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3/2/15 @ 12:00pm
WorldNetDaily commentator and fringe radio host Andrea Shea King wants to punish elected officials who plan to skip Benjamin Netanyahu’s controversial address to the U.S. Congress tomorrow…by putting them to death. King said on her radio program last month that such officials shouldn... MORE
3/2/15 @ 5:32pm
Warren Throckmorton: ORU Icon Contradicts David Barton’s Basketball Stories. Emily Crockett @ RH Reality Check: Meet the Islamophobic CPAC Mainstage Speaker Behind the ‘Abortion Barbie’ Posters. Michelangelo Signorile @ Huffington Post: Founding Mother Of The Conservativ... MORE
3/2/15 @ 5:30pm
David Lane has organized several meetings for Bobby Jindal with local pastors in South Carolina this week and is working on organizing similar meetings for Mike Huckabee, Scott Walker, Chris Christie, Jeb Bush, and Rand Paul. Speaking of Jindal, he is Kevin Sorbo's choice for president.... MORE
3/2/15 @ 5:05pm
Franklin Graham wants everyone to know that the White House has been “infiltrated by Muslims,” even though he can’t name a single one. The right-wing pastor seems upset that any Muslims are allowed to serve in the U.S. government at all, telling Pat Robertson’s son, Gordon, o... MORE
3/2/15 @ 3:45pm
Potential GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina stopped by “Sandy Rios In The Morning” on Friday at CPAC, where she and Rios discussed reports that the Clinton family’s charitable foundation received donations from foreign countries. Fiorina, who has close ties to the foundation... MORE
3/2/15 @ 3:25pm
Brian Brown of the National Organization for Marriage spoke to Sandy Rios last week at CPAC to promote his group’s “March for Marriage,” which will coincide with Supreme Court arguments on the constitutionality of same-sex marriage bans. Brown told Rios that marriage equality advoc... MORE
3/2/15 @ 2:50pm
In the second in a series of presentations that he recently made at Charis Bible College in Colorado, right-wing pseudo-historian David Barton reiterated his belief that God will never allow a cure or vaccine for AIDS to be discovered because the disease is divine punishment for homosexuality. Citin... MORE
3/2/15 @ 2:15pm
On Thursday’s edition of “Trunews,” End Times radio host Rick Wiles invited pastor Robert Jeffress to discuss his new book, “Countdown to the Apocalypse: Why ISIS and Ebola Are Only the Beginning.” But minutes before Jeffress even appeared on the program, Wiles stole th... MORE
3/2/15 @ 1:00pm
While Girl Scouts across the country spent this past weekend selling and distributing Girl Scout cookies, many right-wing activists will not be joining the rest of us in enjoying Thin Mints and Samoas. For the past several years, conservative groups have urged their members not to touch the cooki... MORE
3/2/15 @ 11:46am
"Coach" Dave Daubenmire is scandalized by Bruce Jenner's reported transition, declaring on his "News With Views" program today that Jenner has managed to go from the cover of the Wheaties box "to the cover of Froot Loops" in one generation. And Daubenmire is pretty... MORE
3/2/15 @ 11:12am
On Saturday morning, right-wing radio host and self-described "total partisan hack" Dana Loesch participated in a CPAC panel on religious liberty, along with the Family Research Council's Tony Perkins and Rep. Randy Neugebauer. During the discussion, Loesch said that if America doesn... MORE