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2/9/16 @ 11:05am
Yesterday, NRA board member Ted Nugent posted an anti-Semitic meme to his Facebook page suggesting that gun control is a Jewish plot. Naturally, Nugent followed that first meme by posting a photo of Nazi soldiers rounding up Jewish families, whom he called “Soulless sheep to the slaughter.... MORE
2/9/16 @ 5:33pm
Sam Reisman @ Mediaite: Trump Spox: By Calling People P*ssy, Trump ‘Has Single-Handedly Brought Back Freedom of Speech’. Alan Colmes: Muslim US Olympian only getting attention because of faith? Zack Ford @ Think Progress: Confronted On Opposition To Marriage Equality... MORE
2/9/16 @ 5:30pm
Franklin Graham says that gay marriage is "just the beginning of a moral onslaught on this nation." Phyllis Schlafly explains that women should not have to register for the Selective Service because when she heard a noise downstairs, "my husband did the manly thing and wen... MORE
2/9/16 @ 4:25pm
Televangelist Pat Robertson thinks that the Syrian Civil War indicates that End Times prophecies are being fulfilled, and on today’s edition of “The 700 Club” discussed the prophetic significance of the Iranian-Russian alliance in the war on behalf of Syrian dictator Bashar Assad.... MORE
2/9/16 @ 3:55pm
It seems that NRA board member Ted Nugent is quite upset that anyone would dare criticize his anti-Semitic Facebook memes, writing on his Facebook page last night that he is simply trying to honor victims of the Holocaust by stopping the next one. "What sort of racist prejudiced POS could possi... MORE
2/9/16 @ 3:25pm
As we have noted several times before, American Family Radio's Bryan Fischer subscribes to an entirely incoherent theory about the First Amendment, insisting that its prohibition against an establishment of religion only applies to Congress while also insisting that its prohibition against infri... MORE
2/9/16 @ 1:25pm
Conservative radio host Sandy Rios joined in on the conservative outrage over Beyoncé’s Super Bowl halftime show performance and “Formation” music video earlier today, calling the singer an anti-white racist whose “lawlessness” could bring about the End Times rei... MORE
2/9/16 @ 12:45pm
Yesterday, InfoWars broadcaster Alex Jones attacked liberals who support the resettlement of refugees from the Middle East, claiming that they have been “brainwashed” by “the left” to hate themselves and their culture. “The left teaches in schools self-loathing, self-ha... MORE
2/9/16 @ 12:15pm
Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., cited his high score from an anti-gay hate group yesterday to insist that he is “as conservative as anyone running in this race.” Fox News pundit Todd Starnes asked Rubio about conservative activist Phyllis Schlafly’s recent tirade against him, in which sh... MORE
2/9/16 @ 11:56am
In his latest video, Catholic supremacist and extremist anti-gay activist Theodore Shoebat called for an end to the freedom of religion in America and for books written by atheists to be burned. Only "idiots" and "morons" support the freedom of religion, Shoebat declared, adding... MORE
2/9/16 @ 10:50am
Sending a dog whistle to the GOP’s anti-Obama base, Donald Trump has taken to saying that “there’s something we don’t know about” the president when it comes to issues like terrorism and the resettlement of Syrian refugees. While Trump has never come out and said what t... MORE