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8/4/15 @ 1:29pm
On his American Family Radio program yesterday, Bryan Fischer revisited the topic of the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting, which he blamed at the time on the end of government-sponsored prayer in schools. Why, he asked yesterday, didn’t God intervene to stop the killing of 20 childre... MORE
8/4/15 @ 1:01pm
In an interview with The Dove TV on Friday, anti-gay activist Scott Lively insisted that Christians are being denied their First Amendment rights because of gay rights, while simultaneously asserting that the First Amendment’s guarantee of religious freedom applies only to Christians. In fact,... MORE
8/4/15 @ 12:35pm
Family Research Council Tony Perkins, in an apparent reference to policy changes allow openly gay and transgender people to serve in the U.S. military, said yesterday that the military is facing recruiting challenges because “they’ve turned it into a parade that looks like the bar scene... MORE
8/4/15 @ 11:54am
This weekend, Mike Huckabee addressed an “All Lives Matter” summit in Illinois sponsored by conservative groups hoping to link the Black Lives Matter movement to abortion rights opposition, where he declared that America is in a “dangerous place” because it is bucking God wit... MORE
8/4/15 @ 11:00am
Right-wing pastor Scott Lively took to WorldNetDaily today to warn that America is “cursed for rejecting God and caught in a death spiral” as a result of the separation of church and state, which he said has caused God to withhold his blessing and favor from the country. Now, Lively writ... MORE
8/4/15 @ 10:26am
A Florida gun shop owner is facing a lawsuit after declaring his business to be a “Muslim-free zone” because he refuses to “arm and train those who wish to do harm to my fellow people.” This stance has, unsurprisingly, earned the shop owner the approval of Larry Pratt, execut... MORE
8/3/15 @ 5:45pm
PFAW: The Activists And Ideology Behind The Latest Attacks On Planned Parenthood.  Amanda Marcotte @ RH Reality Check: Planned Parenthood and the Politics of Conservative Resentment.  Tara Culp-Ressler @ Think Progress: Republicans Repeatedly Voted To Use Aborted Fetuses F... MORE
8/3/15 @ 5:40pm
Charles Koch claims he is bravely fighting injustice just like the abolitionists, suffragists and civil rights leaders. Bobby Jindal ended the state’s Medicaid contract with Louisiana’s two Planned Parenthood clinics “despite the fact that the two Planned Parenthood clin... MORE
8/3/15 @ 3:55pm
In an interview with End Times radio broadcaster Jan Markell on Saturday, the Religious Right’s favorite Middle East “expert,” Avi Lipkin, claimed that President Obama has a secret plan to flood the country with Muslim terrorists who will then commit attacks that will push the worl... MORE
8/3/15 @ 3:39pm
Just today, People For the American Way released a report about the latest attacks on Planned Parenthood, which noted that contraception access isn’t collateral damage in the Right’s attacks on abortion rights, but instead is an intended target. What better way to illustrate this th... MORE
8/3/15 @ 3:20pm
Liberty Counsel activists Mat Staver and Matt Barber are jubilant over a court ruling that a Houston nondiscrimination ordinance must be put up for a popular vote, even after the city found that opponents had not gathered enough valid signatures to put it on the ballot. Barber declared on a recent... MORE