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2/12/16 @ 11:37am
Franklin Graham is visiting every state in the country this year as part of his “Decision America” tour, in which he is offering technically nonpartisan encouragement to his followers to “live out their faith” in the upcoming elections. At a stop in Atlanta this week, Graha... MORE
2/12/16 @ 5:33pm
Tierney Sneed @ TPM: Thwarted By The Courts, Kris Kobach Finds Yet Another Way To Restrict Voting. John Wright @ Towleroad: Anti-Gay San Antonio Pastor Says Non-Christians Work for Devil in City Council Invocation. Joe Jervis: Hate Pastor Vows To Barricade Himself In His Church... MORE
2/12/16 @ 5:30pm
Glenn Beck will return to CPAC this year. Jennifer LeClaire says that atheists don't need government recognition, but rather should simply be "surrendering to a living God they reject and embracing their true identity in Christ." Scott Lively explains "the common r... MORE
2/12/16 @ 5:00pm
Ken Ham, the founder and president of the Young Earth Creationist group Answers In Genesis, slammed churches that are participating in a series of discussions about faith and evolution this weekend, claiming that it is in fact the belief in evolution that is turning America into a theocracy. Ham joi... MORE
2/12/16 @ 4:57pm
The Family Research Council's Tony Perkins introduced Glenn Beck at a campaign rally for Ted Cruz in South Carolina light night, where he warned that if America does not elect a bold Christian leader like Cruz, the nation might not have another presidential election ever again. "I'm her... MORE
2/12/16 @ 3:15pm
The right-wing meltdown over Beyoncé’s Super Bowl half time show performance and longstanding fears about President Obama and Bernie Sanders have contributed to yet another bizarre week for Paranoia-Rama. MORE
2/12/16 @ 2:00pm
At the Tallahassee, Florida, stop of his 50-state “Decision America” tour last month, evangelist Franklin Graham declared that such prayer gatherings may soon become illegal if conservative Christians don’t defeat “secularism” in the next election. Declaring that... MORE
2/12/16 @ 1:00pm
In an interview last week with conservative activist Michael Quinn Sullivan, Sen. Ted Cruz discussed the importance of the next president’s Supreme Court nominees, claiming that the U.S. is “one justice away from the Supreme Court striking down the Second Amendment.” Cruz criticiz... MORE
2/12/16 @ 12:20pm
Last night, Glenn Beck appeared with Ted Cruz at a campaign rally held at Rick Joyner's MorningStar Fellowship Church in South Carolina, where the conspiracy theorist radio host spent a good half hour weeping and shouting as he called upon Christians to rally behind the candidate that God is rai... MORE
2/12/16 @ 12:00pm
Earlier today on “Breitbart News Daily,” Stephen K. Bannon asked Ben Carson what he thought of the “unseemly” and “shameful” attempts by Democratic presidential candidates to make direct appeals to black voters by doing things like meeting with Al Sharpton, someth... MORE
2/12/16 @ 11:20am
On Wednesday’s edition of “Trunews,” Rick Wiles and his co-hosts discussed Pope Francis’ upcoming visit to Mexico. Instead of visiting the U.S.-Mexico border, they said, Francis should spend time condemning Santa Muerte, “the Mexican folk saint of death.” Wiles sa... MORE