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7/1/15 @ 1:40pm
The right-wing response to the Supreme Court’s marriage equality decision has been, quite literally, apocalyptic. It’s only been five days since the court issued its ruling, but conservative pundits have already predicted that gay marriage will ultimately be responsible for natural disas... MORE
7/1/15 @ 1:25pm
On Sunday, Fox News pundit Todd Starnes addressed the First Baptist Church of Texarkana with his usual shtick about the supposed anti-Christian persecution in America, but this time added in a few more battle cries as he called on churches to resist gay marriage. Starnes kicked off his speech by rep... MORE
7/1/15 @ 1:10pm
Yesterday, the group Sanctity of Marriage Alabama organized a press conference in Montgomery to protest the Supreme Court’s marriage equality decision, which devolved into an unhinged anti-gay rally. The event featured a number of activists and public officials, including state Public Service... MORE
7/1/15 @ 12:00pm
On Monday, Houston-based radio show host Sam Malone criticized the Supreme Court’s ruling on marriage equality, lambasting the court along with the “extremists of the gay agenda.” These activists, he said, “are anti-tolerance and not one of them has come out to say respect th... MORE
7/1/15 @ 11:48am
On yesterday's "Hagee Hotline," Pastor John Hagee declared that the Supreme Court decision striking down gay marriage bans "has made America the new Sodom and Gomorrah" which must now face the judgment of God. "The Supreme Court in Washington has handed down its decision... MORE
7/1/15 @ 10:11am
Tom DeLay appeared on Newsmax TV yesterday, where he told host Steve Malzberg that, just as he had predicted, all Hell is now breaking loose because of the Supreme Court ruling striking down gay marriage bans. Things are now so out of control, DeLay said, that he even knows about a "secret memo... MORE
6/30/15 @ 5:37pm
Bethania Palma Markus @ Raw Story: Rand Paul overlooks Cliven Bundy’s racism to pander to the far right. Tom Balmforth @ Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty: Russia Doesn't Quite Know How To React To U.S. 'Gayification' Movement. Eric Hananoki @ Media Matters: Sorry, Dred Sc... MORE
6/30/15 @ 5:31pm
Glenn Beck says that over the last 10 days, America has been slapping God in the face like he has never seen before. Mychal Massie has nothing against the Confederate flag because "the Confederate flag has never called me a nigger, but white liberals have." Julio Severo warns th... MORE
6/30/15 @ 5:30pm
The head of Alabama’s court system, an employee of notoriously anti-gay Chief Justice Roy Moore, has sent a letter to Gov. Robert Bentley and other state elected officials urging them to defy the Supreme Court’s marriage equality ruling or else “become complicit in the takeover by... MORE
6/30/15 @ 4:57pm
Far-right pundit Ann Coulter joined Eric Metaxas on his radio show last Friday to discuss her new anti-immigrant book, “Adios, America! The Left’s Plan to Turn Our Country into a Third World Hellhole.”   Metaxas tied anti-immigrant politics to the idea of American exceptionali... MORE
6/30/15 @ 4:40pm
Mike Huckabee, like other Republicans, has turned supposed threats to the religious liberty of conservative Christians into a major theme of his presidential campaign, claiming that the U.S. is “moving rapidly towards the criminalization of Christianity.” Huckabee blames this non-existen... MORE