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12/1/15 @ 1:50pm
Fresh off announcing endorsements from radical anti-choice and anti-gay activists, Ted Cruz announced his Virginia Leadership Team last week, naming state Sen. Richard “Dick” Black as his state campaign co-chair. Black is one of the most far-right lawmakers in the state, if no... MORE
12/1/15 @ 5:33pm
The Rachel Maddow Show: Cruz in questionable company, offers bizarre response to shooting. Dan @ TFN Insider: If Gov. Abbott Really Supports Religious Freedom, Why Is He Bullying Faith-based Organizations? Rachel Percelay @ Media Matters: This Hate Group Leader Has Hosted Most O... MORE
12/1/15 @ 5:31pm
The Catholic League recognizes World AIDS Day: "[T]he real threat to gays comes from irrational gay activists and their equally irrational establishment allies." Get ready for "Glenn Beck Presents: Christmas Cheer!," a one-night event where "Glenn shares some of his d... MORE
12/1/15 @ 4:35pm
Conservative actor Kevin Sorbo appeared on Newsmax today, where he discussed topics ranging from Islamic terrorism to the attack on a Planned Parenthood clinic Colorado Springs, telling host Steve Malzberg that liberals are insane. Sorbo didn’t exactly have kind words for Hillary Clinton and o... MORE
12/1/15 @ 2:50pm
Virginia Republican lawmaker and marital rape denialist Richard “Dick” Black isn’t the only right-wing extremist who will be serving as a Ted Cruz campaign co-chair in Virginia. Cynthia Dunbar, a former member of the Texas State Board of Education who now works at the Lynchburg-bas... MORE
12/1/15 @ 2:31pm
Glenn Beck dedicated an entire segment of his radio program today to absolutely excoriating Donald Trump for mocking a New York Times reporter with a disability last week and then laughably trying to deny that he had done so. After repeatedly blasting Trump, Beck eventually began to speculate that t... MORE
12/1/15 @ 2:10pm
Apparently still trying to steal support from Donald Trump’s “silent majority,” Sen. Ted Cruz insisted last night that while the media is reporting on the anti-choice politics of the man who attacked a Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs last week, they never report that “... MORE
12/1/15 @ 1:01pm
On his most recent "Prophetic Perspective on Current Events" program, Rick Joyner once again claimed that God personally told him that the New England Patriots would win the Super Bowl last year and that it was going to be a supernatural sign that patriotism would "become really popul... MORE
12/1/15 @ 12:22pm
Televangelist Andrew Wommack invited James Dobson onto his “The Gospel Truth” program last week, where he asked the Focus on the Family founder how he responds to people who say “if you’re going to oppose homosexuality on what the Bible says, it also says that you’re su... MORE
12/1/15 @ 11:55am
Dismissing the threat of climate change yesterday, Sen. Jeff Sessions declared that no devastating hurricanes have hit the U.S. since Hurricane Katrina, “thank the Lord.” The Alabama Republican appears to have forgotten events such as Superstorm Sandy, the 2012 hurricane that resulted in... MORE
12/1/15 @ 11:26am
At a campaign event in Iowa yesterday, Sen. Ted Cruz responded to a question about contraception access by dismissing the threat of “condom police,” calling attacks on contraception “an utterly made-up, nonsense issue.” “Now listen,” he told the audience. “I... MORE