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4/28/15 @ 11:35am
A Republican state legislator in North Dakota who used a smartphone app to send unsolicited explicit photos to another man has revealed that he is bisexual after the recipient leaked the photos to the press. The Forum, a North Dakota-based newspaper, reported that the man who received the photos fro... MORE
4/28/15 @ 11:04am
After holding a press conference yesterday to promote her “restraining order” campaign to stop the federal courts from ruling on marriage cases, Faith 2 Action’s Janet Porter took a few minutes to speak with far-right pastor Wiley Drake about the effort. Porter told Drake that t... MORE
4/28/15 @ 10:55am
Today on “The 700 Club,” Pat Robertson warned that if the Supreme Court strikes down bans on same-sex marriage, Christians in America will soon be “the victims of vicious, vicious attacks,” just like the angels who visited Sodom and were nearly raped by “virulent homose... MORE
4/28/15 @ 10:50am
At the White House Correspondents Dinner this weekend, President Obama made a joke about ex-Rep. Michele Bachmann’s repeated refrain that he is bringing about the Last Days, and the former Minnesota congresswoman is not pleased. She and other Religious Right pundits told the End Times outlet W... MORE
4/28/15 @ 10:45am
The conservative activists of Concerned Women for America are using familiar right-wing talking points to criticize same-sex marriage rights. The group’s legal analyst Mario Diaz took to Breitbart yesterday to warn of the possible “criminalization of Christianity” and “the pe... MORE
4/28/15 @ 10:40am
Writing today in WorldNetDaily, conservative pastor Rick Scarborough once again compared support for gay rights to past public approval of segregation, insisting that he nonetheless believes “that the majority of Americans know in their hearts that homosexuality and same-sex marriage are moral... MORE
4/28/15 @ 10:17am
Presidential contenders Mike Huckabee and Jeb Bush are scheduled to appear at this week’s convention of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference in Houston. The NHCLC is headed by Rev. Samuel Rodriguez: While Rodriguez cultivates a public posture that he is nonpartisan and c... MORE
4/28/15 @ 9:46am
In an interview with Iowa-based conservative talk radio host Steve Deace on Friday, Liberty Counsel founder Mat Staver said that he supported Sen. Ted Cruz’s bill to strip federal courts of jurisdiction over marriage cases, but added that he also doesn’t think it’s a “state r... MORE
4/27/15 @ 5:50pm
Amanda Terkel @ Huffington Post: Jeb Bush Adviser Says Governor Backs Defunding Planned Parenthood.  Steve Benen @ Maddow: George W. Bush unironically warns of Middle East ‘chaos.’ David Edwards @ Raw Story: Fox & Friends attacks Miami’s history-making bla... MORE
4/27/15 @ 5:40pm
Ben Carson withdrew from a Southern Baptist Convention pastors meeting after members complained about his Seventh Day Adventist faith. We are waiting for Todd Starnes to report on this case of religious persecution. Walid Shoebat tells President Obama that he shouldn’t joke about Mi... MORE
4/27/15 @ 5:10pm
On his American Family Radio program today, Bryan Fischer blamed President Obama for violence erupting in the Baltimore protests over the death of Freddie Gray, which somehow led him to discuss revelations about Bruce Jenner’s transgender identity. Fischer said that just as “the homosexu... MORE