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8/21/14 @ 11:23am
Conservative activist and potential 2016 presidential candidate Ben Carson joined Steve Malzberg on his Newsmax program yesterday to discuss the protests in Ferguson, Missouri, as well as Islamic extremism in the Middle East. Malzberg, amazingly, was able to tie the two together, accusing the Obama... MORE
8/21/14 @ 11:07am
Next month, Rick Scarborough's Vision America will host its annual "Heroes of Faith Gala" where the Family Research Council's Tony Perkins will receive the 2014 "National Hero of Faith Award" and Rafael Cruz, a Religious Right activist and father of Sen. Ted Cruz, will be... MORE
8/21/14 @ 11:00am
In his column for WorldNetDaily this week, Ted Nugent writes liberals should be held responsible for the death of Michael Brown because of their support for reforms to reduce gun violence. Nugent alleged that Obama is “fanning the embers of racism” and trying “to beat the race drum... MORE
8/21/14 @ 10:53am
On VCY America’s “Crosstalk” radio program yesterday, Randy Thomasson of Save California talked to host Jim Schneider about the alleged persecution of Christians at the hands of “radical” LGBT-affirming public school officials. Thomasson said that students and fami... MORE
8/20/14 @ 5:33pm
Sean Mandell @ Towleroad: Fayetteville, Arkansas City Council Passes Non-Discrimination Ordinance. Dylan Scott @ TPM: Microsoft Ditches ALEC In Latest Blow To Conservative Group. Steve Benen @ The Maddow Blog: Those aren’t gang signs. Jeremy Hooper: To Focus on the Family's C... MORE
8/20/14 @ 5:31pm
Get ready because "National Impeach Obama Week" is just around the corner! Glenn Beck can't understand why his followers won't just trust him and get behind his new "love everybody" agenda, especially considering his track record of having been right about everythi... MORE
8/20/14 @ 4:24pm
In response to a video released yesterday showing Islamist extremists killing and beheading American journalist James Foley, Bryan Fischer used his radio program today to renew his call to ban all Muslim immigration to America by likening the faith to the Ebola virus. "Islam is like the Ebola v... MORE
8/20/14 @ 3:00pm
Yet another conservative commentator is citing divine intervention while making the case to impeach President Obama. This time, Stephen Stone writes in BarbWire that God will bless America if Congress impeaches and removes the president. Stone, the president of the Alan Keyes-founded group Renew Ame... MORE
8/20/14 @ 2:21pm
Conservative writer Wayne Allyn Root joined Steve Deace yesterday to talk about the protests in Ferguson, Missouri, which Root concluded are evidence that President Obama “didn’t come in to help us end the specter of racism, he brought it back.” “It’s like we’r... MORE
8/20/14 @ 1:50pm
Allen West appeared on “Trunews” yesterday to once again make his case that President Obama is an “Islamist” who is helping ISIS even as he is launching airstrikes against the extremist group. The former congressman said it’s not just Obama but the whole “Democrat... MORE
8/20/14 @ 12:28pm
Last week we noted that David Barton had begun promoting GOPFaith.com, a new effort from the Republican National Committee to mobilize a hundred thousand Religious Right activists on behalf of GOP candidates that is being headed by South Carolina GOP chairman Chad Connelly. South Carolina GOP... MORE