William Koenig: Hurricane Maria Was A Warning From God Not To Divide Israel

On his program today, End Times prepper televangelist Jim Bakker interviewed William Koenig of World Watch Daily, who claimed that Hurricane Maria, which devastated Puerto Rico last year, was a warning from God to the Trump administration not to pursue any Middle East peace deal that requires Israel to give up any land or share Jerusalem.

After repeating his claim that Hurricanes Harvey and Irma were similar warnings from God about dividing Israel, Koenig declared that the devastation wrought by Hurricane Maria was caused by President Trump meeting with Arab leaders at the White House.

“President Trump was meeting with President Abbas, King Abdullah from Jordan, and the president of Egypt, El-Sisi, that very day that Hurricane Maria came on to Puerto Rico,” he said. “I might add that 48 hours before that, President Trump was meeting with Netanyahu and Maria went from a Category 1 to a Category 5 in the same day, which is unprecedented.”

“God says, ‘Don’t touch my anointed, don’t touch my country, don’t touch my land, don’t divide my land,'” Bakker responded. “God is alive, God is real, God hasn’t changed.”

Later in the program, Koenig said that an earthquake in the Gulf of Alaska in January that resulted in a tsunami warning being issued was due to Vice President Mike Pence pledging to work to achieve a peace deal in the Middle East.

“On the 23rd, he was meeting with the president of Israel,” Koenig said, “and he committed the Trump administration and President Trump to moving forward with a peace plan and within 25 minutes, a 7.9 earthquake fell within the Gulf of Alaska and sent tsunami warnings up the west coast. Within 25 minutes of Vice President Pence committing the United States to a peace plan in Israel, a 7.9 earthquake happened in the Gulf of Alaska.”

“No matter how friendly this administration is to Israel and how supportive they are to Israel and its security,” he added, “that land … is God’s covenant land and no earthly leader has the right to partition, divide, or split the city of Jerusalem. And if [they try], there are consequences.”

Last month, Koenig said in a radio interview that he had “worked really, really hard behind the scenes,” along with former Rep. Michele Bachmann, to try to convince Trump to abandon Mideast peace talks.