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8/22/14 @ 12:45pm
Family Research Council executive vice president Jerry Boykin yesterday charged President Obama with ignoring violence against Christians in his recent speech on ISIS. Just like Religious Right broadcaster Rick Wiles, Boykin edited a quote from Obama’s speech to claim that the president is ign... MORE
8/22/14 @ 12:31pm
Today, the American Family Associaton’s OneNewsNow interviews Brian Camenker of the Massachusetts anti-gay group MassResistance, who warns that when a high school student comes out as gay it is all part of a strategy carefully orchestrated by gay rights activists “seeking to draw susce... MORE
8/22/14 @ 12:10pm
On yesterday’s edition of “Trunews,” End Times radio broadcaster Rick Wiles accused President Obama of deliberately ignoring ISIS’ campaign of horrific violence against Christians in northern Iraq. Wiles did so by editing Obama’s recent remarks about ISIS to drop his co... MORE
8/22/14 @ 11:50am
Dinesh D'Souza was a guest on Steve Malzberg's program on Newsmax yesterday, where he inexplicably linked the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri to the murderous rampage being carried out by ISIS in Iraq. D’Souza accused President Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder and Al Sharpton of underm... MORE
8/22/14 @ 10:50am
On Liberty Counsel's "Faith and Freedom" radio broadcast today, Matt Barber and Deryl Edwards discussed the increasing support for gay rights among Christians and the rise in the number of Christians who are coming out as gay, like Christian singer Vicky Beeching. To Barber and Edwards... MORE
8/22/14 @ 9:54am
On her weekly radio show yesterday, RNC committeewoman Tamara Scott of Iowa warned that child migrants from Central America may have been “highly trained as warriors” and could “rise up against” U.S. citizens. “When we see these kids, you and I think young kids, we thi... MORE
8/21/14 @ 5:33pm
Peter Montgomery @ Religion Dispatches: Ugandan Anti-Gay Fallout: New Laws, New Violence, New Underground Railroad. David Neiwert @ Hatewatch: Bizarre Early Morning Hotel Evacuation Ends in ‘Border Convoy’ Feud. Matt Wilstein @ Mediaite: CNN Contradicts Fox Sources Claiming Da... MORE
8/21/14 @ 5:31pm
Florida's gay marriage ban was struck down today by a federal judge. Scott Lively has qualified to appear on the ballot as independent candidate for governor in Massachusetts. On his radio show today, Bryan Fischer and Randy Sharpe rejoiced that the AFA's action alert about a stud... MORE
8/21/14 @ 3:45pm
Bryan Fischer kicked off his radio program today with a discussion about the revulsion that God feels whenever gay people have sex, which is the same disgust that all human beings feel when thinking about it unless, that is, they have been brainwashed by society to accept it. Homosexuality, Fischer... MORE
8/21/14 @ 3:21pm
On today's "Prophetic Perspective on Current Events" broadcast, Rick Joyner warned his viewers that the rise of some sort of global pandemic (maybe Ebola or possibly bird flu) in the near future was inevitable and so they should be stockpiling food, water, and supplies so that, when it... MORE
8/21/14 @ 2:00pm
David Horowitz dropped by the American Family Association’s “Today’s Issues” today, where he spoke with AFA head Tim Wildmon about how President Obama refuses to condemn the mass killings of Christians or take military action against ISIS. Of course, Obama has repeatedly cond... MORE