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1/24/15 @ 11:00am
Rep. Steve King got a little mixed up in his remarks at the Iowa Freedom Summit this morning, accidentally remarking that Americans “come from every possible planet.” The Iowa Republican quickly caught himself and said that the DREAMers protesting the right-wing event are the ones who re... MORE
1/24/15 @ 7:05pm
Sarah Palin delivered something that some might call a speech at today’s Iowa Freedom Summit, in which she gave advice on how Republicans can defeat Hillary Clinton if the former secretary of state runs for president. “It’s going to take more than a village to beat Hillary,”... MORE
1/24/15 @ 6:50pm
In her speech at the Iowa Freedom Summit today, Sarah Palin addressed the major issues facing the country, such as a photo she posted on Facebook of her son standing on a dog. Palin, never one to shy away from self-victimization, said that the controversy that ensued was proof that the media “... MORE
1/24/15 @ 4:04pm
After four hours of continual prayer, worship, and singing at today's "The Response" prayer rally, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal took the stage to share his personal testimony with the audience. After recounting his journey to faith in Jesus, Jindal closed out his remarks by declaring th... MORE
1/24/15 @ 2:19pm
Donald Trump is still trying to convince people that he might actually run for president this time, telling today’s Iowa Freedom Summit that he is “seriously thinking of running for president” because Romney “choked” and we “can’t have Bush.” After cla... MORE
1/24/15 @ 1:30pm
Perennial maybe-presidential-candidate Donald Trump dedicated a good portion of his speech at today’s Iowa Freedom Summit to immigration, which was fitting since the summit is hosted by one of the GOP’s most dogmatic anti-immigrant voices, Rep. Steve King. Trump told the audience that im... MORE
1/24/15 @ 12:27pm
As we have been reporting, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal has decided to hitch his apparent presidential hopes to a collection of Christian-nation extremists, teaming with the American Family Association, influential activist David Lane, and a collection of self-proclaimed prophets and apostles to hos... MORE
1/24/15 @ 11:30am
Sen. Chuck Grassley addressed the Iowa Freedom Summit today about his opposition to overturning the Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United ruling, criticizing the four justices who dissented in the case for having “an upside-down understanding of the Constitution.” The right-wing gro... MORE
1/24/15 @ 10:40am
Jan Mickelson, the conservative Iowa-based radio talk show host, is the emcee of today’s Iowa Freedom Summit, where several GOP presidential candidates have joined Rep. Steve King to appeal to voters in the first-in-the-nation caucus state. Mickelson boasted of King’s anti-immigrant extr... MORE
1/23/15 @ 5:36pm
Andy Towle @ Towleroad: OK Rep. Sally Kern Targets Gays With 3 of the Most Offensive Bills Filed in 2015. Alan Colmes: Tom DeLay: Obama’s State Of The Union Address ‘Great’ In Laying Out ‘His Socialist Ideas.’ John Fea: Why Huckabee May Have A Shot At The GOP... MORE
1/23/15 @ 5:33pm
Bert Farias declares that churches that open the door for "homosexuality and perversion" will be "considered the chief prize of Satan and potential trophies of hell." Religious Right activist Rob Schenck of Faith and Action called upon fellow anti-abortion activists to als... MORE