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12/18/14 @ 1:50pm
Televangelist Pat Robertson kicked off “The 700 Club” today with a joke about President Obama’s move to restore diplomatic relations with Cuba, saying, “If our president had been an Indian, he would have sold Manhattan for twenty-four bucks.” Later in the show, however,... MORE
12/18/14 @ 12:55pm
After bragging about how she manages to outsmart liberals time and time again, Rep. Michele Bachmann told WorldNetDaily in a lengthy interview published today that “any normal human being” would back the Tea Party movement. “So the Tea Party I think is a very important — and... MORE
12/18/14 @ 12:27pm
Last month, the Texas State Board of Education approved a set of social studies textbooks after some disputes between Christian Right members of the board and scholars who had reviewed the texts. Although experts recruited by the Texas Freedom Network to review the proposed texts managed to convince... MORE
12/18/14 @ 12:15pm
Rep. Michele Bachmann told the far-right outlet WorldNetDaily in an interview published today that while she is leaving Congress, she is most proud of her work opposing Obamacare, the Dodd-Frank financial industry reform, the 2009 stimulus, auto industry bailouts and TARP. Although all of those meas... MORE
12/18/14 @ 11:48am
The controversy surrounding Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal’s prayer rally, which is scheduled to take place next month on LSU’s campus, continues to grow as some students have announced that they will protest the involvement of the rally’s chief funder, the American Family Association... MORE
12/18/14 @ 10:28am
Oath Keepers founder Steward Rhodes told a gathering of “constitutional sheriffs” last month — which also featured Rep. Steve Stockman of Texas — that federal officials eventually backed down in the standoff at the Bundy Ranch earlier this because they knew that if they didn... MORE
12/18/14 @ 10:09am
Nothing says "Merry Christmas" quite like a card portraying an armed Santa Claus holding off a knife-wielding Islamic terrorist who is trying to kill baby Jesus: An armed Santa Claus on an original Christmas card sent to recipients this year by John M. Snyder protects Baby Jesus from a... MORE
12/17/14 @ 5:34pm
PFAW: Edit Memo: 2014 – A Year of Striking Success on Judicial Nominations. Scott Kaufman @ Raw Story: GOP lawmaker: Women need man’s permission for abortion unless they can prove ‘legitimate rape.’ Rachel Ford @ Friendly Atheist: Torture is Okay, Because God Sanct... MORE
12/17/14 @ 5:31pm
NOM is trying to raise money off the fact that David Koch, who donates tens of millions of dollars to support conservative candidates, personally supports gay marriage. Erica Wanis, a graduate of Patrick Henry College, says that "if indeed American college campuses are experiencing a... MORE
12/17/14 @ 5:05pm
Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol is urging likely GOP presidential candidates to defend the CIA in the wake of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s torture report, telling Newsmax TV host Steve Malzberg today that Republicans should emulate Dick Cheney’s recent media tour in defense of... MORE
12/17/14 @ 4:28pm
On the Monday edition of VCY America’s “Crosstalk” radio program, right-wing activist Jesse Lee Peterson spoke with host Jim Schneider about the “racial agitators” who are supposedly keeping black Americans in “bondage” by protesting the shooting of “t... MORE