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11/24/14 @ 2:50pm
On Thursday’s edition of the “Savage Nation,” conservative talk show host Michael Savage blamed immigrant families for America’s financial burdens, saying that immigrant women “[knock] out babies like loaves of bread” in order to get more welfare benefits. “... MORE
11/24/14 @ 2:42pm
A rather manic Glenn Beck spent an entire segment of his radio broadcast today speaking with a woman who posted a message on his Facebook page about how her daughter's kindergarten teacher had reportedly told her students not to listen to anyone who was not their teacher. Even worse, this teache... MORE
11/24/14 @ 1:50pm
Fox News seems to be doing its best to bury the findings of a new report from the GOP-led House Intelligence Committee, which undercuts many of the wild accusations Fox News hosts made about the 2012 Benghazi attack. In fact, the report is the seventh official investigation into Benghazi, all of whi... MORE
11/24/14 @ 1:45pm
Rep. Mo Brooks, R-Ala., said last week that President Obama’s executive action granting temporary deportation relief to some undocumented immigrants was part of a plot to “dilute the vote of American citizens by bringing in millions of foreigners who are going to be dependent on welfare... MORE
11/24/14 @ 11:50am
Lord Christopher Monckton, a columnist for the far-right WorldNetDaily, today came to the defense of an Australian politician, Rosalie Crestani, who is trying to pass a law to prevent her local government from mentioning LGBT issues and holding diversity trainings. Monckton, who derisively refers to... MORE
11/24/14 @ 11:30am
WorldNetDaily founder and editor Joseph Farah writes today that President Obama “appears to be doing everything in his power to spread the Ebola virus” as part of a nefarious plan to grow the size of government. Farah claims that Obama’s “evil nature” comes from “... MORE
11/24/14 @ 10:33am
On his Friday radio broadcast, Bryan Fischer said that conservatives need to keep talking about impeaching President Obama over his executve action on immigration in order to bring about the "social change" necessary to make it acceptable, just like gay activists did with the issue of homo... MORE
11/21/14 @ 5:32pm
Ken Dilanian @ The Big Story: House intel panel debunks many Benghazi theories. Nathalie Baptiste @ The American Prospect: Congresswoman-Elect Mia Love: Personification of GOP Hypocrisy on Immigration. Don Terry @ Intelligence Report: ‘Warrior for God.’ Emily Arrowood @ Me... MORE
11/21/14 @ 5:30pm
"Coach" Dave Daubenmire warns that "Common Core will lead to an pandemic of Spiritual Ebola." Alan Keyes says that "if war comes, it must be because Barack Obama and the elitist faction forces that created him foment it, by attempting to enforce his blatantly unconsti... MORE
11/21/14 @ 4:50pm
Conservative author Dinesh D’Souza spoke with Newsmax host Steve Malzberg today about how Republicans in Congress should respond to President Obama’s executive action on immigration. As D’Souza cogently explained, the GOP should treat him like a spoiled baby who needs a good spanki... MORE
11/21/14 @ 4:20pm
In this special edition of Paranoia-Rama, we look at five of the most incendiary and unhinged responses from our friends on the Radical Right to President Obama’s announcement that he would grant temporary deportation relief to some unauthorized immigrants and his speech last night laying out his plan. MORE