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9/2/14 @ 1:55pm
While speaking to Rick Wiles on “Trunews” last week, phony ex-terrorist and Religious Right idol Kamal Saleem alleged that President Obama attended a mosque in Washington, D.C. on Christmas Day…while he was vacationing in Hawaii. “We see him on Christmas, he goes to the mosq... MORE
9/2/14 @ 5:33pm
Stephanie Mencimer @ Mother Jones: Top Gun Rights Group Backs White Supremacist's Supreme Court Case. John Avlon @ Salon: Where right-wing lies are born: The wingnut Web, WorldNetDaily and how conservative nonsense infects America. Matt Wilstein @ Mediaite: Phil Robertson on GMA:... MORE
9/2/14 @ 5:31pm
Todd Starnes, Rick Santorum, Oliver North, Kirk Cameron, and the Benham Brothers are among those scheduled to speak at Liberty University this semester. Scott Lively is running for governor in Massachusetts in order to "restore a biblical worldview among conservatives here in this state... MORE
9/2/14 @ 4:40pm
On “Washington Watch” last week, the Family Research Council's Craig James and Josh Duggar spoke about a press conference that anti-choice groups, including FRC, organized in Arkansas to denounce Sen. Mark Pryor. James said that Religious Right activists should take cues from LGBT eq... MORE
9/2/14 @ 4:07pm
This weekend, the Dallas Morning News ran a long investigative piece exposing for the first time an armed raid that state Attorney General Greg Abbott's office ordered on a Houston voter registration operation, Houston Votes, back in 2010. The aftermath played out like ACORN in miniature: Desp... MORE
9/2/14 @ 4:05pm
The American Family Association’s Sandy Rios spoke to a caller today who said that ISIS militants will soon “come to the White House” and “Obama is going to swing the door open and he’s going to have a feast prepared for them because he is a Muslim, he is one of them.... MORE
9/2/14 @ 3:59pm
Reacting to reports that the National Institutes of Health is conducting a study on why lesbians have a higher rate of obesity than other groups, Bryan Fischer said on his radio program today that if First Lady Michelle Obama is truly serious about fighting obesity, she should start a new program ai... MORE
9/2/14 @ 3:40pm
Tom Tancredo spoke to Tim Wildmon of the American Family Association today about why he supports impeaching President Obama, telling the “Today’s Issues” host that impeachment is the only process to remove Obama “short of armed rebellion that everybody constantly — you... MORE
9/2/14 @ 2:55pm
After explaining how President Obama attended a mosque in Washington D.C. while simultaneously vacationing in Hawaii on Christmas, Kamal Saleem told “Trunews” host Rick Wiles last week that Obama is supporting ISIS and other violent groups as part of his anti-American agenda. In fact, Sa... MORE
9/2/14 @ 12:35pm
Conservative legal activist Larry Klayman has filed another lawsuit against President Obama, and said in his WorldNetDaily column last week that President Obama is “destroying the nation and our lives” as he is “loyal to his Middle Eastern Muslim brothers and his racial heritage.... MORE
9/2/14 @ 12:00pm
Mission America’s Linda Harvey explained the real meaning of Labor Day which, of course, is about workers resisting “homosexual lobby” activists who want to “force public respect for their deviance.” During her radio bulletin yesterday, Harvey defended business owners w... MORE