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9/30/14 @ 10:42am
David Lane is an extremely influential but notoriously media-shy Religious Right activist who regularly organizes secretive events at which leading Republican politicians speak to pastors in key swing states in an effort to mobilize conservative Christian voters. He is also a full-blown Christian na... MORE
9/30/14 @ 5:32pm
Jodi Jacobson @ RH Reality Check: National Review Writer Calls for Hanging Women Who Have Abortions. Luke Brinker @ Salon: Alex Jones: Obama will unleash ISIS terrorists on U.S. so he can confiscate our guns! Jeremy Hooper: FRC senior staffer: 'Ex-Gays: The Best Kept Secret in Your Ch... MORE
9/30/14 @ 5:30pm
Mark Creech calls upon GOP presidential hopefuls to "Kiss The Son," by which he means they are to "welcome Christ, to honor him, to love him, to be unashamed of him and his sovereignty over all things" in their run for office. Charles Dunn thinks Ted Cruz ought to sit out... MORE
9/30/14 @ 3:55pm
Right-wing talk show host Steve Deace thinks he knows who Republicans should start listening to and imitating: Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder. Writing yesterday in the Washington Times, Deace argued that while “the lamestream media” tried to use Michael Sam’s decision to come... MORE
9/30/14 @ 3:00pm
Pat Robertson’s “The 700 Club” regularly features a segment called “Answers to Prayer,” in which a viewer who claims to have been healed by Robertson or one of his co-hosts shares his or her story. Today, one viewer claimed that Robertson’s word healed her of a ba... MORE
9/30/14 @ 2:35pm
Family Research Council President Tony Perkins has repeatedly attempted to link the actual persecution of Christians in places like Iraq and Sudan to the supposed persecution of Christians in America as a result of gay rights and Obama administration policies. Yesterday on “Washingto... MORE
9/30/14 @ 2:22pm
Today's "Pray In Jesus Name" program featured the first segment in a multi-part, in-person interview that host Gordon Klingenschmitt conducted with notorious anti-gay "researcher" Paul Cameron of the Family Research Institute and it turned out to be every bit as crazy as one... MORE
9/30/14 @ 2:15pm
End Times broadcaster Rick Wiles knows for a fact that President Obama is spying on him, and now he thinks the “Muslim jihadist in the White House” wants him and others arrested for violating hate speech laws, which don’t exist. The “Trunews” host warned on Friday that... MORE
9/30/14 @ 2:08pm
On VCY America’s “Crosstalk” radio program last week, anti-gay activist Peter LaBarbera and host Vic Eliason waxed nostalgic for the days when LGBT people could not live openly for fear of violence and discrimination against them. “We’re going to be talking about someth... MORE
9/30/14 @ 1:25pm
When Jerry Johnson, president of the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB), told the Values Voter Summit on Friday that the U.S. is witnessing the rise of “self-imposed Sharia law” due to the gay rights movement, it turns out that he was just getting started. The next day, Johnson... MORE
9/30/14 @ 11:35am
In his syndicated column today, Pat Buchanan decries President Obama for supposedly “stoking the fires of racial resentment” with his remarks on the ongoing controversy surrounding the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. Citing dubious reports that Brown “smashed... MORE