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1/27/15 @ 11:14am
The night before Gov. Bobby Jindal's prayer rally, at which several speakers called upon right-wing Christians to get more involved in politics and take complete control over the government, Jindal and Sen. James Lankford of Oklahoma spoke at an event organized by secretive Religious Right activ... MORE
1/27/15 @ 5:33pm
Dean Obeidallah @ The Daily Beast: Bobby Jindal Wants to Fistfight Your God. Hemant Mehta @ Friendly Atheist: The Young Turks Take on Harlem Hate Pastor in Interview. Steve Benen @ The Maddow Blog: Indiana’s Pence readies state-run media. Brady McCombs @ Rachel Zoll @ TPM: Mormo... MORE
1/27/15 @ 5:31pm
Mike Huckabee will be participating in an event that David Barton will be hosting at Lancaster Bible College in Pennsylvania in March. Huckabee will also address a luncheon for Allen West's National Center for Policy Analysis in February. David Barton knows how to save America: "... MORE
1/27/15 @ 4:40pm
Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore, who first received national attention when he flouted a court decision ordering him to remove a Ten Commandment monument he installed in the state supreme court rotunda, is now calling on his state’s governor to defy a federal judge’s ruling which found A... MORE
1/27/15 @ 3:25pm
As readers of RWW are well aware, Religious Right leaders have adopted a strategy of portraying just about any policy they disagree with as a dire threat to their religious freedom. And they love to portray President Barack Obama as a sinister enemy of religious liberty. Today’s frantic email... MORE
1/27/15 @ 3:20pm
BarbWire columnist Bill Muehlenberg thinks that while the church may have gone too far in killing, expelling, torturing, and imprisoning thousands of people during the Spanish Inquisition, at least it showed that at one point in history, Christians were serious about combating heresy. “In many... MORE
1/27/15 @ 2:44pm
On his radio program today, Glenn Beck speculated that efforts to increase the minimum wage are really just part of an effort by progressives like President Obama and Hillary Clinton to foment social unrest and revolution. After co-host Stu Burguiere told Beck that the real goal of the progressives... MORE
1/27/15 @ 2:30pm
Yesterday, Sandy Rios and Alex McFarland, who both host shows on the American Family Association’s radio network, discussed the demonstrators who protested Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal’s “The Response” prayer rally, which was financed by the AFA. McFarland criticized Louisiana... MORE
1/27/15 @ 1:45pm
It appears that Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is placing his efforts to combat mythical “no-go zones” at the center of his likely presidential campaign, using the dubious right-wing claim about French and British neighborhoods run according to Sharia law as a way to both attack immigrants... MORE
1/27/15 @ 1:17pm
The Senate Judiciary Committee has released a list of the witnesses who will testify at tomorrow’s hearing on the nomination of Loretta Lynch to be attorney general, and two of them signal the GOP’s intention to tie Lynch to their criticism of Attorney General Eric Holder’s efforts... MORE
1/27/15 @ 12:45pm
Rep. John Fleming, R-La., brought his crusade against reforming marijuana laws to the Family Research Council’s “Washington Watch” yesterday, telling FRC President Tony Perkins that people who use pot will likely end up as meth addicts and become dependent on government assistance.... MORE