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10/1/14 @ 12:00pm
Pat Robertson is outraged that the district attorney investigating the beheading of a woman in Oklahoma said that the perpetrator may have been motivated by racial animosity rather than religious extremism, finding that the assailant was seeking revenge on former coworkers whom he believed got him f... MORE
10/1/14 @ 11:23am
GOP congressional candidate Jody Hice of Georgia took to his radio program this week to attack President Obama for “giving the appearance of a willingness to defend religious liberties” in the Middle East merely for “political advantage,” while “fighting against religio... MORE
10/1/14 @ 11:18am
Last month, Kevin Sorbo was making the rounds promoting the DVD release of his film "God's Not Dead" when he set off a bit of controversy by declaring that the Jews were responsible for killing Jesus. Sorbo was discussing Jewish concerns that Mel Gibson's "Passion of the Chris... MORE
10/1/14 @ 11:00am
BarbWire content editor Gina Miller is angry that James Foley’s family asked anti-Muslim activist Pamela Geller to pull advertisements in New York that featured images of Foley’s execution, writing that Foley’s family are “the ones who are blasting her ads as they slavishly b... MORE
10/1/14 @ 10:14am
In a post on Concerned Women for America’s legal blog after Attorney General Eric Holder announced he would resign last week, CWA legal counsel Mario Diaz wrote that Holder would “not be missed” because of what he did to “raise the bitterness, malcontent, and rancor” of... MORE
10/1/14 @ 10:01am
The inclusion of anti-gay activist Scott Lively as an independent in Massachusetts’ gubernatorial race has certainly made things more interesting. For instance, the website iBerkshires reports on an exchange following Monday’s gubernatorial debate, in which Lively had said that “se... MORE
9/30/14 @ 5:32pm
Jodi Jacobson @ RH Reality Check: National Review Writer Calls for Hanging Women Who Have Abortions. Luke Brinker @ Salon: Alex Jones: Obama will unleash ISIS terrorists on U.S. so he can confiscate our guns! Jeremy Hooper: FRC senior staffer: 'Ex-Gays: The Best Kept Secret in Your Ch... MORE
9/30/14 @ 5:30pm
Mark Creech calls upon GOP presidential hopefuls to "Kiss The Son," by which he means they are to "welcome Christ, to honor him, to love him, to be unashamed of him and his sovereignty over all things" in their run for office. Charles Dunn thinks Ted Cruz ought to sit out... MORE
9/30/14 @ 3:55pm
Right-wing talk show host Steve Deace thinks he knows who Republicans should start listening to and imitating: Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder. Writing yesterday in the Washington Times, Deace argued that while “the lamestream media” tried to use Michael Sam’s decision to come... MORE
9/30/14 @ 3:00pm
Pat Robertson’s “The 700 Club” regularly features a segment called “Answers to Prayer,” in which a viewer who claims to have been healed by Robertson or one of his co-hosts shares his or her story. Today, one viewer claimed that Robertson’s word healed her of a ba... MORE
9/30/14 @ 2:35pm
Family Research Council President Tony Perkins has repeatedly attempted to link the actual persecution of Christians in places like Iraq and Sudan to the supposed persecution of Christians in America as a result of gay rights and Obama administration policies. Yesterday on “Washingto... MORE