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10/31/14 @ 11:05am
Right-wing activist Bradlee Dean is hoping for America’s own “Braveheart” moment, writing today in WorldNetDaily that an American version of William Wallace must emerge to fight President Obama’s “tyranny.” Dean writes that just as the English monarchs abused thei... MORE
10/30/14 @ 5:34pm
Jenny Kutner @ Salon: Conservative pundit rallies GOP voters by calling rape culture a "gargantuan lie." Bruce Wilson @ TWOCARE: 2014 GOP Candidate For Governor Headlined 2009 Pro-theocracy Rally. Matt Wilstein @ Mediaite: Limbaugh: Catcall Video Represents ‘Massive Failur... MORE
10/30/14 @ 5:32pm
There are "only five days left to save America!" Don Feder calls upon voters to support Republicans "even if it hurts." Laurie Higgins declares war on "immoderate" Republicans, but which she means Republicans who do not share her radical right-wing agenda.... MORE
10/30/14 @ 5:10pm
On yesterday’s edition of “Washington Watch,” Tony Perkins returned to one of his favorite talking points about how gay rights are part of a population control conspiracy to extinguish the human race. A listener called in to tell the Family Research Council president that he thinks... MORE
10/30/14 @ 4:55pm
Yesterday, Family Research Council President Tony Perkins once again demanded that Congress impeach and remove President Obama from office, telling a caller on his “Washington Watch” radio show that the GOP must go through with impeachment after the midterm elections. When a caller asked... MORE
10/30/14 @ 4:40pm
Following up on his last column suggesting that Obama administration officials “want Ebola to spread in the United States” in order to declare martial law, WorldNetDaily’s Erik Rush writes today in his column, “Does White House Want An Ebola Epidemic In U.S.?,”... MORE
10/30/14 @ 4:22pm
Rick Santorum recently stopped by the Christian Post for an interview about his latest film, "One Generation Away," which is about the supposed persecution of Christians in America. While admitting that "persecution" in America today is nothing like what Christians in the Middle... MORE
10/30/14 @ 2:30pm
Upset with Southern Baptist official Russell Moore’s recent rebuke of ex-gay therapy, Matt Barber appeared on “The Janet Mefferd Show” yesterday to criticize Moore for failing to hold the anti-gay line when “the heat is on.” Barber told Mefferd — who took to Faceb... MORE
10/30/14 @ 2:01pm
Earlier this week, an anti-street-harassment group released a video documenting a woman dressed in jeans and a t-shirt receiving over a hundred unwanted catcalls from men while walking the streets of New York over a ten hour period. Glenn Beck mentioned the video on his radio program today, admittin... MORE
10/30/14 @ 1:45pm
After suggesting that President Obama may want Americans to contract the Ebola virus, Rep. Paul Broun, R-Ga., told Rick Wiles of “Trunews” yesterday that the decision to send U.S. military service members to West Africa on a relief mission may end up bringing the Ebola epidemic back to t... MORE
10/30/14 @ 1:30pm
The last time a Republican congressman appeared on the conspiracy theory radio program “Trunews,” he ended up arguing that President Obama wants to spread Ebola in order to impose martial law. Naturally, when Rep. Paul Broun appeared on “Trunews” yesterday, the Ge... MORE