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3/5/15 @ 11:56am
On today's "Faith and Freedom" radio program, Mat Staver and Matt Barber praised an anti-choice effort to outlaw a specific abortion procedure in Kansas by defining it as a "dismemberment abortion," with Barber declaring that anyone who supports reproductive choice is a... MORE
3/5/15 @ 11:25am
On today's "700 Club," Pat Robertson took a question from a viewer who sought his advice on whether she and her husband should attend their gay child's upcoming wedding, which Robertson predictably urged them not to do. The viewer said that while one parent was adamant about not at... MORE
3/5/15 @ 10:40am
Writing today in BarbWire, Tea Party activist Bob Ellis declared that the anti-gay movement needs its own Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr. to resist the "tyranny" of marriage equality. Ellis praised the Alabama Supreme Court's ruling against marriage equality, writing that other s... MORE
3/4/15 @ 5:33pm
Warren Throckmorton: AFA Journal Compounds Dubious Claim that Barton Was Vindicated in Court. Jack Jenkins @ Think Progress: Georgia ‘License To Discriminate’ Bill Forced Through Committee During Bathroom Break. Joe Jervis: African-American Pastors Group To Honor Judge Roy Moo... MORE
3/4/15 @ 5:30pm
Mike Farris has written legislation that "would allow up to 500 grants of asylum per year to family members fleeing homeschool persecution." Morgan Brittany warns that "if the IRS can get away with targeting and shutting down conservative voices, what do you think the FCC... MORE
3/4/15 @ 5:15pm
Yesterday on “Washington Watch,” Rep. Louie Gohmert criticized President Obama and Vice President Biden for declining to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu when he came to speak to the U.S. Congress just before the Israeli elections. Gohmert told the Family Research Coun... MORE
3/4/15 @ 4:39pm
Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, one of the chief architects of the anti-immigrant movement’s legal and legislative strategies, told a caller to his weekly radio program last week that while he thought it was “unlikely,” it would not be a “huge jump” to predict th... MORE
3/4/15 @ 4:35pm
Bryan Fischer was so enamored with Ben Carson's statement that prison sex proves that homosexuality is a choice that he spent two segments on his radio program today heaping praise upon Carson and defending his statement. In fact, Fischer was so impressed with Carson's statement that he decl... MORE
3/4/15 @ 4:10pm
Today on “Generations Radio,” Religious Right pundit Kevin Swanson repeated his criticisms of the Girl Scouts, which he previously said is a “wicked” organization that is turning young girls into lesbian communists. “Please, I beg of you, do not buy Girl Scout cookies,... MORE
3/4/15 @ 3:46pm
Joel Gilbert, a conspiracy theorist filmmaker who followed up his 2012 opus on President Obama’s secret communist father with a recent movie comparing the president the Wizard of Oz, joined Alex Jones yesterday to discuss Obama’s “game plan” to stage a radical Marxist takeo... MORE
3/4/15 @ 2:43pm
Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback has had deep ties to the modern day "prophets" and "apostles" within the New Apostolic Reformation going back to his days in the United States Senate. So deep are Brownback's ties to NAR that he actually lived with NAR leader Lou Engle for several mo... MORE