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9/1/15 @ 11:15am
After being rebuffed by the Supreme Court and therefore exhausting the appeals process, Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis denied a marriage license to a gay couple today for the fifth time since the legalization of same-sex marriage. Davis is part of a small group of county clerks who claim that their... MORE
9/1/15 @ 5:36pm
David Weigel @ The Washington Post: New James O’Keefe video: Clinton campaign allowed a foreigner to acquire official swag. Alan Colmes: Jared Taylor: Trump Best Hope For White People. Dan @ TFN Insider: David Barton Lectures Pope Francis (Really). Mark Potok @ Hatewatch: Group... MORE
9/1/15 @ 5:31pm
Rowan County, Kentucky clerk Kim Davis continues to refuse to abide by court orders to provide marriage licenses to gay couples because, she says, "it is a Heaven or Hell decision." Due to her refusal, Davis now gets to appear in court later this week to explain to a judge why she s... MORE
9/1/15 @ 4:04pm
North Carolina’s Pat McCrory is the fourth Republican governor to agree to host a “Response” prayer rally organized by Christian-nation extremist David Lane and other dominionist activists. Rick Perry used a “Response” rally to launch his doomed 2012 presidential bid; s... MORE
9/1/15 @ 2:21pm
Next week, Glenn Beck will be joining Republican presidential candidates Ted Cruz and Donald Trump at a "Stop the Iran Nuclear Deal" rally outside the Capitol in Washington, D.C. On his radio program today, Beck said that he agreed to participate in the rally because now is the time that h... MORE
9/1/15 @ 1:29pm
Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee is outraged by President Obama’s decision to restore the original name of the country’s highest peak, Denali, after years of campaigning by Alaskans including the state’s Republican senators. Huckabee told Newsmax TV yesterday that he’d li... MORE
9/1/15 @ 12:47pm
Mike Huckabee said in an interview with Newsmax TV yesterday that Hillary Clinton owes him an “apology” because after criticizing him for claiming that the Iranian nuclear deal would march Israelis to the “door of the oven,” she made an oblique reference to “boxcars... MORE
9/1/15 @ 12:10pm
Today on “The 700 Club,” a viewer asked Pat Robertson if the world will end on September 23, a date that some evangelists claim will hold some sort of catastrophe. While he didn’t mention an exact date, Robertson responded that the end is indeed nigh. “The clock is down to 11... MORE
9/1/15 @ 11:50am
While introducing a news report today about Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis, who is defying the Supreme Court by refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, “700 Club” host Pat Robertson offered an “I told you so” message to viewers. Boasting that he and others... MORE
9/1/15 @ 11:49am
End times pastor Carl Gallups was a guest on TheDove TV yesterday to promote his forthcoming book, "Be Thou Prepared: Equipping the Church for Persecution and Times of Trouble," where, predictably, he warned Christians to be prepared for coming persecution. While Christians in America may... MORE
9/1/15 @ 11:21am
At the first Republican presidential debate last month, the Fox News moderators asked Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker about the Black Lives Matter movement. As we noted at the time, Walker’s answer seemed bland but contained a coded message for regular Fox News viewers : that he had discussed th... MORE