Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Better Dead Than Dork

  • Bill Mitchell says that Attorney General William Barr’s statement that he doesn’t expect former President Barack Obama or former Vice President Joe Biden to be charged as part of the investigation into the origins of the Russian collusion investigation is just a feint designed to prevent Democrats from using the issue to mobilize voters in November.
  • Glenn Beck predicts that former first lady Michelle Obama will run for president in order to protect her husband from being prosecuted for “Obamagate.”
  • Gary Bauer warns that if the Democrats win in November, “they’re going to work 24 hours a day to reverse everything the president has done. Unlike what President Trump’s been dealing with, when the left gets backs in, that massive federal bureaucracy will be working in lockstep with those progressives and socialists to reverse everything that the conservatives were able to do over these last four years.”
  • Because she received less than two percent of the vote in her primary bid against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, QAnon conspiracy theorist DeAnna Lorraine is now looking for a more GOP-friendly district in which to make another run for Congress.
  • Finally, Brenden Dilley declares that he will never wear a mask to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 because it’s “better to be dead than a fucking dork.”