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10/23/14 @ 1:26pm
Peter LaBarbera was the guest on Cliff Kincaid's "America's Survival" program last week where the two spent an entire hour railing against all things gay, with LaBarbera warning that Americans cannot trust the government to handle the Ebola threat because it has never taken the ste... MORE
10/23/14 @ 1:20pm
Michael Savage urged his listeners this week to support Republican congressional candidates in November in hopes that a GOP-controlled Congress will order the arrest of President Obama. The right-wing talk radio host said on Tuesday that a potential executive action to defer deportation proceedings... MORE
10/23/14 @ 12:47pm
Mark Creech, director of the Christian Action League of North Carolina, wrote in the Christian Post yesterday that he was “heart-broken” (sic) by the federal court decision striking down North Carolina’s marriage equality ban, calling the decision “a terrible tragedy —... MORE
10/23/14 @ 12:25pm
Rick Santorum thinks that young people would have come around to his anti-gay political stances if only the “statists” in the gay community hadn’t “silenced” him and other Religious Right figures. The former senator and likely presidential candidate made the claim yeste... MORE
10/23/14 @ 11:46am
This summer, we spent a couple of scintillating days listening the archives of a radio program hosted by Georgia pastor Jody Hice, who won the Republican primary for an open U.S. House seat and is now the favorite to replace outgoing Rep. Paul Broun. From Hice, we learned that by accepting homosexua... MORE
10/23/14 @ 11:30am
Today on “The 700 Club,” Pat Robertson insisted that he and others have the power to raise the dead, but lamented that people these days are withholding this special skill. Robertson, who has previously discussed dead-raising abilities, told a viewer, Margaret, that people can raise... MORE
10/23/14 @ 10:57am
WorldNetDaily editor Joseph Farah reminds us today that October 23 is the day that 17th-century scholar James Ussher deduced was the day on which God created the Earth in the year 4004 BC, thus making today the Earth’s 6,028th birthday. Farah marks the occasion by taking on some of the scienti... MORE
10/23/14 @ 10:50am
WorldNetDaily columnist Erik Rush thinks that President Obama is not only acting like “a seasoned domestic abuser or crack interrogator,” but also a member of the Gestapo working in concentration camps. In his weekly column, Rush also writes about his concern that “Obama looks comp... MORE
10/23/14 @ 10:45am
In the wake of a ruling striking down his state's gay marriage ban, a North Carolina magistrate resigned from his position rather than perform same-sex weddings, and for this he is being hailed as a hero by Gordon Klingenschmitt for "rising up and taking back your country." On his... MORE
10/22/14 @ 5:33pm
Sarah Jones @ Wall of Separation: Idaho Tall Tales: Ministers Aren't Going To Jail For Refusing To Perform Same-Sex Weddings. Jeremy Hooper: 'Rivka Edelman' responds to me via one of the most bizarre comments I've ever read. David Nir @ Daily Kos: Retiring Republican refus... MORE
10/22/14 @ 5:30pm
The American Family Association's Patrick Vaughn assures us that the AFA is not an anti-gay hate group. Meanwhile, the AFA's Bryan Fischer declares that "the homosexual agenda is the greatest threat to religious liberty we have ever faced in American history." David Bart... MORE