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3/31/15 @ 2:46pm
Glenn Beck opened his radio program today by continuing his defense of the recently passed Indiana law that allows business owners to discriminate in the name of "religious freedom" by warning that attacks on such laws will lead to people being placed in concentration camps and killed. Dec... MORE
3/31/15 @ 5:32pm
Sarah Posner @ Religion Dispatches: Jeb Bush Is Confused About Religious Freedom. Carlos Maza @ Equality Matters: Megyn Kelly’s Misinformed Defense Of Indiana’s Anti-Gay “Religious Freedom” Law. Andrew Kaczynski @ BuzzFeed: “Smoking Doesn’t Kill”... MORE
3/31/15 @ 5:30pm
The American Family Association is calling on its activists to cancel their subscriptions to Angie's List because the company opposes Indiana's newly passed "religious freedom" law. Radio host Peter Heck says that criticism of Indiana's law "is the reincarnation of... MORE
3/31/15 @ 4:34pm
On his radio broadcast today, Bryan Fischer seized upon a news report that Andreas Lubitz, the co-pilot who is believed to have deliberately crashed a German flight last week, killing everyone on board, had "trawled gay porn websites and sites relating to suicide" to raise the possibility... MORE
3/31/15 @ 3:55pm
Yesterday, Micah Clark of the American Family Association’s Indiana chapter, who helped craft Indiana’s new “Religious Freedom Restoration Act” and even stood right behind Gov. Mike Pence during the signing ceremony, said that any effort to clarify that the act will not sanct... MORE
3/31/15 @ 3:15pm
Fox News pundit Todd Starnes is joining his network colleagues in linking President Obama to a tourist who took a selfie at the site of an explosion in the East Village. Because one of the women who took a selfie in the East Village worked as a field organizer for Obama’s 2008 campaign for fou... MORE
3/31/15 @ 2:45pm
End Times broadcaster Rick Wiles is embracing radical conspiracy theories about the Army’s upcoming Jade Helm 15 training exercise, telling listeners of Friday’s edition of “Trunews” that the drill is “the preparation for or the actual implementation of a round-up of... MORE
3/31/15 @ 1:42pm
Right-wing megachurch pastor Robert Jeffress spoke at Liberty University's convocation this morning, where he told the student audience that America's complete collapse was unavoidable, thanks to Supreme Court rulings banning organized prayer and Bible study in public schools, legalizing abo... MORE
3/31/15 @ 1:00pm
Last week, conservative talk show host Michael Savage spoke to Walid Shoebat – who claims amid much skepticism to be a former terrorist – to discuss “Obama's love affair with Islam.” While Shoebat has previously claimed that President Obama’s family is of the... MORE
3/31/15 @ 12:45pm
Carly Fiorina may have lost her post at the McCain-Palin campaign and her race in a closely watched U.S. Senate election in California, but now the former Hewlett-Packard CEO is planning on another foray into the political field by running for president. MORE
3/31/15 @ 11:45am
Long before winning a seat in the Colorado State House, Gordon Klingenschmitt became a right-wing martyr over his claim that he lost his position as a Navy chaplain for saying “Jesus” in his prayers. Klingenschmitt sued, launching the “Save Chaps” and “Pray In Jesus Nam... MORE