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11/21/14 @ 4:20pm
In this special edition of Paranoia-Rama, we look at five of the most incendiary and unhinged responses from our friends on the Radical Right to President Obama’s announcement that he would grant temporary deportation relief to some unauthorized immigrants and his speech last night laying out his plan. MORE
11/21/14 @ 5:32pm
Ken Dilanian @ The Big Story: House intel panel debunks many Benghazi theories. Nathalie Baptiste @ The American Prospect: Congresswoman-Elect Mia Love: Personification of GOP Hypocrisy on Immigration. Don Terry @ Intelligence Report: ‘Warrior for God.’ Emily Arrowood @ Me... MORE
11/21/14 @ 5:30pm
"Coach" Dave Daubenmire warns that "Common Core will lead to an pandemic of Spiritual Ebola." Alan Keyes says that "if war comes, it must be because Barack Obama and the elitist faction forces that created him foment it, by attempting to enforce his blatantly unconsti... MORE
11/21/14 @ 4:50pm
Conservative author Dinesh D’Souza spoke with Newsmax host Steve Malzberg today about how Republicans in Congress should respond to President Obama’s executive action on immigration. As D’Souza cogently explained, the GOP should treat him like a spoiled baby who needs a good spanki... MORE
11/21/14 @ 3:35pm
The Texas State Board of Education approved several dozen social studies textbooks after a contentious battle over their treatment of subjects including climate change, the role of slavery in the Civil War, Islam, and biblical influence in America’s founding. One major publisher, however, wit... MORE
11/21/14 @ 3:30pm
Last week, Glenn Beck hosted an hour-long, commercial-free television special during which he discussed the myriad health problems he had faced in recent years, with the big takeaway being that he has decided to shift the focus of his company toward telling stories in an effort to change the culture... MORE
11/21/14 @ 1:55pm
In an interview on Newsmax TV today, Rick Santorum argued that Obama’s actions on deportation relief represent “something that we’ve never dealt with in American history” — despite the fact that several recent GOP presidents also used executive action on immigratio... MORE
11/21/14 @ 1:22pm
Tony Perkins, back from the interfaith conference at the Vatican which he attended along with American anti-gay religious leaders including Rick Warren and Russell Moore, gave an interview reflecting on the experience to the National Review Online’s Kathryn Jean Lopez yesterday. The Family Res... MORE
11/21/14 @ 12:55pm
Pat Buchanan used his syndicated column today to rail against “Caesar Obama,” warning that the president’s executive action on immigration is reminiscent of King George III’s abuses “which sparked the American Revolution.” After making the patently absurd claim th... MORE
11/21/14 @ 12:45pm
On Wedesnday’s edition of “Savage Nation,” Michael Savage connected President Obama’s executive action on immigration reform back to Adolf Hitler’s implementation of his Lebensraum policies. “He’s in a long line of others who have taken the law onto themselv... MORE
11/21/14 @ 12:18pm
In the same radio program in which he considered the possibility that the Obama administration had opened the door to the “ethnic cleansing” of whites by Latino immigrants and called President Obama an underachieving product of “affirmative action culture,” Kansas Secretary o... MORE