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10/9/15 @ 12:54pm
Theodore Shoebat posted a video yesterday calling for the institution of a "Christian collectivist society" in America in which collective punishment is imposed and where those who refuse to submit to Christianity are put to death. As Shoebat explained, the problem with America is that it... MORE
10/9/15 @ 12:10pm
In an interview with far-right radio host Rick Wiles on Tuesday, Family Research Council Vice President Jerry Boykin blamed President Obama and his supporters for the recent mass shooting in Oregon and then suggested that we at Right Wing Watch encourage “lone wolf” attacks on Christians... MORE
10/9/15 @ 11:59am
Dr. Monica Miller of Citizens for a Pro-Life Society, one of the main organizers of this weekend’s protest rallies at Planned Parenthood clinics, said on Tuesday that even if Planned Parenthood were to stop performing abortions, she would still want to strip it of federal funding because it pr... MORE
10/9/15 @ 11:55am
Add Rick Wiles to the list of Religious Right activists who blew their prophecies about Hurricane Joaquin. “Trunews” host Rick Wiles spoke with fellow Religious Right pundit Bradlee Dean last Thursday about the GOP’s attempt to deny federal funding to Planned Parenthood, with Wile... MORE
10/9/15 @ 11:45am
RWW’s Paranoia-Rama takes a look at five of the week’s most absurd conspiracy theories from the Right. While some conservatives are using the latest mass shooting as an opportunity to offer warnings about government conspiracies and Nazi tyranny coming to America, Religious Right activi... MORE
10/9/15 @ 10:49am
Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson told Steve Malzberg on Newsmax TV yesterday that there is rising anti-Christian sentiment in America because people “buy into the PC methodology.” “I don’t think most people, if they really stopped and thought about it would say,... MORE
10/8/15 @ 5:34pm
Rachel Percelay @ Media Matters: Fox Reports Another Fabricated Bathroom Incident To Attack California's Non-Discrimination Laws. Andrew Kaczynski @ BuzzFeed: Huckabee Says He Didn’t Name Shooters Or Terrorists On His Show — Except He Did. David Edwards @ Raw Story: Televa... MORE
10/8/15 @ 5:31pm
Rupert Murdoch claims that he meant "no offence" by suggesting that President Obama was not "a real black president." Rand Paul has scored the crucial Alex Jones endorsement. FRC prays that the media will supposedly stop lying about the meeting that Kim Davis had... MORE
10/8/15 @ 4:05pm
Televangelist Pat Robertson has invited presidential candidates to a series of candidate forums at Regent University, the school he founded and for which he still serves as dean. The first to take him up on the invitation is Jeb Bush, who will speak later this month at a forum that will include an... MORE
10/8/15 @ 3:27pm
Roll Call reported yesterday on some interesting behind-the-scenes wrangling that’s going on as House leaders convene a panel to investigate Planned Parenthood. The staunchly anti-abortion Rep. Trent Franks, Roll Call reports, is “serving as an informal liaison” between GOP leaders... MORE
10/8/15 @ 2:52pm
Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of the influential anti-choice group Susan B. Anthony List, dismissed the women's health gap in an interview with a West Virginia radio show on Tuesday, saying that Planned Parenthood’s talk about women’s health care is just “gender-based,... MORE