Center For Security Policy’s CPAC Panel Discusses How To Get Muslims To Leave The U.S.

The Center for Security Policy’s Frank Gaffney was not welcome at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) for a number of years, thanks in part to his claims that two board members of the organization that puts on the conference were working for the Muslim Brotherhood. But since 2016, Gaffney has been back at the conference, and this year his group served as a sponsor of the event and hosted two semi-official “sponsored” panel discussions, at one of which panelists discussed how to get Muslim immigrants to the U.S. to move away.

Gaffney’s second panel discussion yesterday, which had the very Gaffneyesque title “Whither Freedom,” featured British activist Katie Hopkins—who warned about “the Islamic invasion of western Europe” and “the replacement of white, conservative Christians”—along with Gaffney and Center for Security Policy regulars Diana West and Deborah Weiss.

During a question and answer session, an audience member asked the panel to address the “90,000 fake refugee from Somalia” that she said were brought to the U.S. by the Obama administration and how to “send them back.” Beyond that, the audience member asked about “every fake refugee, especially those from Islam that are here, that are practicing Sharia law, that are not assimilating, that are asking for their own graveyards, that are asking for their own banking laws, that are truly just here to practice and invade, how do we handle that situation?”

Hopkins spoke a bit about Muslim migration to Europe before West chimed in to suggest an anti-Muslim version of hostile immigration policies that are sometimes referred to as “self-deportation.”

“It does seem to be a happy case that when the law prohibits various Sharia practices, whether it’s banking or other kinds of systems that are unique to Islam, you do see a lot of voluntary migration away,” West said, referring to programs that provide loans in ways that work around prohibitions on paying or collecting interest.

She went on to talk about “American Laws for American Courts” laws—also known as Sharia bans—saying that she supports “absolutely taking Sharia out of the public square in the legal sense, so it is not a comfortable place to live as a total Muslim, which does involve the public, the private, the political, the legal all together. So I think this becomes really our only hope to see that kind of out-migration, because it’s hard to imagine governments getting around to deportations for false-pretense immigration.”

Gaffney added a warning that  “these population transfers in America are also beginning to have political effects” and will be seen in the 2018 elections.

“Mark my words, you are going to see to a degree that is unprecedented in this nation’s history at least, the power of unassimilated, Sharia-supremacist dominated, political forces, not just in Minnesota but in Michigan and a number of other states around the country,” Gaffney said.