Frank Gaffney: Malls With Arabic Signage Are ‘Bringing In Sharia’

Frank Gaffney speaks at Voters Value Summit 2017. (Photo: Jared Holt for Right Wing Watch)

In an interview earlier this month with Florida talk radio host Joyce Kaufman, Center for Security Policy president Frank Gaffney warned of an Islamist “takeover” in Minneapolis and Dearborn, Michigan, and said that developments such as Arabic signs in shopping malls are signs of an emerging infrastructure to support “violent jihad.”

Kaufman told Gaffney that as the Islamic State loses territory in the Mideast, it is becoming “more hell-bent on infiltrating Western society.”

“I saw some photographs this week of a mall in America,” she continued. “I thought these were pictures of a mall in Mogadishu. I don’t say that in any sort of denigrating way to Mogadishu, but in a denigrating way to Minnesota. When did we start to accept signs in Arabic in our streets and all the rest of it? It’s kind of stunning to me.”

Gaffney responded that Minneapolis is “one of the places where you see that kind of takeover underway,” along with Dearborn and the Dallas-Fort Worth area. This “takeover,” he said,” is part of a “pre-violent” “civilization jihad.”

“Those mosques, or those malls, for that matter, that we see under increasingly the influence or domination of these guys are bringing in Sharia and bringing in Sharia supremacism and creating infrastructure that ultimately will be used by the violent jihadists against us, because it’s all in the interest of establishing globally the submission of the non-Muslim world to Sharia,” Gaffney said.