Anti-Muslim Activist Frank Gaffney Promotes Day of Prayer for Kavanaugh

Frank Gaffney also spoke at the 2017 Voters Value Summit. (Photo: Jared Holt for Right Wing Watch)

Anti-Muslim activist Frank Gaffney used his “Secure Freedom Minute” podcast on Thursday morning to urge prayers for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, whose nomination is being pushed forward by Senate Republican leaders in spite of allegations of sexual assault and evidence that he lied under oath.

An excerpt from Gaffney’s remarks:

A national day of prayer for this good man to become our next associate justice has been scheduled for today.

Judge Kavanaugh is an exemplary all-American who has for decades honorably and faithfully served his community, country and God. Those who have tried to destroy his reputation and nomination have been exposed as unfair, dishonest and obsessed with power at any cost. Some have gone so far as to put at risk senators who disagree with them and their conduct.

Gaffney also told listeners to pray “for the healing and unity of our nation.” Unity is not a word one associates with Gaffney, who recently smeared Muslim Americans running for office, saying that “most, if not virtually all, of them are Sharia-supremacists—or, at a minimum, they’re currying support from those who are.”

Gaffney’s group, the Center for Security Policy, has been designated an anti-Muslim hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. During this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference, the group hosted an event at which panelists discussed how to get Muslim immigrants and “fake refugees” to leave the U.S.

Religious Right leaders and “intercessory prayer” activists have rallied around Kavanaugh, who they are counting on to provide the deciding vote to overturn Roe v. Wade. Religious Right leaders have portrayed the confirmation struggle as “a battle between good and evil,” declaring that opposition to Kavanaugh is being directed by Satan himself, by demonic forces, by the spirit of Jezebel, and even by the wicked witch of the east.