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7/25/14 @ 10:18am
Prominent gun lobbyist Larry Pratt is doubling down on his insistence that members of Congress should have a “healthy fear” of being shot, lecturing a congresswoman who felt threatened by one of his group’s members that she just doesn’t understand the Constitution. Right Wing... MORE
7/25/14 @ 5:33pm
Caitlin MacNeal @ TPM: Michigan Mayor Compares Atheists To Nazis, KKK. Bill Morlin @ Hatewatch: Racist Rocker Ted Nugent Dumped Yet Again by an American Indian Casino. David Weigel @ Slate: An Instant-Classic “War on Women” Whiff. Guillermo Cantor @ Immigration Impact: Res... MORE
7/25/14 @ 5:30pm
Republican Rep. David Jolly of Florida is under fire from anti-gay activists for his "act of cowardice and a betrayal" in supporting marriage equality. Gov. Bobby Jindal's office is preventing Louisiana's state board of education from hiring a lawyer so that it can't sue... MORE
7/25/14 @ 5:15pm
Apparently, the most oppressed class in America today is conservative politicians, whom people are horribly persecuting by failing to promote their books or demand they run for president. It is even worse for the everyday right-wing activists, who seem to be living under constant threats of lynching. MORE
7/25/14 @ 4:48pm
In an interview with Newsmax today, Minuteman Project founder Jim Gilchrist accused religious groups that support immigration reform and the humanitarian treatment of children at the southern border of being “non-violent cartels” who are aiding “the 21st century slave trade”... MORE
7/25/14 @ 3:26pm
Dinesh D'Souza spent an hour on Glenn Beck's radio program today promoting his new book and film "America: Imagine the World Without Her" while psychoanalyzing the Left by explaining that President Obama and the entire movement are motivated by nothing more than envy and a desire t... MORE
7/25/14 @ 3:15pm
Rafael Cruz is pretty sure that President Obama and liberals would love to scrap the Bill of Rights in order to achieve their dream of creating a totalitarian, Marxist government and destroy religious freedom. The conservative political activist and father of Sen. Ted Cruz told “Faith & Li... MORE
7/25/14 @ 2:45pm
Ted Nugent is not pleased that a string of Native American tribes have cancelled his concerts, and visited “The Lars Larson Show” yesterday to claim that he is being persecuted for simply loving America too much and defeating all of his opponents in debates. “I call them unclean va... MORE
7/25/14 @ 2:20pm
Rafael Cruz, the father of Ted Cruz and a close adviser to the Texas senator, told the radio show “Faith & Liberty” on Tuesday that President Obama is committed to emulating Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong in seizing firearms in order to use them against the American people. Cruz, who r... MORE
7/25/14 @ 1:50pm
During her stop on Wednesday’s edition of “Faith & Liberty,” Rep. Michele Bachmann not only outlined her inflammatory anti-gay conspiracy theories and reasons why she supports impeaching President Obama, but also weighed in on the increase in unaccompanied minors crossing the s... MORE
7/25/14 @ 1:20pm
Last weekend, Iowa conservative talk show host Steve Deace held an event to launch Personhood Iowa, a new group he helped organize that is affiliated with the National Personhood Alliance, a new coalition of groups that seek to outlaw abortion in all cases along with banning common fo... MORE