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7/22/14 @ 2:53pm
There’s a reason so many Republican politicians seem to bring a religious fervor to their efforts to gut public institutions and social welfare spending. The modern day Religious Right draws much of its ideology from Christian Reconstructionists who teach that God gave specific duties to the g... MORE
7/22/14 @ 5:34pm
Timothy Johnson @ Media Matters: Idaho American Indian Tribe That Cancelled Nugent Concert Will Miss Out On His Vile Commentary. Jim Redmond @ Towleroad: Anti-Gay Activist John Stemberger Says Fight Against Same-Sex Marriage Is 'Worth Dying For.' David Neiwert @ Hatewatch: Jim Gil... MORE
7/22/14 @ 5:31pm
Wayne Allyn Root teases that "I’m not promising it yet or officially declaring, but I’m thinking really seriously about running against Harry Reid for the United States senate in 2016." The organization Christians in Defense of Israel has now become a part of Liberty Cou... MORE
7/22/14 @ 5:05pm
Richard Land, the former head of the Southern Baptist Convention’s policy arm, is sick and tired of liberal public school propaganda about slavery in colonial America and the early United States. Subbing for Family Research Council president Tony Perkins on yesterday’s “Washington... MORE
7/22/14 @ 4:54pm
Kris Kobach is the brains behind some of the most notorious voter suppression and anti-immigrant measures in the country. He also has a day job as the secretary of state of Kansas. That’s why we’ve been closely following Kobach’s attempts to implement one of the nation’s st... MORE
7/22/14 @ 2:25pm
Conservative activist Dinesh D’Souza insists that he is the victim of persecution by a left-wing conspiracy emanating from the White House which directed Costco, the New York Times and Google to discriminate against his latest anti-Obama movie and companion book, “America: Imagine the Wo... MORE
7/22/14 @ 1:52pm
A new anti-choice organization meant to be an even more extreme version of the National Right to Life Committee has picked its first president — and they chose someone who embodies the growing schism within the anti-choice movement. The National Personhood Alliance, which was formed last mon... MORE
7/22/14 @ 1:31pm
On his "Pray In Jesus Name" program yesterday, Gordon Klingenschmitt discussed a lawsuit filed against Hobby Lobby by a transgender female employee who claims that she was denied access to the women's restroom facilities. Klingenschmitt, of course, was not at all sympathetic, citing De... MORE
7/22/14 @ 1:20pm
Yesterday, anti-immigrant activist William Gheen explained the abysmal turnout at a string of anti-immigrant rallies that took place over the weekend by alleging that the “liberal media” promoted violence against opponents of immigration reform. In an appearance on former congressman Ern... MORE
7/22/14 @ 12:41pm
Eagle Forum’s Virginia Armstrong, the head of the group’s Court Watch Project, today makes the novel argument that the U.S. Constitution doesn’t protect the rights of LGBT people but in fact requires the government to fight “homosexual conduct” in “every legitimat... MORE
7/22/14 @ 12:35pm
Flip Benham’s group Operation Save America disrupted the services of the First Unitarian Universalist Church of New Orleans on Sunday while the congregation was honoring a member who had died. The organization framed their action as simply an effort to “present the truth of the Gospel in... MORE