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8/29/14 @ 11:53am
Anti-choice groups are upset about PBS’s decision to air the documentary “After Tiller” next week on its “Point of View” series, complaining that the documentary “ humanizes,” paints a “sympathetic picture” of, and makes “martyrs” of... MORE
8/29/14 @ 11:34am
Last week, the city council in Fayetteville, Arkansas passed a nondiscrimination ordinance that included protections for, among other things, sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression. Needless to say, Matt Barber and Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel are furious about its passage and s... MORE
8/29/14 @ 11:00am
Liberty Counsel’s Matt Barber is on high alert after a federal judge issued a final ruling striking down Utah’s ban on polygamous relationships, and joined Janet Mefferd yesterday to discuss the ruling, which he said was just the latest sign that support for same-sex marriage took a... MORE
8/29/14 @ 10:34am
A World Congress of Families event in Melbourne this week was supposed to feature speeches by three Australian government officials, including social services minister Kevin Andrews. Instead, all three have backed out in the face of criticism of the Illinois-based group’s promotion of harsh... MORE
8/29/14 @ 10:25am
BarbWire's Gina Miller used her column today to respond to a piece on the Huffington Post asserting that what is needed is not a new nail polish for women that can detect the presence of date rape drugs in their drinks but rather a concerted effort toward "solutions to shifting rape culture... MORE
8/28/14 @ 5:33pm
Catherine Thompson @ TPM: McDonnell's 'Crazy Wife' Defense Is Totally Unprecedented. Jeremy Hooper: WND activist: 'Dan Savage has done far worse things than Westboro [Baptist];' says to send him to Iraq to challenge those who hang gays. Amanda Marcotte @ AlterNet: One... MORE
8/28/14 @ 5:30pm
Tough guy Todd Starnes tells President Obama that "it’s time to take off the mom jeans and put on some big boy pants." What exactly makes the National Organization for Marriage's Robert George an expert on ISIS and foreign policy? Speaking of ISIS, its rise is all Pres... MORE
8/28/14 @ 4:58pm
The other day we noted that Gordon Klingenschmitt had been forced to issue a half-hearted apology after sending out an email asserting that gay Democratic congressman Jared Polis would soon be aligning himself with ISIS and begin beheading Christians in America. Klingenschmitt, who is currently the... MORE
8/28/14 @ 4:42pm
Ex-gay activist David Kyle Foster joined Kevin Swanson on “Generations Radio” today, which inevitably led to a discussion of how God will punish America for homosexuality. “I’ve wondered if the opening of the Pandora’s box of the 1960s and 70s and the free sex movement... MORE
8/28/14 @ 3:43pm
Michael Farris, one of the leaders of the conservative homeschooling movement and the founder of Patrick Henry College, issued a harsh condemnation of the “Christian patriarchy” movement today, calling the ideology famously promoted by the Duggar clan “dangerous” and saying t... MORE
8/28/14 @ 2:41pm
Walid Shoebat is a former Muslim who converted to Christianity and now makes a living peddling his anti-Islam "expertise" to various right-wing groups. Despite the fact that his tale of having grown up as a Muslim terrorist is highly suspect, Shoebat is regularly welcomed onto shows like t... MORE