Alex Jones and DeAnna Lorraine Say Michelle Obama Is a Man and Bill Gates Is an Alien

Trump cultist, QAnon conspiracy theorist, and failed congressional candidate DeAnna Lorraine served as an in-studio guest host on Infowars last night, where she and extremist right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones alleged that former First Lady Michelle Obama is a man and that Bill Gates is an alien.

Lorraine and Jones repeatedly referred to Michelle Obama as “Big Mike” as they suggested that she is really a man or possibly pretending to be a man as part of a “psy op.”

“Do I think she has a swinging you know what?” Lorraine said. “Maybe. I think she might. I think she might, but it does look suspicious.”

“There’s videos of her where she looks like she’s got a flaccid eight-inch rubber snake in her pants,” Jones replied. “We’re talking like a foot-and-a-half long thing. She’s adjusting it. It’s flopping around. It’s halfway to the knee. And the word is, you know, she’s pitching, he’s catching.”

“She might have put a rubber snake on her pants and all these things to mess with us because they run psy ops,” Jones declared, and Lorraine agreed.

“Wouldn’t that be the biggest psy op ever perpetuated to have a woman as the first lady but who is actually a man who is a transgender?” she said. “Wouldn’t that be the biggest psy op and everyone just believes it? Because they do stuff like that all the time, so I wouldn’t put it past them.”

Later in the program, Lorraine insisted that “elites” like Bill Gates “seem like they have very manly looking wives,” which prompted Jones to asset that Gates may be a woman, or possibly an alien.

“These aliens, and I think that’s what they are—I don’t get into like flying saucers. As a human, my first thing is that’s not a human,” Jones said. “There’s something wrong with these people.”

“There’s something very, very wrong with these people,” Lorraine responded. “It’s from the inside out. I think when they trade, they make a deal with Satan that we’re going to do some satanic work here on Earth—they’re exchanging their soul for it.”