Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton to Appear at Election, COVID-19, QAnon Conspiracy Theory Conference in December

For the last several months, Clay Clark, a business consultant who hosts a podcast called “Thrivetime,” has been leading a “ReAwaken America Tour” in venues around the country. As Right Wing Watch reported in June, Clark himself is a radical anti-vaccine conspiracy theorist, and so it is no surprise that he has crammed his events full of right-wing election, COVID-19, and QAnon conspiracy theorists.

In December, Clark will be taking his tour to Elevate Live Church in Frisco, Texas, and he’s filled the speaking slots with the usual allotment of MAGA activists and conspiracy theorists, such as Michael Flynn, Greg Locke, Scott McKay, Ann Vandersteel, Mark Sherwood, Gene Ho, Patrick Byrne, Stella Immanuel, Jackson Lahmeyer, Leon Benjamin, Mark Burns, and dozens more.

Joining this motley crew in Dallas, according to Clark, will be Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.

Appearing on “The Todd Coconato Show” Friday, Clark revealed that Paxton will be participating in the December event, as will religious-right activist Sean Feucht and Trump campaign attorney Jenna Ellis.

“We just did our fifth sold out event in Colorado Springs,” Clark bragged. “We’re sold out for San Antonio in November. And in December, if you go to TimeToFreeAmerica.com, there are just under 300 tickets left for that event. That is in Dallas in December. And I will tell you, Sean Feucht, the praise and worship leader who is doing the Let Us Worship events, he’s joining us. Ken Paxton, the attorney general from Texas, he’s joining us. We’ve got Jenna Ellis, President Trump’s attorney, she’s joining us.”