January 2010

And A Nazi New Year

One of the most notable responses to the election of Barack Obama has been the virtually endless parade of right-wing warnings that his administration is leading the nation down the path to communism, socialism, Nazi tyranny, or somehow all the above. The latest example is the eye-catching cover of the January 2010 issue of the American Family Association Journal. It’s a large bright red Nazi flag against a dark cloudy sky, with the headline, “THE EVIL LIVES.” The cover points to two related stories inside, one on secularism and another on abortion:

The secularism story, “What Hitler Knew,” is punctuated by a picture of the dictator in a stiff-armed salute. The article attacking church-state separation is essentially a reprint of the speech given by AFA’s “director of issues analysis” Bryan Fischer at last fall’s Values Voter Summit making the case that the First Amendment does not apply to the states or any entity other than Congress:

It is constitutionally impossible for a governor, a state legislature, a mayor, a city council, a principal, a teacher or a student speaking at graduation to violate the First Amendment, for one simple reason: they’re not Congress.

Perhaps Fischer apparently failed to take into account the 14th Amendment which makes the First Amendment applicable to the states.

Fischer equates Hitler’s efforts to silence Christian opponents of Nazi evils with American church-state separationists:

Secular fundamentalists in the United States know the same thing that Hitler knew. The only thing that stands in their way of the total takeover of our culture, the final removal of any mention of God from the public arena, and the shredding of the last remains of our Judeo-Christian value system, is the church of Jesus Christ.

Fischer also has an extremely narrow interpretation of the First Amendment’s establishment clause as it applies to Congress. He writes that the only way Congress can violate the First Amendment would be “to select one Christian denomination, make it the official church of the United States, and compel citizens to support it with their tax dollars.”

Apparently, according to Fischer’s dubious constitutional analysis, there would be no federal constitutional problem with a state government declaring itself a Baptist state and requiring state taxpayers to support a particular denomination. (In fairness, it should be noted that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas also believes the First Amendment's establishment clause does not apply to the states.)

According to Fischer’s analysis, it would seem that the First Amendment’s protections for free speech would also apply only to Congress and not to governors or state or local governments. If Fischer finds that the least bit troubling, he doesn’t let on.

Santorum "Actively Considering" Running For President in 2012

The National Review's Kathryn Jean Lopez has posted a letter from Rick Santorum in which he declares that he is "actively considering" making a run for President in 2012:

I’m convinced that conservatives need a candidate who will not only stand up for our views, but who can articulate a conservative vision for our country’s future.

And right now, I just don’t see anyone stepping up to the plate.


Our country needs a President who will stand up for the family and for the traditional values Americans hold dear.

Not someone obsessed with forcing taxpayers to fund unthinkable “abortion mandates” and who claims America “is no longer a Christian nation.”

And that’s why I’m actively considering the 2012 race.


Let me be very clear, just as I recently told a Washington Post columnist, I have no great burning desire to be president, but I have a burning desire to have a different president of the United States.

So you can count on me to make certain that whoever is the Republican nominee for President in 2012 is someone who shares our values and will fight for them as President – and who can ultimately defeat Obama.

Robertson's Operation Blessing: Now With Faith Healings

When the Christian Broadcasting Network issued its statement in response to the outcry over Pat Robertson's recent remarks, they made sure to point out that Robertson's humanitarian organization, Operation Blessing, was already at work in Haiti providing medications and assistance to the victims.

Which makes this clip from today's episode of 700 Club Interactive all the more interesting, as it shows Operation Blessing providing assistance to those in need in Oklahoma ... along with faith healings:

Robertson Still Expected To Attend McDonnell's Inauguration

Virginia's Governor-Elect Bob McDonnell tells the Richmond Times-Dispatch that even though he disagrees with with Pat Robertson's statement that Haiti is "cursed" for having "swore a pact to the Devil," he still expects his long-time ally and supporter to attend his inauguration, which will be held on Saturday:

Gov.-elect Bob McDonnell said in a brief interview yesterday that he had not seen religious broadcaster Pat Robertson's comments on Haiti directly, "but from what I know of them, I disagree with those comments."


McDonnell was asked to comment on Robertson after the governor-elect toured Henrico County's Regional Jail East.

"My heart goes out to the people of Haiti," McDonnell said. "The scope of the devastation and the hardship on the people and the scope of the death toll is just heartbreaking."


The governor-elect received his law degree from the Robertson School of Government at Regent University, which was founded by Robertson.

McDonnell has said he expects Robertson, a longtime political ally and donor, to attend his inauguration tomorrow.

Right Wing Round-Up

Right Wing Leftovers

  • Norm Coleman is still around and will be speaking at the Minnesota Citizen's Concerned for Life's annual anti-choice rally on January 22.
  • Newt Gingrich places himself among the contenders for the GOP presidential nomination in 2012.
  • Concerned Women for America has named a new CEO: Penny Young Nance.
  • Operation Rescue announced that it is "offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of abortionists who are breaking the law."
  • Want to intern for Liz Cheney and Bill Kristol at Keep America Safe? Well, you're in luck.
  • Finally, it seems that just about anything can raise the ire of Bill Donohue.

Why God Hates Haiti

The Southern Baptist Convention's Albert Mohler outdoes Pat Robertson by declaring that God does, in fact, hate Haiti in his blog post entitled "Does God Hate Haiti?" in which he explains that God is judging the nation, just as he judges every nation on Earth so that they may all come to know Jesus Christ:

In truth, it is hard not to describe the earthquake as a disaster of biblical proportions. It certainly looks as if the wrath of God has fallen upon the Caribbean nation. Add to this the fact that Haiti is well known for its history of religious syncretism -- mixing elements of various faiths, including occult practices. The nation is known for voodoo, sorcery, and a Catholic tradition that has been greatly influenced by the occult.

Haiti's history is a catalog of political disasters, one after the other. In one account of the nation's fight for independence from the French in the late 18th century, representatives of the nation are said to have made a pact with the Devil to throw off the French. According to this account, the Haitians considered the French as Catholics and wanted to side with whomever would oppose the French. Thus, some would use that tradition to explain all that has marked the tragedy of Haitian history -- including now the earthquake of January 12, 2010.

Does God hate Haiti? That is the conclusion reached by many, who point to the earthquake as a sign of God's direct and observable judgment.

God does judge the nations -- all of them -- and God will judge the nations. His judgment is perfect and his justice is sure. He rules over all the nations and his sovereign will is demonstrated in the rising and falling of nations and empires and peoples ... Does God hate Haiti? God hates sin, and will punish both individual sinners and nations ... The earthquake in Haiti, like every other earthly disaster, reminds us that creation groans under the weight of sin and the judgment of God ... In other words, the earthquake reminds us that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the only real message of hope.

GOD TV to Air Engle's Houston Rally

Since it was announced last week, Lou Engle's rally to protest a Planned Parenthood facility in Houston has been picking up supporters.  In addition to the original line-up featuring the likes of Tony Perkins, Harry Jackson, and Richard Land, others like Mat Staver and Concerned Women for America have signed on as well.

And now the event is going to go out across the airways via on GOD TV:

GOD TV is to break with its regular schedule on Sunday to air 'TheCall Crisis' LIVE from Houston, TX, where one of the largest abortion facilities in the world, is being built. Hosted by Lou Engle, the four-hour program will focus on prayer for the right to life and the prevention of this 'super center' opening.

Thousands of Christians will be gathering to fast and pray in Texas over the next few days and GOD TV founders Rory & Wendy Alec are encouraging the GOD TV family across the globe to join them in intercession via GOD TV on Sunday January 17th at 7pm (Eastern) with a replay on Monday January 18th at 2pm (Eastern).

Broadcast direct from Grace Community Church in Houston, TheCall Crisis will feature various speakers. In addition to Lou Engle, these include: Sammy Rodriguez, Tony Perkins, Mathew Staver, Dr. Richard Land, Ken Blackwell and Bishop Harry Jackson.

"Thirty-seven years ago abortion was legalized in Texas; now let it begin to be reversed there," said Lou Engle, the founder of TheCall. "Who ever heard of such a thing as an 'abortion super center', God wants to raise up a massive prayer movement that will say 'No,' and who will be part of the answer as we fast and pray."


"We are a voice rising out of Houston declaring that we don't want this'," says Lou Engle. "It's time to let the unborn go free and spare pregnant mothers the agony of guilt. US public opinion over abortion is shifting radically to pro-LIFE and we have to continue to stand against abortion and support adoption.

"May a great demonstration of compassion rise up in Houston which will launch a mass movement of pregnant mother care and adoption. God has a dream for every mother and child and a six-story massive abortion facility has never been a part of that dream. Let's end the nightmare and let the dream live."

Court Throws Out Harry Jackson's Marriage Lawsuit

The lawsuit filed last year by the Alliance Defense Fund on behalf of Bishop Harry Jackson and Stand4MarriageDC seeking a referendum on the District of Columbia's marriage equality law has been rejected:

A D.C. Superior Court judge ruled Thursday that same-sex marriage opponents do not have a right to hold a public referendum on whether those marriages should be legal in the District.

The ruling, a major victory for gay rights activists, makes it more likely that the District will start allowing same-sex couples to marry in March.

The D.C. Board of Elections and Ethics has twice ruled that a referendum or initiative on same-sex marriage would violate a city law prohibiting a public vote on a matter covered by the Human Rights Act, which outlaws discrimination against gay men and lesbians and other minority groups.

But Bishop Harry Jackson, pastor of Hope Christian Church in Beltsville, appealed that ruling in superior court. Last week, 39 GOP congressmen filed a brief in support of Jackson's appeal, arguing that the elections board overstepped its authority in denying a public vote on whether marriage should be defined as a being between a man and a woman.

In her ruling, Judge Judith N. Macaluso stated the board "properly rejected the proposed initiative" because of the Human Rights Act.

Palin's Tea Party Revolution Will Be Televised

There has been a lot of talk lately about the fact that organizers of the National Tea Party Convention were trying to keep the media from covering the event, especially the speeches that will be delivered by Sarah Palin and Rep. Michele Bachmann.

Well, apparently Palin has decided that her speech can be covered by the press, according to The Tennessean:

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has decided to allow media coverage of her speech at next month's Tea Party Convention at Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center.

Palin's speech was initially announced as being closed to the media, but the former vice presidential candidate requested the press be allowed in after all, the event's organizer announced Wednesday.

The nation's first Tea Party convention will take place Feb. 4-6 at Gaylord Opryland.

Although the convention is sold out, according to the Tea Party Nation Web site, banquet tickets are still available. Besides Palin, Republican Congresswomen Marsha Blackburn and Minnesota's Michele Bachmann will both be speaking at the convention.

UPDATE: According to a press release issued by the organizers, it looks like only right-wing news outlets will be allowed to cover the event:

First, we are pleased to announce that the convention has sold out and we now have a waiting list which we will continue to try to clear as opportunity presents.

In this light, we have had numerous requests for press passes and the resulting expected coverage. However, as we have set expectations that this is a working convention, we have tried not to make it a media event.

In fact, Tea Party Nation has received hundreds of requests for press credentials to cover this convention. Everyone from a small town newspaper in Iowa to Fox News has asked for press credentials. We have had requests from Canada, England, France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Norway, Croatia and Japan. We have been hard pressed to accommodate all of these requests and do not have the space or resources to support the entirety of the press corp. Indeed, we have asked the hotel if they would be willing to provide a press room during the convention.

However, given these practical limitations, we have approved the following press organizations:

Fox News



The Wall Street Journal

World Net Daily