Trump May Join ‘ReAwaken America’ Conspiracy Theory Tour Before 2022 Elections

In April 2021, business consultant and right-wing podcast host Clay Clark organized a conference in Tulsa, Oklahoma, that was aimed at defying national and local restrictions put in place during the COVID-19 pandemic. Clark, a radical right-wing conspiracy theorist, filled the event with a variety of like-minded COVID-19, election, and QAnon conspiracy theorists, such as Lin Wood, Sidney Powell, Michael Flynn, Mike Lindell, Greg Locke, and Ann Vandersteel.

The event was such a success that Clark decided to launch a nationwide “ReAwaken America” tour that would bring his carnival of misinformation to churches all across the country. Every month since April 2021, Clark and his gaggle of falsehood-spreading far-right propagandists have gathered with thousands of activists from Florida to Washington state, spreading wild conspiracy theories at every stop.

As Clark’s tour gained momentum, he began to secure the support of elected Republican officials, with Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton appearing at an event in Dallas in December, Eric Trump making multiple appearances, and Donald Trump Jr. being scheduled to participate in the upcoming event in Virginia in July.

But there is still one man who has been missing from the line-up: former President Donald Trump. Clark believes that a vague 2013 prophecy from the late self-declared “prophet” Kim Clement that “a man by the name of Mr. Clark and … another man by the name of Donald” would join together to save America is about himself and the former president. As such, he has been singularly focused on building ties to those who can get him close to former president and has bragged that having members of the Trump family participate in his events is “legitimizing what we are doing in the minds of many people.”

Last Tuesday, right-wing commentator Doug Billings, who has spoken at several of Clark’s “ReAwaken America” events, interviewed Clark on his program. While introducing Clark, Billings reported that the tour is scheduled to continue through the midterms and that Trump himself is going to be participating at the final tour stop before the November elections.

“We now have the attention and the support of the Trump family,” Billings said. “We will go up through at least November, to the election in November, and we will, I’m told, we will have President Trump at the final event. Now that will be record-setting, and it will be incredible.”