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11/26/14 @ 11:58am
“The 700 Club” today ran a story about the religious faith of the pilgrims, which prompted Pat Robertson to warn that everything that the pilgrims and the founding fathers worked to build would be destroyed by the success of gay rights — or “aberrant lifestyles” —... MORE
11/26/14 @ 3:03pm
Steve Benen @ The Maddow Blog: Will the GOP scrap Obama’s State of the Union address? Josh Feldman @ Mediaite: Ben Carson: Race Relations Were Better Before Obama Took Office. David Edwards @ Raw Story: Watch anti-gay pastor’s pro-stoning rant: ‘I’m going to te... MORE
11/26/14 @ 3:00pm
While appearing on the AFA's "Today's Issues" radio program yesterday, David Barton repeated his entirely false claim that families on welfare receive $61,000 a year from the government. An Oklahoma school district that had been planning to offer a class based upon a Bible c... MORE
11/26/14 @ 2:20pm
The federal court ruling striking down Mississippi’s ban on same-sex couples getting married is worth reading for many reasons. Paul wrote earlier at People For the American Way's blog about U.S. District Judge Carlton Reeves’s compelling explanation of the role of the courts in prot... MORE
11/26/14 @ 2:03pm
On her radio program yesterday, Janet Mefferd interviewed Religious Right activist and Christian Nationalist David Lane of the American Renewal Project about his recent efforts to ensure that right-wing Christian values dominate America's political system, including organizing a world tour for p... MORE
11/26/14 @ 1:23pm
End Times radio host Rick Wiles interviewed Gun Owners of America’s Larry Pratt on his program yesterday, and the conversation inevitably drifted to whether the Ferguson protests are in fact a false flag operation to give President Obama political cover to unilaterally implement gun control la... MORE
11/26/14 @ 12:37pm
Earlier this year, conservative groups led by Concerned Women for America tried unsuccessfully to stop the House from approving a plan to move forward on the building of the National Women’s History Museum, claiming that the museum would be a “shrine to liberal ideology, abortion, an... MORE
11/26/14 @ 11:53am
On “The 700 Club” today, Pat Robertson addressed the protests that have been breaking out all over the nation in response to a grand jury’s decision not to indict a white police officer for the shooting death of unarmed Missouri teenager Michael Brown. Robertson said that while... MORE
11/26/14 @ 11:09am
Chuck Pierce, the self-proclaimed prophetic apostle whose claims his prayers are so powerful that they caused earthquakes and captured Saddam Hussein, has issued a dire new warning that a dragon is attacking Israel and only he and his fellow apostles have the power to "silence the dragon for th... MORE
11/26/14 @ 10:27am
On his radio broadcast yesterday, noted constitutional scholar Bryan Fischer made the absurd argument that Ferguson, Missouri, police office Darren Wilson cannot face federal charges in the shooting death of Michael Brown after a grand jury failed to indict him, on the grounds that such charges woul... MORE
11/25/14 @ 5:32pm
Alan Colmes: Joe Arpaio On Why He’s Suing Obama: People Sue Me So I’m Suing Him. Jim Redmond @ Towleroad: Hollywood Chick-Fil-A Franchise Holds LGBT Youth Fundraiser. Steve Benen @ The Maddow Blog: Peter King’s most over-the-top suggestion ever. Jeremy Hooper: ADF cr... MORE