DeAnna Lorraine Dropped From Alex Jones Show: Technical Issue or Conspiracy?

Trump cultist, QAnon conspiracy theorist, and failed congressional candidate DeAnna Lorraine has been tirelessly spreading misinformation about the COVID-19 virus and pandemic on Twitter and on her YouTube programs for months. In July, Lorraine was invited to appear on Australia’s “Today” program to share her views, but shortly after the interview began, her internet connection dropped out and the anchors ended the segment after they seemed to realize that giving Lorraine a platform from which to spread conspiracy theories might not have been a very good idea.

Lorraine has refused to accept that the technical glitch that ended her interview was legitimate and insists that it was a deliberate effort on the part of the program to cut her off so that she couldn’t share the “real facts about COVID.”

Yesterday, Lorraine appeared on “The Alex Jones Show” to discuss her appearance on Australian television, and while she recounted how she was dropped from the program supposedly due to a poor internet connection, her internet connection cut out and she was dropped from Jones’ program.

After Lorraine’s connection was dropped, Jones played the clip of her interview on “Today” and wondered, “was that her Skype breaking up like it just did, or were they cutting her off?”

“I know that the United Nations censors people,” he continued. “I know the head of YouTube says, ‘If something disagrees with the United Nations, we shut it down.'”

Last week, Lorraine told her followers to stop listening to media outlets like CNN and to instead get their information from Jones and Infowars because it is “one of the only places where you can get actual news.” On the show yesterday, Jones returned the favor and announced that he was inviting Lorraine to appear in studio with him next week so that his audience “can hear what she has to say, because she’s smart as a whip.”