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5/5/15 @ 1:20pm
Yesterday on “InfoWars,” Alex Jones invited conservative talk show host Michael Savage to discuss his new novel “Countdown to Mecca,” but not before Jones asked Savage about President Obama’s plot to destroy America. “What’s the score right now: patriots vs.... MORE
5/5/15 @ 5:32pm
Evan McMurry @ Mediaite: Pamela Geller Compares Self to Rosa Parks, Fox Host Ain’t Having It. Sarah Posner @ Religion Dispatches: Mike Huckabee, meet Amy Schumer. And, for that matter, Tony Orlando. Catherine Thompson @ TPM: Louie Gohmert Sounds The Alarm About Possible Military Tak... MORE
5/5/15 @ 5:30pm
Cindy Jacobs offers some prophetic insights:"Women will determine the next election, and Asians will be the swing vote. The states will polarize on an even greater level, and some will threaten to break with the union if their state constitutions are violated." Jan Markell has... MORE
5/5/15 @ 4:25pm
In an interview with Alex Jones yesterday, in which he warned that America has descended into a race war in which President Obama will begin arming the Crips and the Bloods, Michael Savage cited the terrorist attack in Garland, Texas, as proof that radical Islamists have “penetrated” and... MORE
5/5/15 @ 3:45pm
Sandy Rios, the American Family Association’s governmental affairs director, dedicated her radio program today to discussing the recent attempted attack on a “Draw Mohammad Contest” organized by Pamela Geller in Garland, Texas. While chatting about the incident with a listener who... MORE
5/5/15 @ 3:20pm
During last week’s National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, where Jeb Bush and Mike Huckabee made their pitches for the Latino vote, NHCLC head Sam Rodriguez told a TIME reporter that Republicans will not “fight arduously” to overturn a Supreme Court decision striking dow... MORE
5/5/15 @ 3:00pm
Back in January, Rep. Louie Gohmert spoke at a Tea Party Patriots gathering in Houston, fresh from his failed attempt to dislodge Speaker Boehner’s successful re-election bid. Gohmert, who received three votes in the speaker’s race, told the crowd that the only way he would ever be elect... MORE
5/5/15 @ 2:59pm
South Carolina state Sen. Lee Bright has landed a spot as one of three state co-chairs of Sen. Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign, The State newspaper reports. It’s hardly surprising that Cruz is attracting the support of the far-right flank of his party, but it’s interesting that he... MORE
5/5/15 @ 2:12pm
On his radio broadcast this morning, Glenn Beck continued his incoherent attempt to explain away his comment from yesterday that he was not sure that Ted Cruz would be able to govern if he were elected president, claiming now that what he was saying is that only President Ted Cruz will be able to sa... MORE
5/5/15 @ 1:14pm
Speaking at a press conference organized by anti-gay activists Cliff Kincaid and Peter LaBarbera in advance of Supreme Court marriage equality arguments last month, Alan Keyes appealed to people who are worried about climate change, saying that such people should join him in opposing gay marriage be... MORE
5/5/15 @ 12:15pm
Mike Huckabee, who is announcing his campaign for the presidency today, has crafted an image of a nice, folksy “conservative who is not mad at anybody.” However, this image betrays the reality that the Republican leader has made a career of mean-spirited rhetoric and a propensity for con... MORE