Anti-Muslim Activist Brigitte Gabriel Praises Kavanaugh Advance as ‘Positive’

Brigite Gabriel speaks at Values Voter Summit in Washington, D.C., on September 21, 2018. (Photo: Jared Holt for Right Wing Watch)

Anti-Muslim activist and author Brigitte Gabriel declared today that the Senate Judiciary Committee vote to advance Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination is good for America, and she slammed “the destruction of a man’s life and reputation at the hands of disgraceful Democrats.”

In a statement distributed by her public relations firm, Gabriel charged that the confirmation process had wounded “the principles our judicial system was founded on.”

“As we head toward the midterm election,” she continued, “one thing this fiasco should solidify in the eyes of the objective American public is that the Democrat party has now fully embraced radicalism. They’re a party that believes in ‘guilty until proven innocent’ for all those who refuse to abide by their borderless, lawless and senseless worldview. Stand in their way, and you too will be targeted, regardless of truth, evidence or common decency.”

People familiar with Gabriel’s work may find her a dubious spokesperson for democratic principles or common decency.

She has said that a “practicing Muslim, who believes in the teachings of the Quran, cannot be a loyal citizen to the United States of America.” As we have previously noted, when Gold Star father Khizr Khan held up his copy of the Constitution during the 2016 Democratic National Convention, Gabriel said he was “lying” because he couldn’t be both a “practicing Muslim” and loyal to the laws of the United States. Last fall Gabriel urged Congress to impeach federal judges who ruled against President Trump’s travel ban.

At the recent Values Voter Summit, a gathering of Religious Right activists, Gabriel delivered an angry rant during which she declared, “We are at war against the radical leftist element in our country that has declared war on us” and charged that public school students are being indoctrinated with “Islamic propaganda.”

At last year’s Values Voter Summit, she warned that refugees being resettled in the U.S. “hate America, do not share our values and a lot of them actually are working against our own country.” In her new book, she asks, “When did our immigration system start functioning like a charity to benefit third-world countries rather than America?”

Gabriel has bragged of her close relationship with Trump administration officials, including Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who she said “has been a steadfast ally of ours since the day he was elected to Congress.”

Gabriel’s group, ACT for America, has been designated a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.