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8/22/14 @ 9:54am
On her weekly radio show yesterday, RNC committeewoman Tamara Scott of Iowa warned that child migrants from Central America may have been “highly trained as warriors” and could “rise up against” U.S. citizens. “When we see these kids, you and I think young kids, we thi... MORE
8/22/14 @ 5:33pm
Paul Gordon @ Huffington Post: The Victims of the Religious Right. Matt Wilstein @ Mediaite: Rep. Steve King Rants Against ‘Irrational’ Ferguson Protesters. Media Matters: Dallas Morning News' Wayne Slater Tells National Media "Perry Has Bigger Problems Than ... Conve... MORE
8/22/14 @ 5:31pm
James Robison is very angry about all the lawlessness on the part of the protestors in Ferguson, Missouri: "We are experiencing the attempted destruction of life and liberty in our own heartland. It is all-out rebellion against the rule of law." Laurie Higgins defends the firing of... MORE
8/22/14 @ 5:25pm
RWW’s Paranoia-Rama takes a look at five of the week’s most absurd conspiracy theories from the Right. If President Obama is starting a race war, he will probably use his army of child migrants, gay public school students and “Muslim brothers” to join the fight. None of that... MORE
8/22/14 @ 4:35pm
Craig James — the former Fox Sports host who now works at the Family Research Council — hosted “Washington Watch” yesterday, where he attacked the federal judge who struck down Florida’s same-sex marriage ban for “overriding and striking down the will of the peopl... MORE
8/22/14 @ 4:23pm
The Star-Ledger reported earlier this week that Steve Lonegan, the unsuccessful Republican candidate for Senate in last year’s New Jersey special election, has a new job: leading the anti-gay, anti-choice American Principles Project’s sideline effort to bring back the gold standard.... MORE
8/22/14 @ 4:07pm
On his radio program today, Bryan Fischer spent an entire segment delivering a convoluted exegesis of the Old Testament in an effort to explain that God will eventually get fed up with America's tolerance of homosexuality and will use radical Islamic groups like ISIS to carry out his wrath. Just... MORE
8/22/14 @ 3:10pm
On yesterday’s edition of “Washington Watch,” the Family Research Council’s Craig James and Travis Weber discussed a federal judge’s decision to strike down Florida’s ban on same-sex marriage, warning that the decision will have dangerous and unforeseen consequenc... MORE
8/22/14 @ 2:10pm
David Horowitz appeared on Newsmax today to debate St. Louis County public defender Thomas Harvey about the ongoing situation in Ferguson, Missouri. While Harvey described evidence of discrimination in the criminal justice system, Horowitz ended up shouting about how he is “sick and tired of t... MORE
8/22/14 @ 12:45pm
Family Research Council executive vice president Jerry Boykin yesterday charged President Obama with ignoring violence against Christians in his recent speech on ISIS. Just like Religious Right broadcaster Rick Wiles, Boykin edited a quote from Obama’s speech to claim that the president is ign... MORE
8/22/14 @ 12:31pm
Today, the American Family Associaton’s OneNewsNow interviews Brian Camenker of the Massachusetts anti-gay group MassResistance, who warns that when a high school student comes out as gay it is all part of a strategy carefully orchestrated by gay rights activists “seeking to draw susce... MORE