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7/1/15 @ 1:40pm
The right-wing response to the Supreme Court’s marriage equality decision has been, quite literally, apocalyptic. It’s only been five days since the court issued its ruling, but conservative pundits have already predicted that gay marriage will ultimately be responsible for natural disas... MORE
7/1/15 @ 5:33pm
Patricia Murphy @ The Daily Beast: How the Right Hijacked MLK to Fight Gay Marriage. Anu Joshi @ Imagine 2050: Blurring Borders: Collusion between anti-immigrant groups and immigration enforcement agents. Matt Wilstein @ Mediaite: GOP. Rep Steve King Endorses Trump’s Mexican Rapist... MORE
7/1/15 @ 5:30pm
Things are not getting better for Josh Duggar. Todd Starnes warns that "America is about to undergo a religious purging in the public marketplace – at the hands of secular jihadists." Rick Joyner calls for anti-gay Christians to embrace "the power of the boycott. It i... MORE
7/1/15 @ 5:02pm
Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, said yesterday that he would support impeaching Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Elena Kagan over their participation in the Supreme Court’s marriage equality case whenever “the public is ready” for such proceedings. King, a guest on Iowa talk radio host... MORE
7/1/15 @ 4:55pm
For the last few months, we have been reporting on the film “Light Wins,” a bizarre anti-gay “documentary” featuring Republican presidential candidates Rand Paul and Mike Huckabee, several GOP congressmen and dozens of Religious Right activists. The film’s creator and s... MORE
7/1/15 @ 4:09pm
On his radio broadcast today, Bryan Fischer highlighted warnings from the FBI and Department of Homeland Security to law enforcement agencies all over the country to "be vigilant and prepared" for possible terrorist attacks over the July 4th holiday and cited them to declare that if any su... MORE
7/1/15 @ 4:05pm
On Tuesday’s edition of “Trunews,” End Times broadcaster Rick Wiles delivered a eulogy for America and lamented that “the America I knew and loved is dead, rest in peace. It will not be resurrected.” Wiles cited the Supreme Court’s decision to legalize marriage eq... MORE
7/1/15 @ 3:41pm
Mat Staver, the founder and chairman of the anti-gay legal group Liberty Counsel, joined Jim Schneider on VCY America on Monday to discuss the potential repercussions of marriage equality.  Staver’s immediate response to the ruling was that “it’s brought judgment on Ameri... MORE
7/1/15 @ 1:25pm
On Sunday, Fox News pundit Todd Starnes addressed the First Baptist Church of Texarkana with his usual shtick about the supposed anti-Christian persecution in America, but this time added in a few more battle cries as he called on churches to resist gay marriage. Starnes kicked off his speech by rep... MORE
7/1/15 @ 1:10pm
Yesterday, the group Sanctity of Marriage Alabama organized a press conference in Montgomery to protest the Supreme Court’s marriage equality decision, which devolved into an unhinged anti-gay rally. The event featured a number of activists and public officials, including state Public Service... MORE
7/1/15 @ 12:00pm
On Monday, Houston-based radio show host Sam Malone criticized the Supreme Court’s ruling on marriage equality, lambasting the court along with the “extremists of the gay agenda.” These activists, he said, “are anti-tolerance and not one of them has come out to say respect th... MORE