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9/22/14 @ 11:37am
This weekend, Republican elected officials including Sen. Ted Cruz, Sen. Rand Paul, and Gov. Bobby Jindal will take part in what has become an annual ritual for potential GOP presidential contenders: they will seek to curry the favor of the Religious Right by speaking at the Family Research Council... MORE
9/22/14 @ 5:32pm
Jeremy Hooper @ GLAAD: Questions we'd like reporters to ask at the Values Voter Summit. Warren Throckmorton: Mars Hill Church Staff Worried That Real Marriage Campaign Would Benefit Mark Driscoll More Than Church. Tara Culp-Ressler @ Think Progress: Rick Perry Claims Texas’ New... MORE
9/22/14 @ 5:30pm
Glenn Beck writes another long and rambling note to his viewers. Sheriff Joe Arpaio declares, "Our country is under attack. And Barack Obama is the aggressor." Janet Porter gets in on the "Justice Ginsburg must recuse herself" nonsense. Todd Starnes and Kirk Camero... MORE
9/22/14 @ 4:13pm
On his radio program today, Bryan Fischer recommended that the United States adopt an immigration policy based upon the Bible, meaning that all immigrants must convert to Christianity and completely leave behind their native practices, beliefs, culture, and language. If we "did immigration God... MORE
9/22/14 @ 3:35pm
In the midst of a U.S.-led bombing campaign against ISIS, former House GOP leader Tom DeLay told Andy Parks of the Washington Times last week that President Obama is refusing to take action to stop the militant group. DeLay offered his own strategy: “We have to do something.” “The... MORE
9/22/14 @ 2:47pm
Gordon Klingenschmitt uploaded a new episode of his "Pray In Jesus Name" program today in which he declared that the attacks by the radical militants in ISIS on Christians in the Middle East is a fulfillment of a prophecy from the Book of Revelation and is therefore a sign that we are now... MORE
9/22/14 @ 2:40pm
Larry Klayman is once again calling for the military to remove President Obama from office, telling Tim Wildmon of the American Family Association in an interview today that military leaders should “rise up” and “go to the president and say, ‘Your time’s up,’ just... MORE
9/22/14 @ 1:56pm
Last week, the far-right outlet WorldNetDaily ran an article quoting anti-Muslim activists including Pamela Geller to warn that the Obama administration’s commitment to take in refugees from Syria’s brutal civil war is in fact part of a UN-orchestrated plot to pave way for an Islamist t... MORE
9/22/14 @ 1:15pm
On “Washington Watch” last week, two callers demanded that Family Research Council President Tony Perkins discuss President Obama’s “Muslim ring,” a fictional invention of WorldNetDaily. Perkins said that while he didn’t know about the Muslim ring (maybe because i... MORE
9/22/14 @ 1:14pm
Earlier this month, the Texas Observer dug up video of a speech given by Texas Republican state House candidate Tony Tinderholt — a Tea Party favorite who is expected to win and has received campaign help from Sen. Ted Cruz — sounding off about immigration at a July meeting. Tinderholt s... MORE
9/22/14 @ 12:40pm
On today’s edition of “The 700 Club,” Pat Robertson attempted to explain the difference between passages on war and killing in the Bible and the Quran. Robertson, who regularly cites Qur’anic verses as proof that Islam is an inherently violent and genocidal religion, said the... MORE