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8/1/14 @ 9:51am
Conservative activist and potential GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson joined James Dobson on Family Talk Radio yesterday, where the two got to talking about LGBT-affirming pastors. Dobson, joining a long line of anti-LGBT activists who don’t quite understand what bisexuality is, asked what... MORE
8/1/14 @ 5:50pm
Sahil Kapur @ Talking Points Memo: House GOP’s New Plan: Rebuke Obama With Border Bill Then Leave Town. Steve Benen @ Maddow Blog: GOP tantrum derails ambassadorial nominations. Media Matters: Mark Levin: Jewish Obama Donors Are “Self-Haters” Who “Despise The... MORE
8/1/14 @ 5:43pm
Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Act has been struck down. South Carolina’s State Board of Education is considering changing the way evolution is taught in the state’s schools. Bryan Fischer definitely still wants to impeach Obama. Frank Gaffney worries Central A... MORE
8/1/14 @ 4:19pm
The House Republican leadership seems to have handed the handling of the border crisis over to its far-right flank, planning to vote this afternoon on a bill that Rep. Steve King said was “like I ordered it off the menu.” This is how Rep. Michelle Bachmann described King’s role... MORE
8/1/14 @ 4:08pm
Liberty Counsel’s Mat Staver lamented this week that the United States’ support for LGBT equality means that America is no longer “the shining city on the hill, the example for other nations to follow” and has instead become “the example of what not to follow.” St... MORE
8/1/14 @ 2:06pm
First they cast aspersions on his asparagus; now Rep. Louie Gohmert’s critics are “questioning [his] manhood,” the Texas Republican reported today. At the end of an interview with the American Family Association’s Sandy Rios today, Gohmert lamented that immigration reform pro... MORE
8/1/14 @ 1:47pm
RWW’s Paranoia-Rama takes a look at five of the week’s most absurd conspiracy theories from the Right. This week, we learn that Republican calls for impeachment are actually Democrats’ fault, see a major admission about Obama’s presidency, and explore the connections between... MORE
8/1/14 @ 12:31pm
End Times radio host Rick Wiles issued a dire warning on his program Wednesday, claiming that “the persecution against Christians in America has started” and will soon “worsen” to the extent that “any man or woman who dares to stand up against this tyranny is in danger... MORE
8/1/14 @ 11:21am
Renew America columnist A.J. Castellitto yesterday presented an intriguing “hypothetical”: “If one were determined to take down America…the secret weapon would come from a surprising place…From out of the closet.” Yes, he writes, it is very possible that “... MORE
8/1/14 @ 11:04am
In an interview with Janet Mefferd yesterday, FrontPage magazine editor David Horowitz falsely claimed that President Obama “said nothing” about the kidnapping and murder of an American boy, along with two Israeli friends, in Israel, saying that the president’s supposed silence was... MORE
8/1/14 @ 10:15am
In his latest column, Pat Buchanan rails against the possibility that President Obama will take executive action to grant some kind of relief to some undocumented immigrants living in the United States, which he insists is part of the president’s effort ensure the country’s “evolut... MORE