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8/27/14 @ 12:18pm
Back in 2008, The Alliance Defending Freedom launched a project called Pulpit Freedom Sunday that encouraged pastors to explicitly discuss political issues and candidates during their Sunday sermons in an effort to provoke the IRS into revoking their church's tax-exempt status so that the ADF co... MORE
8/27/14 @ 12:14pm
In an interview with Newsmax’s Steve Malzberg yesterday, conservative pundit Ben Stein insisted that Michael Brown, the black teenager who was shot to death by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, “wasn’t unarmed” because he was “armed with his incredibly strong, sca... MORE
8/27/14 @ 12:05pm
Pat Robertson explained today that Robin Williams died by suicide because he didn’t know God and was destined for ruin. “You see these very popular people in the media who commit suicide like Robin Williams recently and you say, what is the deal with him? What happened?” Robertson... MORE
8/27/14 @ 12:00pm
The S&P 500 and Dow Jones posted record gains yesterday, utterly astonishing televangelist Pat Robertson, who found himself unable to explain how the stock market is going up under President Obama. On “The 700 Club” this morning, Robertson argued both that such positive economic news... MORE
8/27/14 @ 11:30am
After making a “documentary” about how America needs to return to the values of the Pilgrims, Kirk Cameron is now starring in a film about the “War on Christmas.” Cameron told Glenn Beck’s outlet The Blaze that he seeks to save the holiday from a barrage of attacks fro... MORE
8/26/14 @ 5:32pm
Josh Israel @ Think Progress: Why Conservative Christian Homeschoolers Are Fighting Standards That Don’t Apply To Them. Warren Throckmorton: An Apologetics Conference That Should Apologize. Luke Brinker & Coleman Lowndes @ Equality Matters: Meet John Stemberger, Florida's Le... MORE
8/26/14 @ 5:30pm
Sometimes we wonder if Bryan Fischer just stays up at night trying to figure out ways to troll for attention: "Perhaps the most sinister and dangerous lie the left has beaten into the brains of unthinking Americans is that there is strength in diversity. Nothing could be further from the tru... MORE
8/26/14 @ 4:00pm
What a surprise that Ted Nugent is a fan of the extremist Harlem pastor who has made a name for himself with his insane anti-Obama rants and calls to kill gay people. Nugent posted excerpts of a James David Manning sermon on his Facebook page today, commenting (in all caps, of course), “TRUER... MORE
8/26/14 @ 3:08pm
D-list actor Kevin Sorbo recently had a leading role in the right-wing Christian film "God Is Not Dead," in which he played a smug atheist college professor who seeks to destroy the faith of his students. In promoting the film, which is now out on DVD, Sorbo has been making the rounds on C... MORE
8/26/14 @ 2:10pm
There is a trend among Religious Right activists to cheer on Israel’s policies towards the Palestinian territories while conveniently ignoring other Israeli programs, such as government subsidies for abortion coverage. But on his radio show “Washington Watch” yesterday, the Family... MORE
8/26/14 @ 1:35pm
The right-wing group Truth In Action Ministries is out with a new film warning parents that public schools are run by gay rights activists who are out to destroy religious freedom. The film features such experts as radio talk show host Janet Parshall and conservative legal activists Greg Baylor and... MORE