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5/4/15 @ 10:45am
After warning that a Supreme Court decision striking down bans on same-sex marriage could lead to a civil war, Focus on the Family founder James Dobson took to WorldNetDaily yesterday to warn that “barring a miracle, the family that has existed since antiquity will likely crumble, presaging th... MORE
5/4/15 @ 10:44am
In an interview with a West Virginia radio program on Thursday, conservative commentator and American Civil Rights Union senior fellow Robert Knight claimed that President Obama is encouraging undocumented immigrants to vote and “trying to replace the American electorate with illegal aliens wh... MORE
5/4/15 @ 10:38am
Last month, a few radical anti-gay activists held a three-hour press conference prior to oral arguments at the Supreme Court on the issue of marriage equality. Entitled "Crimes against Nature and the Constitution: Cultural Marxism and America's Moral Collapse," the event featured Cliff... MORE
5/4/15 @ 10:35am
National Organization for Marriage President Brian Brown, saying that “the battle to preserve marriage is becoming a global one,” is soliciting contributions from his group’s members to fight a referendum for marriage equality in Ireland. Brown sent an email to NOM supporters on Fr... MORE
5/4/15 @ 10:15am
Sometimes Matt Barber’s anti-gay diatribes are so over the top,  you have to wonder if he’s just trolling for a reaction.  His latest, titled “A Prayer for Marriage,” is a mean-spirited doozy.  Barber slams loving gay couples and parents in the most dismissive... MORE
5/1/15 @ 5:35pm
Jeremy Hooper: Tony Perkins is denying he calls for pro-equality judges to be impeached; he's lying and here's empirical proof. Steve Benen @ The Maddow Blog: Cruz tries to blame Obama for 2008 crash. Zack Ford @ Think Progress: The Chief Justice Voiced An Absurd Argument Against... MORE
5/1/15 @ 5:33pm
MAYDAY! MAYDAY! Anne Graham Lotz is organizing nine days of prayer because "God [is] clearly warning that His judgment is coming on America and on our world, and it’s going to be ugly." Pamela Geller reports that there is no such thing as marital rape in Islam. Phyllis Schlafl... MORE
5/1/15 @ 5:30pm
When President Obama isn’t secretly ordering riots in Baltimore from the Oval Office, he is plotting a military coup through the Jade Helm 15 drill and a bullet ban through the EPA. Quite a week for our “apathetic,” “ lazy” president. MORE
5/1/15 @ 4:35pm
During an appearance today on “The Sam Malone Show,” Rep. Mike Kelly, R-Pa., appeared to blame the recent demonstrations in Baltimore on Big Government, the breakdown of the family in the black community and the failure of parents to instill American values in their children. “This... MORE
5/1/15 @ 4:16pm
Conservative commentator Robert Knight is not optimistic about the Supreme Court’s upcoming decision in a set of marriage equality cases, telling a West Virginia radio program yesterday that “unless God intervenes, the court looks poised to create a brand-new right to gay marriage out of... MORE
5/1/15 @ 3:24pm
Glenn Beck closed out his radio program today by asking his audience to pray for him because every catastrophic thing that he has been warning about for the last several years is now coming true and "I'm entering now the time of my calling" and this is the "time when giants are ma... MORE