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10/5/15 @ 1:25pm
Last month, televangelist Jim Bakker predicted that September would see a financial meltdown, several natural disasters and some horrible event involving Pope Francis’ trip to America. He backed up his predictions by citing the work of Jonathan Cahn, who had brought his own September doomsda... MORE
10/5/15 @ 5:32pm
Carlos Maza @ Equality Matters: Don’t Be Surprised That Kim Davis’ Pope Visit Was Overblown. Brandon Ambrosino @ The Daily Beast: The Shady Group That Played Pope Francis. Rob Boston @ Wall of Separation: The Sour Grapes Of Wrath: Tenn. County Politician Seeks To Stave Off God... MORE
10/5/15 @ 5:30pm
Anti-choice activists are organizing a "second round of public protests of Planned Parenthood abortion clinics and facilities [to] take place across the United States" on Saturday. The Pacific Justice Institute continues its long tradition of whipping up anti-transgender bigotry.... MORE
10/5/15 @ 4:15pm
Right-wing radio host Michael Savage suggested last week that the shooting at Umpqua Community College in Oregon was a plot by President Obama to distract the public from the Syrian Civil War. Savage also claimed that the community college shooter was almost certainly a Muslim, possibly tied to Al Q... MORE
10/5/15 @ 4:14pm
On his radio program today, Bryan Fischer continued to complain about the fact that the Vatican has distanced itself from Kim Davis after the controversial Kentucky county clerk met with Pope Francis when both were in Washington, D.C., last month. Fischer blamed the "low-information media"... MORE
10/5/15 @ 3:25pm
WorldNetDaily columnist Carl Jackson knows who is really to blame for the Umpqua Community College shooting: Liberals. As Jackson put it, liberals who back the separation of church and state should be held responsible for the shooting because they prevented schools from teaching students how to pray... MORE
10/5/15 @ 3:12pm
Last week, I, a progressive, attended Values Voter Summit. I was there to soak up the conservative vibes and better understand the far-right. I expected to leave with nothing more than a disconcerted feeling, having listened to people disparage gay and transgender people and degrade women’s h... MORE
10/5/15 @ 3:00pm
Michael Savage has been cheering on Russia’s bombing campaign in Syria, which has mostly targeted anti-regime rebels rather than ISIS forces, insisting that Russian involvement in the country’s civil war has terrified President Obama, whom Savage has accused of supporting ISIS. After ask... MORE
10/5/15 @ 2:47pm
Last week, Frank Gaffney, an influential player in Republican politics despite his long record of promoting conspiracy theories and anti-Muslim sentiment, caused a stir when he invited well known white nationalist Jared Taylor onto his radio program to discuss efforts to resettle Syrian refugees... MORE
10/5/15 @ 2:15pm
During televangelist Jim Bakker’s September “Prophetic Conference,” pastor Chuck Missler said that there is little to no hope that America can avoid God’s judgment, insisting that the U.S. is already experiencing divine wrath. “It’s going to get darker and darker... MORE
10/5/15 @ 1:28pm
Ben Carson reacted to the shooting of ten people at an Oregon community college last week by warning that it would be used as “an excuse to grab people’s guns.” “My thinking is that we’re not going to use that as an excuse to take people’s guns, that’s ridic... MORE