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8/27/15 @ 1:33pm
As we have noted before, Rafael Cruz, father of senator and Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz, is essentially a poor man's David Barton since a significant amount of his stump speech consists of information that he has lifted directly from Barton's own presentations. While speaking la... MORE
8/27/15 @ 5:35pm
Teddy Wilson @ RH Reality Check: Report: Center for Medical Progress Videos Deceptively Edited, ‘Lack Credibility’. Kira Lerner @ Slate: Judge Shuts Down Kris Kobach’s Attempt To Disenfranchise Voters In Kansas Elections. Scott Eric Kaufman @ Salon: Dinesh D’Souza... MORE
8/27/15 @ 5:30pm
Donald Trump loves the Bible so much that he doesn't even want to talk about it because it is just too personal. "This is the time I was born for," says Glenn Beck. There is a pretty obvious "explanation for the reason we weren’t able to find Saddam’s nukes... MORE
8/27/15 @ 4:26pm
Alveda King, a Fox News contributor and the director of African-American outreach for Priests for Life, managed to combine a dizzying number of anti-abortion conspiracy theories in an interview with Iowa religious right activist Tamara Scott last month, claiming that Planned Parenthood uses birth co... MORE
8/27/15 @ 3:34pm
Radio host Michael Savage is not pleased with how the cities of New York and San Francisco are handling the issue of homelessness, suggesting yesterday that the city simply throw all homeless people in prison or a mental institution so they stop peeing in his face. “San Francisco has now be... MORE
8/27/15 @ 3:19pm
Glenn Beck spent an entire hour of his radio program today interviewing Jonathan Cahn about his "Mystery of the Shemitah" theory, which postulates that some massive calamity — possibly an economic meltdown, possibly a terrorist attack, possibly a natural disaster — is going to... MORE
8/27/15 @ 1:30pm
During a recent “Receiving A Prophet’s Reward” special, conservative televangelist Rod Parsley shared the story of a woman who was informed by her doctors that her baby would be born with “more tumors in its brain than the doctors could even count.” However, by “s... MORE
8/27/15 @ 1:25pm
In an interview with Religious Right broadcaster Jerry Newcombe earlier this month, Operation Rescue president Troy Newman declared that the series of videos smearing Planned Parenthood that he helped produce were God’s answer to the prayers of anti-abortion activists, sent in order to make... MORE
8/27/15 @ 1:25pm
Rep. Trent Franks appeared on yesterday’s edition of “Washington Watch” to discuss the GOP’s campaign to defund Planned Parenthood, telling host Tony Perkins that the debate represents a fight for the very survival of America. Claiming that Americans have become “desens... MORE
8/27/15 @ 12:05pm
Right-wing pundit Alex Jones is not happy about Hillary Clinton’s call to combat gun violence following the fatal shooting of a Virginia journalist and cameraman during a live interview, calling her a “bitch” on his “InfoWars” program yesterday. After repeatedly calling... MORE
8/27/15 @ 11:43am
On his television program last night, Glenn Beck again spelled out his simple solution for defeating ISIS once and for all by just dropping a fuel-air bomb on them. As Beck sees it, completely destroying ISIS simply requires a willingness to brutally wipe them out and then just go home, but America... MORE