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3/6/15 @ 2:08pm
RWW’s Paranoia-Rama takes a look at five of the week’s most absurd conspiracy theories from the Right. Now that gay people and the Muslim Brotherhood have taken over the government, conservative pundits have a lot of thoughts that they want to share — scary thoughts about anti-Chri... MORE
3/6/15 @ 2:06pm
Glenn Beck has been traveling for the past few days and away from his radio studio, meaning that his daily radio program has been audio-only for most of the week.  On today's broadcast, Beck addressed Ben Carson's recent statement that prison sex proves that homosexuality is a choice an... MORE
3/6/15 @ 1:54pm
In an interview with Iowa-based radio host Simon Conway on Wednesday, Iowa Republican Rep. Steve King revealed that House Speaker John Boehner kicked him and fellow anti-immigration Republicans off a “high-profile diplomatic mission” in “retribution” for their votes against a... MORE
3/6/15 @ 1:10pm
In an interview with Family Research Council President Tony Perkins on “Washington Watch” yesterday, Rep. John Fleming, R-La., berated the House GOP leadership for allowing a vote on a clean bill to fund the Department of Homeland Security, which passed with the votes of every House Demo... MORE
3/6/15 @ 12:10pm
Center for Security Policy’s Frank Gaffney, a right-wing activist notorious for his birther and anti-Muslim conspiracy theories, is using the controversy surrounding Hillary Clinton’s use of a personal email system while she was at the State Department to resuscitate the R... MORE
3/6/15 @ 11:41am
Mike Huckabee stopped by Steve Deace’s radio program yesterday to discuss Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to Congress and the ongoing negotiations on Iran’s nuclear program. Claiming that Obama doesn’t see how dangerous Iran is, Deace asked Huckabee:... MORE
3/6/15 @ 11:35am
Theodore Shoebat is the sort of viciously anti-gay activist who openly calls for gays to be put to death and who recently became something of a Religious Right hero for his unsuccessful effort to find a bakery that would make a cake for him featuring anti-gay messages. Earlier this week, Shoebat pos... MORE
3/6/15 @ 11:20am
Fox News pundit Todd Starnes appeared on the Family Research Council’s “Washington Watch” program yesterday to chat with Tony Perkins about what they perceive as growing anti-Christian persecution in America, including New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s recent announcement... MORE
3/6/15 @ 11:02am
WorldNetDaily editor Joseph Farah personally believes that President Obama will leave office when his second term is up in January 2017, but senses that “there is great concern out there across the fruited plain” that the president will try to stay in office permanently, so he evidently... MORE
3/5/15 @ 5:35pm
Tim Mak @ The Daily Beast: New Player in the ISIS War: Christian Gazillionaire Foster Friess. Sarah Jones @ Wall of Separation: Bigotry Debunked: Newspaper Investigates AU Chapter, Finds Out Its Members Don’t Hate Christians. Matt Wilstein @ Mediaite: Convicted Felon Dinesh D’... MORE
3/5/15 @ 5:31pm
According to WND, the Benham brothers "were noticed by HGTV when they were part of a prayer rally in Charlotte." Given that this prayer rally was organized by the Benham brothers explicitly to repent for and denounce homosexuality, it seems that producers at HGTV should have know exactl... MORE