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7/27/16 @ 3:05pm
When Marco Rubio cited the deadly attack on a gay nightclub in Orlando as a reason he was changing his mind and running for re-election to the U.S. Senate, many LGBT allies immediately noted that the Florida senator and failed presidential candidate has never been an ally of the LGBT community.... MORE
7/27/16 @ 5:34pm
Josh Feldman @ Mediaite: O’Reilly on Michelle Obama Speech: Slaves That Built WH Were ‘Well Fed and Had Decent Lodgings’. David A. Graham @ The Atlantic: How Abigail Adams Proves Bill O'Reilly Wrong About Slavery. Media Matters: Fox Panel Defends Trump... MORE
7/27/16 @ 5:31pm
Stu Burguiere, Glenn Beck's co-host, has come up with a brilliant plan to prevent both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton from being elected president. Take one guess what Michael Brown's answer is to this question he has posed: "Seeing that Hillary Clinton is a radically pro-... MORE
7/27/16 @ 3:58pm
On his radio program today, Glenn Beck said that he doesn't understand what has happened to his former Fox News colleague Sean Hannity or understand how Hannity can sleep at night given his shameless shilling for Donald Trump. Beck and his co-hosts were discussing the fact that Hannity declared... MORE
7/27/16 @ 3:58pm
Steve Crampton, a Religious Right activist who is running for a seat on the Mississippi Supreme Court , said last month that the U.S. is at risk of becoming a “slave nation” if attacks on “religious freedom” and the “rule of law” continue. He in particular prais... MORE
7/27/16 @ 2:50pm
Responding to reports that a Russian intelligence operation was behind the hacking and release of emails from Democratic National Committee staff members, Donald Trump today urged Russia to commit cyber-espionage and hack emails that have not been recovered from Hillary Clinton’s server. Don... MORE
7/27/16 @ 1:43pm
Yesterday, right-wing radio host Michael Savage reacted to the killing of a French priest by two ISIS terrorists by warning that President Obama is bringing terrorists into the U.S. and may have let ISIS take over the government. “That devil in the White House has flooded America with people... MORE
7/27/16 @ 1:03pm
Charisma magazine is highlighting an exchange between televangelist and noted survivalist huckster Jim Bakker and Ramiro Peña, senior pastor of Christ the King Baptist Church in Waco, Texas, that took place on Bakker’s show last week. While asking Peña a question about the future... MORE
7/27/16 @ 12:25pm
During his recent appearance at Cottonwood Creek Church in Allen, Texas, David Barton added a new anti-transgender wrinkle to his standard presentation that, unsurprisingly, contains a blatant falsehood. After repeating his false claim that the Supreme Court banned mandatory Bible reading in pu... MORE
7/27/16 @ 11:08am
The Center for Security Policy’s Frank Gaffney, a former adviser to Sen. Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign, said today that Democrats are “aligned with our enemies and not with America” and “will doom all of us if they have their way.” In an interview with “B... MORE
7/27/16 @ 10:32am
J.D. Hayworth, a former Republican congressman from Arizona who now hosts a program on the conservative Newsmax network, said on his program yesterday that it is “cultural surrender” for Americans to learn Spanish. Hayworth, discussing the Democratic National Convention with anti-immigr... MORE