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4/18/14 @ 1:20pm
RWW’s Paranoia-Rama takes a look at five of the week’s most absurd conspiracy theories from the Right. On top of all the dizzying anti-government rhetoric emanating from the Bundy Ranch fiasco, the right-wing still had time this week for extremist and bizarre claims about gays, Muslim-Am... MORE
4/18/14 @ 1:10pm
Operation American Spring, the far-right, militia-aligned group that’s planning a pro-coup rally next month to force President Obama out of office by shutting down Washington D.C., got a shout-out this week from Tea Party Nation. TPN head Judson Phillips emailed members a column —... MORE
4/18/14 @ 12:15pm
Writing today in WorldNetDaily, Alan Keyes hails Cliven Bundy as a modern-day Rosa Parks, saluting the rancher and his allied militia members for their stand against President Obama’s attempt to “crush the spirit of American liberty.” Unsurprisingly, Keyes isn’t be the first... MORE
4/18/14 @ 12:11pm
On yesterday's radio program, Glenn Beck interviewed Shane Osborn and Ben Sasse, both of whom are running for the Senate in Nebraska.  The interview with Osborn was rather awkward from the get-go as Freedomworks, which has deep ties to Beck and his network, had initially endorsed him only t... MORE
4/18/14 @ 11:50am
Upset that the Nevada Republican Party recently voted to remove anti-choice, anti-gay language from its official platform, GOP state assemblyman Ira Hansen took to The Janet Mefferd Show yesterday to argue that the party made a grave mistake in avoiding such social issues. Hansen said that Republica... MORE
4/18/14 @ 11:15am
If a gay rights supporter were to launch a petition demanding that a publishing house drop its publication of a book opposing marriage equality, you could imagine that Liberty Counsel’s Matt Barber would be the first to accuse the “intolerant” “homofascists” of trying t... MORE
4/18/14 @ 10:37am
Yesterday, Chelsea Clinton announced that she and her husband are expecting their first child, which also means that Bill and Hillary Clinton will be welcoming their first grandchild right as the former Secretary of State begins her anticipated run for the White House. And this is all just too much... MORE
4/17/14 @ 5:36pm
Andy Towle @ Towleroad: Prop 8 Defense Attorney Reveals Daughter is Gay and Getting Married, Says Views are Evolving. Andrew Kaczynski @ BuzzFeed: Republican Senate Candidate’s Positions, Posts Plagiarized From Several Sources. Jeremy Hooper: A hill of beans: 'Ex-gay'-defend... MORE
4/17/14 @ 5:30pm
Gov. Bobby Jindal will be the commencement speaker at Liberty University next month. Michael Farris is now bravely trying to distance himself from Doug Phillips. NOM is organizing its second annual "March for Marriage" because "we must show that we will not be intimidat... MORE
4/17/14 @ 5:05pm
Fox News commentator Todd Starnes is outraged by the president of Western Washington University’s deliberately provocative comment, which he has made at each of the school’s past six opening convocations, that “if we are as white in ten years as we are today, Western will have fail... MORE
4/17/14 @ 4:45pm
After warning that marriage equality for gays and lesbians will destroy America, conservative columnist Cal Thomas told Daystar on Monday that public schools are instruments of “the enemy” and warned that Obamacare and the belief in evolution will lead to the deaths of senior citizens.... MORE