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7/7/15 @ 11:08am
Immediately after a white gunman killed nine worshippers at a black church in Charleston, South Carolina, last month, Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America started laying blame on the church’s slain pastor, who was also a state senator, for supporting gun control and not allowing concealed we... MORE
7/7/15 @ 10:50am
In a speech to the New York chapter of his Oath Keepers organization last month, Stewart Rhodes encouraged his group’s members to organize and stock up on food in order to resist the government’s plan to institute martial law after bringing down the country with an economic collapse, a r... MORE
7/7/15 @ 10:15am
In a piece published on BarbWire today, Timothy Buchanan followed up his previous warning that a Supreme Court ruling legalizing gay marriage would lead to civil war with a declaration that the ruling was "far worse than September 11" and can now only lead to God's judgment or all-out... MORE
7/6/15 @ 5:33pm
Rachel Percelay @ Media Matters: Right-Wing Media Invents "Gag Order" For Anti-Gay Oregon Bakers. Warren Throckmorton: Glenn Beck Tells Fellowship Church America is a Covenant Nation Like Israel. Alex Griswold @ Mediaite: Ben Carson on Outrage Over Trump’s Mexican Comments... MORE
7/6/15 @ 5:30pm
It looks like we won't be posting any Glenn Beck videos for awhile since he will be taking the rest of the month off to rest his vocal chords. James Dobson warns of dark days ahead: "Yes, a war on Christians, their leaders and churches, is already underway. It will increasingly invol... MORE
7/6/15 @ 5:10pm
Bob Vander Plaats, the influential Iowa Religious Right activist who spearheaded the effort in 2010 to unseat three state supreme court justices who voted for marriage equality, warned last week that the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling striking down state gay marriage bans will help to pave the wa... MORE
7/6/15 @ 3:55pm
Last week on “The Savage Nation,” Michael Savage compared President Obama to Andreas Lubitz, the German pilot who deliberately crashed a Germanwings flight in France, killing all 150 people on board. Savage lashed out at liberals who don’t realize that Obama is a “drunk psych... MORE
7/6/15 @ 3:27pm
Ben Carson reacted last month to President Obama’s remarks on the shooting at a black church in Charleston by accusing the president of using his bully pulpit to “create wars,” including “race wars,” “a war on women,” “religious wars” and “... MORE
7/6/15 @ 3:22pm
Appearing on Kenneth Copeland's "Believer's Voice of Victory" television program today, David Barton declared that  God opposes retirement because it is "a pagan concept." "Retirement is not a biblical concept," Barton said, putting forth a theory that he a... MORE
7/6/15 @ 2:45pm
While much of Ted Cruz’s interview with Glenn Beck last week focused on the supposed dangers of marriage equality, the two did find time to condemn the “liberal media” and warn of America’s looming downfall. Cruz claimed that while “left-wing reporters” may seem... MORE
7/6/15 @ 2:10pm
In an interview with Glenn Beck last week, Sen. Ted Cruz said that the two recent Supreme Court rulings on the Affordable Care Act and marriage equality are “some of the darkest 24 hours in our nation’s history” because they represent, as Beck put it, “the end of the Constitu... MORE