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1/30/15 @ 1:28pm
Family Research Council President Tony Perkins invited his colleague Peter Sprigg on to “Washington Watch” yesterday to discuss an Idaho state legislative committee’s decision not to include protections for LGBT people in a proposed nondiscrimination law. Sprigg — who trav... MORE
1/30/15 @ 5:35pm
Peter Montgomery @ Religion Dispatches: LGBTs in Philippines Reflect on Papal Visit; Francis Meets Trans Man Shunned by Parish; French Group Turns ‘Bar of Sodom’ into ‘Pub of Mercy'; Global LGBT Recap. Kyler Geoffroy @ Towleroad: OK Rep. Sally Kern Pulls 'License to... MORE
1/30/15 @ 5:32pm
David Lane declares that Newt Gingrich's speech at the Iowa Freedom Summit was "the finest speech of this young century." Mitt Romney announced that he will not be making another run for president. Bert Farias declares that Christianity needs "extremists" with... MORE
1/30/15 @ 4:38pm
When Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore sent a letter to Gov. Robert Bentley this week urging him to ignore a federal court ruling striking down the state’s ban on gay marriage, many in the Religious Right were elated. One of those rejoicing is Janet Mefferd, who on her radio program toda... MORE
1/30/15 @ 2:51pm
RWW’s Paranoia-Rama takes a look at five of the week’s most absurd conspiracy theories from the Right. According to the right-wing media, Sharia law is gaining a foothold in Michigan, President Obama is blocking the sale of miracle drugs and Satan is commanding the gay rights m... MORE
1/30/15 @ 2:40pm
Earlier this month, a court ruled in favor of a man who had sued his employer, claiming that he was forced to retire when he refused to use a biometric scanning program that had been instituted to track employee attendance. The employee claimed that using the scanner was a violation of his religious... MORE
1/30/15 @ 1:15pm
Today People For the American Way President Michael Keegan sent a letter to Reince Priebus, chairman of the Republican National Committee (RNC), urging him to cancel a planned trip to Israel for roughly 60 RNC members that is organized by Christian-nation extremist David Lane and funded by the anti-... MORE
1/30/15 @ 12:05pm
Last month, Family Research Council President Tony Perkins claimed that the city of Dearborn, Michigan, and some areas of Minneapolis have effectively become “no-go zones” where “authorities have allowed Sharia law to be imposed.” In response, Rep. Keith Ellison, a Minnesota... MORE
1/30/15 @ 11:59am
Last week on “Secure Freedom Radio,” Frank Gaffney asked Rep. Tom Marino, R-Pa., about Gaffney’s discredited report on the use of Sharia law in the U.S., telling the congressman that the judiciary is bending to the wishes of the Muslim Brotherhood to use Islamic jurisprudence in th... MORE
1/30/15 @ 11:33am
Last year, Mike Huckabee spoke at a Florida Renewal Project event for pastors where he warned the audience that no other country around the world would fear America until America began to fear God. In a video posted on YouTube by an attendee, Huckabee can be seen speaking at an event organized by Da... MORE
1/30/15 @ 11:07am
The National Right to Life Committee is indicating that it will work to unseat the anti-choice Republican House members who sidetracked a 20-week abortion ban last week because of a dispute over the wording of a rape exception. The House members, led by Republican women including Rep. Renee Ellmers... MORE