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5/28/15 @ 1:06pm
On his most recent "Pray In Jesus Name" program, Gordon Klingenschmitt hailed the news that former Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi had been sentenced to death, saying that Morsi’s death sentence was prophesied in the Bible as a sign that Egypt would "come of Jesus Christ."... MORE
5/28/15 @ 12:25pm
Former House GOP leader Tom DeLay stopped by Houston talk radio host Sam Malone’s show last week to discuss his efforts to stay active in politics since leaving the House of Representatives in a cloud of corruption accusations, or, as Malone called it, “the persecution of Tom DeLay.... MORE
5/28/15 @ 12:04pm
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has indicated that he will sign a 20-week abortion ban that provides an exception only for pregant women who are suffering a “medical emergency” — and even in those cases, the doctor would likely be required to perform a C-section. This exception is e... MORE
5/28/15 @ 12:00pm
Pat Robertson fielded a question from a “The 700 Club” viewer today who wondered what she should do about a relationship her son is having with a married man who attends her church. While the viewer didn’t specify her son’s age, besides saying that he lives at home and that s... MORE
5/28/15 @ 11:49am
John Zmirak, a conservative columnist and the senior editor of James Robison's "The Stream" website who has been issuing warnings that failure to pass laws that protect the rights of Christian business owners to discriminate against gay customers will lead to anti-Christian genocide, i... MORE
5/28/15 @ 10:20am
Charisma Magazine news editor Jennifer LeClaire is upset that programs such as “Transparent” and “Orange Is The New Black,” along with upcoming shows “All that Jazz” and “Becoming Us,” prominently feature transgender people. LeClaire writes in BarbWire... MORE
5/28/15 @ 10:00am
In a column for the National Review on Tuesday, Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies proposed requiring formerly incarcerated people to pass what is essentially a literacy test in order to regain their right to vote. Krikorian praised Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan’s recent veto of... MORE
5/27/15 @ 5:34pm
Dana Liebelson @ Huffington Post: This Guy Used To Run Congress. Now He's Trying To Convince Them To Stop Gay Marriage. Imani Gandy @ RH Reality Check: Is Anti-Choice Ideology Driving Malpractice Lawsuits? Byron Calhoun and the Phantom Fetal Skull. Scott Keyes @ Think Progress: Ten Ou... MORE
5/27/15 @ 5:30pm
The Iowa Religious Right group the Family Leader will not be asking GOP presidential candidates to sign its "Marriage Vow" pledge this time around, as it did in 2012. Apparently, the American Family Association needs money so that it can begin broadcasting its right-wing radio prog... MORE
5/27/15 @ 4:54pm
On his radio program today, Bryan Fischer took a call from "Bruce in Dallas, Texas" who offered up a novel solution to the problem of Islamic terrorism in the Middle East, suggesting that every time a terrorist kills or kidnaps a Christian, the U.S. government ought to shut down one mosque... MORE
5/27/15 @ 4:38pm
Alex Newman, a far-right journalist and educator, appeared on Alex Jones’ show “InfoWars” last week to speak about his new book, “Crimes of the Educators.” According to Newman, “every tyrant in all of history has understood that to control and to enslave a nation... MORE