Trump’s Prophets: Satan and ‘the Wicked Witch of the East’ Are Driving Kavanaugh Opposition

Among President Trump’s most ardent Religious Right supporters is a group of self-declared prophets and apostles who make up the POTUS Shield network, which former Trump campaign adviser Frank Amedia says was organized at God’s direction in the wee hours after Trump’s election. Last night, POTUS Shield held a call for its “prayer warriors” to address a series of urgent topics, described in texting shorthand as “SIEGE ON KAVANAUGH ELECTIONS DEEP STATE.”

On the hour-long call, which Amedia said attracted “thousands” of people, he declared that “Satan himself,” the “commander-in-chief of the evil kingdom,” is orchestrating the opposition to Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation. “It’s evil against good,” he said, with the survival of the nation at stake.

Amedia said he had received a thank-you call that morning from Vice President Pence’s staff. “We’re both a shield and a spear,” he said, that goes on offense as well as defense.

Amedia previously organized 24-hour prayer watches for the Kavanaugh nomination, divided into eight three-hour shifts. He said on Tuesday night’s call that they’ve “seen shifts” in the news based on the assignments given to prayer groups.

The “transformation of the Supreme Court” was one of the “primary assignments” that Amedia says God gave him the morning after the election. He said God told him that there would be three changes on the court “in the first season” of Trump’s presidency. Amedia noted that the group has been praying about Justice Sonya Sotomayor by name—that she would repent or be removed—and, he said, “most of you know throughout this year she’s had a rough year.”

“We are not wishy-washy Christians,” Amedia said. Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, “needs healing and deliverance,” he said, but she deserves no pity because “she is a false witness.” All of the witnesses against Kavanaugh, he said, are false.

“Last night the Lord had me praying multiple times that [attorney Michael] Avenatti would step in his own snare, and in his own trap, and he would spew and eat his own vomit,” said Amedia.

Next up was Cindy Jacobs, who said her “prayer generals” are currently gathered at her Dallas “prayer mountain.” She said she has been surprised at the number of young people having dreams, including one which featured a monster with blood dripping out of its mouth over the Supreme Court. Jacobs identified the monster as Moloch, an ancient God associated in the Bible with child sacrifice.

She referred to Rise Up, a rally on the national mall that Jacobs hosted with Lou Engle in 2017, at which anti-abortion leaders prayed that God would open more vacancies on the Supreme Court. On the POTUS Shield call, Jacobs agreed that there would soon be a third new Supreme Court justice, and that “God is preparing a woman” to fill the vacancy.

She prayed to break curses against the Supreme Court. “We bind, muzzle and gag anyone” who is not of God from testifying against Kavanaugh. Then she declared, “Oh! I just felt something break in the heavens.”

Amedia then turned to Herman Martir, who organized Asian Americans for Trump during the presidential campaign. Martir said that Asian Americans can become a swing vote in key races in 2018, which he said “can determine the future of America.” Martir led prayer for Senate and House races; among those he prayed for by name were Ted Cruz and Corey Stewart, the Republicans’ neo-Confederate Senate candidate in Virginia. Martir prayed that God would influence the hearts of voters, that there will be “an army that will mobilize millions and millions of voters that they will vote this coming November elections for righteousness and justice.”

Getting back to the Kavanaugh nomination, Martir prayed that Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley would “not be intimidated.”

Amedia echoed Martir, asking God to galvanize Grassley and Senate Majority Mitch McConnell so that they would not be moved from their steadfast support for Kavanaugh, and to strengthen Susan Collins “not to let her cave in,” along with Sens. Flake and Murkowski. He asked God to “put upon [the] hearts” of Democratic senators Joe Donnelly, Heidi Heitkamp and Joe Manchin to break ranks with other Democrats and “join Your ranks.”

Next up was Jerry Boykin, executive vice president of the Family Research Council, who mentioned having dinner with McConnell last Thursday night, the day before McConnell spoke at FRC’s Values Voter Summit. He said McConnell promised that Kavanaugh will be confirmed; Boykin warned that Republicans will lose the House and Senate if Kavanaugh is not confirmed. Conservatives, he said, should insist that the burden of proof is on Kavanaugh’s accusers.

Boykin slammed the “deep state” and “resistance movement”—“a diabolical movement as far as I’m concerned”—that is “motivated by the forces of evil” and is “melting down” after having had their way for eight years. He went on to call Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein a “classical example of the deep state” and predicted that he will be fired after the election. He also said Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made a mistake in saying that there is no deep state in the State Department, which Boykin said may in fact be the worst place of all.

“We need to quit worrying about God being displeased with us praying against our enemies,” said Boykin. There are “an awful a lot of Christians that think we oughta just love our enemies,” he said. “Well, there comes a point where we need to take ‘em on. We need to be aggressive.” We need to pray, he said, “that God will humiliate them, because they are guided by evil.”

Boykin prayed that former FBI Director James Comey and special counsel Robert Mueller “will absolutely be exposed as the phonies they are.”

Amedia asked someone he referred to as “Prophet Patty” to lead a prayer on the points Boykin made. She prayed that God would remove the protection around Mueller that, she said, “is coming from a hierarchy and from a principality,” and prayed that God would “strip him of his power.”

“We thank you that this witch hunt is over,” she prayed. “We bind every form of witchcraft, every sorcery spirit, every powerful force that would try, of spiritual wickedness in high places. … We hold this shield up, we clean out the deep state, and we call for this thing to come to an end, in Jesus’ name.”

Mark Gonzales, founder of the U.S. Hispanic Prayer Network and the U.S. Hispanic Action Network, then prayed for key Senate races, saying he’s doing six to eight presentations a day to mobilize pastors and churches.

“We wanna keep the House,” he said, “but we definitely need to keep the Senate, because this is what’s going to give us the courts, and this is how we overturn Roe v. Wade” and marriage equality.

The races are tight, he said, and will be decided by turnout. The lower turnout in the midterm elections is an opportunity, he said, adding that “if the church engages, our candidates win.”

Gonzales prayed against apathy in the church, asking that God would release his power over pastors so that they would rise up as they did during the Revolutionary War.

“We need to vote biblical values,” he said. “We’re gonna have to convert a praying church into a voting church,” he said, “and if we do this, we can take back America, we can take back our states, we can take back our nation.”

Gonzales prayed that the church would act to keep “the right candidates” in power so that they can continue to “advance the kingdom of God into government and into the Supreme Court, that you may be glorified, God, in our nation.”

Alveda King prayed that record numbers of voters would come out of the church. She said she believed that “the wicked witch of the East” is “driving and controlling a lot of this.” She prayed that God would “bind that spirit of witchcraft” and “cancel those demonic contracts” and throw confusion into the enemy’s camp.

King recounted the biblical story of Paul, who, as soldiers were preparing to beat him, asked if it were legal for them to do that to a Roman citizen who had not been condemned. Asked King, “So is it permitted and legal in America to take a man like Judge Kavanaugh and lynch him?”

“He is not condemned,” she said, “Nothing has been proven. … It is an illegal action and we bind it and curse it and cancel it in the name of Jesus.”

As the call came to a close, Jacobs declared that “these prayers are just going to be like arrows.”