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10/29/14 @ 12:30pm
As of today, there is only one person undergoing treatment for Ebola in the United States, and only two people have contracted the disease in the U.S., both of whom are healthcare workers who survived. But the U.S.’s success in fighting the disease at home has not stopped Republican politician... MORE
10/29/14 @ 5:33pm
Jessica Torres @ Media Matters: Fox's Keith Ablow Calls For An "American Jihad" To "Spread Around The World" Our System Of Governance. Joe Jervis: Harlem Hate Pastor: You Will Get Ebola If You Visit Starbucks Because Sodomites. Tom Kludt @ TPM: Poll: Louisiana GOPe... MORE
10/29/14 @ 5:30pm
Houston Mayor Annise Parker has announced that the subpoenas sent to five area pastors have been withdrawn. David Benham was on hand in Ohio last night to a support radical right-wing pastor's fight against a local strip club. A good question: "Is Ebola a Sign of Judgment or a Pr... MORE
10/29/14 @ 4:35pm
Conservative activists Gina Loudon and Ann-Marie Murrell who, along with Morgan Brittany, recently co-authored a book called “What Women Really Want,” spoke today on American Family Radio about members of ISIS committing egregious acts of violence against women. Murrell argued that since... MORE
10/29/14 @ 3:55pm
Following her unintentionally hilarious Ebola rant, right-wing talk show host Laurie Roth came out yesterday with a new column blasting “the extraordinary rights of gays, Islamics, and illegal aliens.” After warning about the “evil” and tyrannical LGBT rights movement, Roth a... MORE
10/29/14 @ 3:46pm
In a radio interview this week, Lea Carawan, director of the Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation, warned that the separation of church and state is part of a liberal plan to “ruin America” and will be “the death knell for our nation.” Carawan, whose group’s advisory... MORE
10/29/14 @ 3:42pm
Last week, a Canadian man went on a shooting rampage in Ottawa, killing a soldier before entering Parliament, where he was killed by the parliamentary sergeant-at-arms. Naturally Matthew Hagee sees this as further proof that the End Times are approaching, saying on this week's "Hagee Hotlin... MORE
10/29/14 @ 3:15pm
If Family Research Council President Tony Perkins is really convinced that anti-gay activists like himself will prevail in their fight against marriage equality, he may want to reconsider linking the cause to efforts to preserve prohibitions on the sale of alcoholic beverages. During yesterday... MORE
10/29/14 @ 3:03pm
Yesterday, we reported that Matt Barber’s conservative website BarbWire published an anti-gay column by Philip Stallings, a self-described “theonomist” who recently advocated for the “lawful execution” of gay people – or “sodomites.” Stallings’ c... MORE
10/29/14 @ 2:40pm
Yesterday on “Washington Watch,” Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council spoke with a caller who asked why he hasn’t addressed the supposed perils and “Satanic cultures” of Halloween on his radio show. “It’s a good point,” Perkins said. “I th... MORE
10/29/14 @ 2:20pm
On the "WallBuilders Live" radio program today, David Barton declared that he was "grateful" to see that the most recent "Left Behind" remake had bombed at the box office because, he said, the books and movies teach an unbiblical eschatology that causes Christians to ch... MORE