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4/16/14 @ 2:40pm
Southern Baptist pastor Mark Harris, who is running in a hotly contested GOP primary to take on Democratic North Carolina Sen. Kay Hagan, launched his political career by driving the successful campaign to ban same-sex marriage and civil unions in the state constitution. It should come as no surpri... MORE
4/16/14 @ 1:50pm
Testifying yesterday against Lousiana’s bill to allow its residents to access REAL ID compliant drivers licenses, Eagle Forum spokeswoman Sandy McDade said the gold stars marking REAL ID licenses are like the Star of David badges Jews were forced to wear in Nazi Germany. However, she said that... MORE
4/16/14 @ 1:17pm
Glenn Beck's transformation from a one-time "rodeo clown" into a quasi-prophetic religious leader of a doomsday cult continues to pick up steam, with Beck informing his staff during yesterday's morning meeting that his "longest running, unspoken prophecy" is now beginning... MORE
4/16/14 @ 1:10pm
Before the 2012 election, many conservative pundits, including Ken Blackwell of the Family Research Council, predicted that African American voters would turn on President Obama because of his support for marriage equality and either refuse to vote for the president or back Mitt Romney. Of course, t... MORE
4/16/14 @ 12:30pm
While filling in for Washington Watch host Tony Perkins on Tuesday, Southern Baptist Convention official Richard Land and guest Donna Rice Hughes of the anti-pornography group Enough Is Enough agreed that sexual abuse causes homosexuality. Land, lifting from the anti-gay myth that gay adults abuse c... MORE
4/16/14 @ 12:15pm
BarbWire senior editor Jeff Allen was left seething at the news that President Obama invited gay Episcopal bishop Gene Robinson to speak at his Easter prayer service, writing yesterday in a column entitled “Blasphemy: Obama Picks ‘Gay’ Bishop For Easter Prayer” that “th... MORE
4/16/14 @ 11:40am
Conservative pundit Erik Rush is linking President Obama to the shooting rampage of a former Ku Klux Klan grand dragon directed at two Jewish organizations outside of Kansas City that left three people dead. On his radio show Tuesday, Rush accused the Obama administration and the media of promoting... MORE
4/16/14 @ 11:31am
The anti-immigrant group Californians For Population Stabilization (CAPS) is trying to appeal to California environmentalists with an ad hooked to Earth Day. CAPS, which has ties to the anti-immigrant network founded by white nationalist John Tanton, is the leader in the ongoing effort to recr... MORE
4/16/14 @ 11:00am
Linda Harvey, who dedicates nearly every single one of her radio bulletins to attacking gay people and gay rights, now says that she is sick and tired of hearing about gay rights. Last Friday, Harvey marked the Day of Silence by charging that “enough is enough” and she can’t stand... MORE
4/16/14 @ 10:44am
Graham County Sheriff Richard Mack – Arizona’s second most notorious birther sheriff –of course traveled to Nevada this week to join rancher Cliven Bundy’s armed standoff with the Bureau of Land Management . In an interview with Iowa talk show host Steve Deace on Monday, Ma... MORE
4/16/14 @ 10:23am
On yesterday's radio broadcast, Bryan Fischer read from a recent Wall Street Journal article reporting that the top 1% of Americans account for nearly 30% of all federal tax revenue. To Fischer, that means that the poor and middle class families in this country "ought to be kissing the grou... MORE