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10/2/15 @ 11:00am
UPDATE: It turns out the only private meeting held at the venue was with one of Francis’ former students, who is gay, and his partner. The Religious Right legal group Liberty Counsel boasted in a statement and at least two fundraising emails this week that their client, Kentucky clerk Kim Davi... MORE
10/2/15 @ 5:33pm
Ian Millhiser @ Think Progress: The Sheriff Investigating The Oregon Shooting Believes Some Seriously Fringe Things About Guns Catherine Thompson @ TPM: Sheriff In Charge Of Oregon Massacre Probe Posted Sandy Hook Truther Video. Hemant Mehta @ Friendly Atheist: Tennessee Lt. Governor Tell... MORE
10/2/15 @ 5:30pm
Ben Carson is calling upon the IRS to "punish" the Council on American-Islamic Relations for supposedly violating its tax-exempt status by criticizing him. If a Democratic candidate did something like this to a Religious Right group, we'd never hear the end of them screaming about... MORE
10/2/15 @ 4:01pm
Father Frank Pavone of Priests for Life, who has described himself as “close to” the Center for Medical Progress’ smear of Planned Parenthood, argued this week that public support for Planned Parenthood has been inflated because pollsters aren’t lying to poll respondents abou... MORE
10/2/15 @ 3:50pm
Bryan Fischer is not at all happy about reports that the Vatican is contradicting the claims from Kentucky clerk Kim Davis and her attorneys at Liberty Counsel that Davis was invited to meet privately with Pope Francis when both were in Washington, D.C. last week, during which the pope allegedly pra... MORE
10/2/15 @ 3:09pm
Ryan Bomberger, founder of the anti-choice group Radiance Foundation, attended Values Voter Summit last week to talk about his vehement opposition to the NAACP because of its support for reproductive rights. Bomberger is not new to Values Voter Summit or to inflammatory language regarding the NAACP;... MORE
10/2/15 @ 3:01pm
Glenn Beck's response on his radio program this morning to yesterday's mass shooting at a community college in Oregon was rather schizophrenic. After spending the first hour of the show reading a prayer to God and telling his audience not to focus on the anger and hatred that seemingly motiv... MORE
10/2/15 @ 2:45pm
While we are disappointed that the many prophecies about a financial crash or a natural disaster hitting the U.S. in September were pretty much a bust, right-wing commentators have new predictions about America’s future, this time involving Mars, Pope Francis and the United Nations. MORE
10/2/15 @ 1:53pm
Mark Crutcher, the Texas anti-choice activist who inspired David Daleiden’s attack on Planned Parenthood , has recently turned much of his attention to arguing that legal abortion is the equivalent of “black genocide.” Crutcher brought his case to VCY America’s “Cross... MORE
10/2/15 @ 11:31am
Last week, we noted that David Barton and Glenn Beck had launched an effort to pressure pastors into speaking out on issues of importance to conservatives by misleadingly citing a survey conducted by Christian pollster George Barna. All three men appeared on Beck's show to promote the poll, clai... MORE
10/2/15 @ 11:08am
Russell Moore, an influential evangelical leader who serves as the head of the Southern Baptist Convention’s political arm, has not been shy about his disapproval of Donald Trump, even as Trump continues to lead polls of Republican-leaning evangelical voters. It turns out that Moore’... MORE