Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Idiots

  • Dave Hayes claims to have had two prophetic dreams that he believes signify that “[woke] ideology will be rejected by most people.”
  • While introducing Mike Lindell at his recent conspiracy theory rally, Clay Clark asked attendees to help him purge the event of idiots and then provided a handy rundown of ways to identify said idiots: “If somebody ever quotes Obama, they’re an idiot.”
  • Speaking of Lindell, he is now offering $5 million to any “cyber guys” who can disprove the validity of election data he’ll be presenting at his upcoming “cyber symposium.
  • We’ve posted multiple clips of right-wing commentators advocating the Second Amendment as the proper response to COVID-19 regulations or restrictions, but Stew Peters and DeAnna Lorraine say that if such a thing ever happens, it’ll be a false flag.
  • Finally, Joseph Farah has a two-part plan to save the United States. Part one involves you sending him money. Part two is a secret.