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1/28/15 @ 3:00pm
Bill Federer, a conservative “historian” who has shared a stage with the likes of Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz, appeared on the conspiracy theory radio show “Trunews” this week to share his predictions about the future of America. Federer is notorious for wildly speculatin... MORE
1/28/15 @ 1:57pm
On "WallBuilders Live" today, Rick Green and David Barton interviewed Mark Gonzales, the founder of the United States Hispanic Prayer Network, about the successful effort by anti-gay activists to overturn a nondiscrimination ordinance in Fayetteville, Arkansas, last year. Gonzales, who con... MORE
1/28/15 @ 1:20pm
This is the fourth post in a RWW series on the reemergence of the fetal personhood movement and what it means for the future of abortion rights in the U.S. Part 1: The Personhood Movement: Where It Comes From And What It Means For The Future Of Choice Part 2: The Personhood Movement: Internal Bat... MORE
1/28/15 @ 1:10pm
It’s no secret that conspiracy theorist Alex Jones is a huge fan of Sen. Rand Paul, and he is positively giddy about the prospect of the Kentucky Republican running for president. On Monday, the “InfoWars” host urged his followers not to back a third-party candidate but to “t... MORE
1/28/15 @ 12:23pm
Next week, Slovakia will hold a referendum against same-sex marriage, and anti-LGBT groups from around the globe are getting into the game to support it. Although Slovakia has already banned same-sex marriage in its constitution, the referendum would reinforce and expand the prohibition, asking vot... MORE
1/28/15 @ 12:20pm
As we’ve reported, Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore, who is calling on his state to flout a federal court ruling striking down the state’s ban on same-sex marriage, has a long history of virulent anti-gay activism. His hostility to gay people has also played a role in his time on the ben... MORE
1/28/15 @ 11:30am
One of the Religious Right activists featured as an endorser on Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal’s “The Response” prayer rally website, Jennifer LeClaire of Charisma News, is furious with the criticism directed at Jindal for hosting the event. LeClaire writes today that she is baffled b... MORE
1/28/15 @ 11:10am
Two years ago, when then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton appeared before a Senate panel investigating the 2012 Benghazi attack, Sen. Rand Paul quizzed her about a report, which first emerged on the conspiracy theory outlet WorldNetDaily, alleging that the U.S. was secretly transferring arms from... MORE
1/28/15 @ 10:48am
The night before Gov. Bobby Jindal's "The Response" prayer rally, Rachel Maddow took a look at the "questionable characters" who were promoting Jindal's event, most notably "respected prophet" Cindy Jacobs. Maddow looked back at some of Jacobs' greatest hits... MORE
1/27/15 @ 5:33pm
Dean Obeidallah @ The Daily Beast: Bobby Jindal Wants to Fistfight Your God. Hemant Mehta @ Friendly Atheist: The Young Turks Take on Harlem Hate Pastor in Interview. Steve Benen @ The Maddow Blog: Indiana’s Pence readies state-run media. Brady McCombs @ Rachel Zoll @ TPM: Mormo... MORE
1/27/15 @ 5:31pm
Mike Huckabee will be participating in an event that David Barton will be hosting at Lancaster Bible College in Pennsylvania in March. Huckabee will also address a luncheon for Allen West's National Center for Policy Analysis in February. David Barton knows how to save America: "... MORE