I can contact, and he said to me, ‘He’s been trying to move up a level for some time.’ … When you get to a certain level—I forget what they call it now. Is it circles or something? I think it’s in circles—when they move up a level, they have to sacrifice a human life.”