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7/28/16 @ 3:34pm
On his show today, televangelist Jim Bakker claimed that most Black Lives Matter protestors are “little kids” who should not be listened to, blaming President Obama for “allowing these riots to get out of hand.” “Did you ever look at the people marching?” Bakke... MORE
7/28/16 @ 5:35pm
The website GetReligion.org has been around in various permutations for more than a decade, providing a home for conservative-leaning criticism about mainstream media coverage of religion, and more specifically, news coverage that misses or ignores the importance of religion to a story. “The p... MORE
7/28/16 @ 5:33pm
Warren Throckmorton: Eric Metaxas and David Barton: Show Me the Miracles. Brad Reed @ Raw Story: Ex-Palin staffer: Trump knows even less about foreign policy than ‘woefully ignorant’ Sarah. Joe Jervis: Liberty Counsel Yanks Support For FADA Because New Language... MORE
7/28/16 @ 5:30pm
Glenn Beck is asking his audience to "send a letter of support to Ted Cruz, thanking him for his bravery and character" by not endorsing Donald Trump when he spoke at the GOP convention. David Kyle Foster has some advice for conservative Christians parents who have gay children... MORE
7/28/16 @ 4:15pm
Wayne Allyn Root, the Donald Trump campaign surrogate who predicted that we would all die from Ebola if President Obama isn’t forced out of office, said in a column today that Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention last night “could have been written by Lucifer himsel... MORE
7/28/16 @ 3:35pm
The Response, a day-long event pitched as a nonpolitical time to pray for the country and for Christian unity, came to Cleveland the weekend before the Republican National Convention. The first Response rally served as the unofficial kick-off to Rick Perry’s 2012 presidential bid; subsequent r... MORE
7/28/16 @ 3:10pm
Glenn Beck opened his show today by arguing that a key difference between conservatives and progressives is that conservatives make their case using facts, whereas progressives make their case using stories. Progressives, Beck claimed, always win because emotional stories are more powerful than fact... MORE
7/28/16 @ 12:10pm
Today on “Breitbart News Daily,” Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas said that Democratic Party under President Obama “is not that much different from the Democratic Party fifty years ago that was out to manipulate African-Americans.” “They’re still manipulating them,... MORE
7/28/16 @ 11:30am
Today in her syndicated column, Ann Coulter lashed out at Hillary Clinton for featuring the Mothers of the Movement, a group of African-American mothers who lost children to gun violence and police abuses, at the Democratic National Convention. With the title, “When Do The Mothers Of ISIS Spea... MORE
7/28/16 @ 11:05am
On his radio program yesterday, Bryan Fischer declared that "it is not possible for homosexual behavior to be a constitutional right" because all our rights come from God and God would never sanction homosexuality. Fischer was complaining that students today are not taught the proper role... MORE
7/28/16 @ 10:19am
NOTE: Sadly, this scheme fell apart when Thor announced today he would not run for president. See the update below. For the last few days, Stu Burguiere, one of the co-hosts of Glenn Beck's daily radio program, has been promoting a desperate, last-ditch effort to prevent either Donald Trump or H... MORE