William Koenig: Midwest Floods Were God’s Punishment for Kushner’s Middle East Peace Efforts

End Times author William Koenig was the guest on Jan Markell’s “Understanding The Times” radio program last weekend, where he asserted that the floods that inundated the Midwestern U.S. this spring were a warning from God to the Trump administration not to pursue a Mideast peace deal that would require Israel to make any concessions.

Koening, who specializes in chronicling the ways in which God allegedly sends natural disasters to America as punishment for failing to stand with Israel, told Markell that he (like other Religious Right activists) has been able to preach this message to high-level members of the Trump administration, thanks to his close ties to former Rep. Michele Bachmann.

Markell was a little confused about why God would send such devastating floods to America, given that President Trump is regularly hailed by conservative Christians for his staunch support for Israel, and asked Koening to explain what was going on.

“I’ve noticed in my studies and history of documenting all these events, when we’ve had Midwestern floods, that’s been the period of the most active effort in the peace process,” Koening responded. “There’s been five different summers over the last 27 years that there has been massive flooding and at the very time, our White House administrations were very active in the peace process.”

“This last month, the month of May, had 500 tornadoes, record floods, record storms, and [Jared] Kusher was very active,” Koening continued. “He was in Jerusalem, he was in Brussels, he was having meetings with Middle East leaders in preparation for the January 25-26 conference in Bahrain. So his whole month of May was very active … and all of this was taking place in the heartland of America as the heartland of Israel was being discussed.”