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5/5/16 @ 11:10am
Yesterday, former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke and his fellow white nationalist Kevin MacDonald chatted on Duke’s radio program about how Donald Trump is taking on, in Duke’s words, the “Jewish supremacists who control our country.” MacDonald was particularly thrilled that... MORE
5/5/16 @ 5:36pm
Richard Viguerie, who once called Donald Trump "a serious narcissist" with "serious psychological problems," now says  that the billionaire mogul can unify the GOP and win the presidency if he names Newt Gingrich as his running mate. Joseph Farah says that he is positively... MORE
5/5/16 @ 4:46pm
In March, Politico described Jesse Benton’s hiring as chief strategist of Great America PAC, a pro-Trump super PAC, as “the latest indication that the super PAC … is developing into a serious organization — one looking to buttress Trump in the final stretch of the Repub... MORE
5/5/16 @ 4:40pm
A favorite tool of Republican politicians and far-right pundits like Glenn Beck, Alex Jones, Michael Savage, Bryan Fischer and others is to float wild conspiracy theories with the qualifier that they are “just asking the question.” Take the outlet WorldNetDaily, which regularly runs stor... MORE
5/5/16 @ 2:29pm
Glenn Beck called on conservatives to leave the Republican Party today, declaring on his radio program that Ted Cruz's exit from the presidential primary means that the Tea Party movement has officially lost the war for the GOP. Donald Trump's candidacy, he warned, will make the party so tox... MORE
5/5/16 @ 1:25pm
In an interview with Wolf Blitzer yesterday, Donald Trump refused to condemn the anti-Semitic abuse that his supporters hurled at journalist Julia Ioffe after she wrote a profile of his wife, Melania, in GQ. Ioffe, who is Jewish, received calls from “people playing Hitler speeches” and w... MORE
5/5/16 @ 1:10pm
Today on “The 700 Club,” Pat Robertson denounced the “crazy” push for transgender nondiscrimination measures, calling it a Satanic plot to undermine America’s “Judeo-Christian” traditions. The televangelist was responding to the news that Alliance Defending... MORE
5/5/16 @ 11:08am
Rep. Steve King of Iowa, a key endorser of Sen. Ted Cruz’s presidential run and a leading anti-immigration voice in the house, told an Iowa talk radio program yesterday that although he is not ready to endorse Donald Trump now that he is the presumptive GOP nominee, he is ready to thank Trump... MORE
5/5/16 @ 10:50am
On Tuesday’s edition of “The Savage Nation,” far-right talk show host Michael Savage chatted with a caller, “Bob,” who claimed to be a retired Air Force veteran who is “kind of in hiding.” The caller told Savage that under President Obama, “we are seei... MORE
5/5/16 @ 10:45am
In the wake the Donald Trump's win in the Indiana Republican primary on Tuesday night and the announcements that his remaining rivals, Ted Cruz and John Kasich, were dropping out of the presidential race, Bryan Fischer spent a good portion of his radio program yesterday discussing what conservat... MORE
5/4/16 @ 5:33pm
Eric Hannanoki @ Media Matters: Alex Jones Celebrates Trump Victory By Telling George Will: “Blow What Little Is Left Of Your Brains Out”. Tommy Christopher @ Mediaite: Sarah Palin Celebrates Donald Trump Win By Inviting ‘Smart Democrats’ to Join Him. Ian Mill... MORE