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10/21/14 @ 11:25am
Last week on his talk radio program, Michael Savage got into an argument with a caller over whether California lawmakers should rename a San Francisco tunnel in honor of Robin Williams. The caller, who said he was a veteran suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), defended the move, whi... MORE
10/21/14 @ 5:32pm
David Edwards @ Raw Story: Louie Gohmert’s Ebola silver lining: Latinos too scared to cross border with infected Africans. Jeremy Hooper: The Hitching Post plot thickens in a truly remarkable way. Carlos Maza @ Equality Matters: A New York Times Columnist Spoke At A Fundraiser For A... MORE
10/21/14 @ 5:30pm
Mat Staver has resigned from his position as dean of the Liberty University School of Law. Samuel Rodriguez declares that the supposed threat to religious liberty is "the single greatest civil rights threat of our time." Jerry Boykin and Kamal Saleem have written a novel togethe... MORE
10/21/14 @ 5:15pm
Mark Olson, who claims to be “a former LGBT activist” turned conservative, is calling on abortion rights opponents to embrace his plan to recriminalize abortion by launching a convention of states to amend the U.S. Constitution and overturn Roe v. Wade. To increase the appeal of his idea... MORE
10/21/14 @ 4:55pm
Last week, right-wing pundit, activist, crackpot, and conspiracy theorist Wayne Allyn Root appeared on the "Point of View" radio program to warn that President Obama must be removed from office immediately "before he kills all of us." Fuming that Obama has not sealed the southern... MORE
10/21/14 @ 4:20pm
Conservative talk show host Steve Deace is out with a column today titled “The Rainbow Jihad,” about how gay rights advocates are destroying freedom and everything good. Naturally, Deace illustrated his column with a photo that appears to be a mug shot of Jesus Christ. The image seems t... MORE
10/21/14 @ 3:50pm
Much like his fellow doomsday prophet Glenn Beck, televangelist Jim Bakker regularly dedicates segments of his show to selling survivalist food supplies while warning of the country’s imminent peril. Last week, Bakker discussed the Ebola outbreak and other possible calamities, including a coll... MORE
10/21/14 @ 3:12pm
Donald Trump travelled to Iowa to campaign for Rep. Steve King this past weekend, and their joint press conference was just about as ridiculous as you might imagine. The two heaped praise on one another, with Trump calling King “a special guy” and “a smart person with really the ri... MORE
10/21/14 @ 3:10pm
Slate’s Joshua Keating is out with a profile of Konstantin Malofeev, the Russian oligarch who has become a full-time activist and benefactor to “traditional family” causes in Russia and Europe. Malofeev worked with the Illinois-based World Congress of Families to organize last mont... MORE
10/21/14 @ 2:20pm
While campaigning for a couple of Democratic candidates over the weekend, President Obama urged voters to grab their friends, co-workers, and even get "Cousin Pookie" off of the couch and encourage them all to vote in the upcoming elections. Obama has cited "Cousin Pookie" since... MORE
10/21/14 @ 1:20pm
Robert P. George, a founder of the National Organization for Marriage and vice-chair of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom, decided that it would be a good idea to appear on Rick Wiles’ “Trunews” yesterday. George may or may not have known that Wiles is an ... MORE