Michele Bachmann: God Will Deny Trump a Second Term if He Pressures Israel

Former Minnesota congresswoman and current Religious Right “pastor to the United Nations” Michele Bachmann was a guest on Jan Markell’s “Understanding The Times” radio program again this week, where she revealed that she has been in close contact with multiple senior members of the Trump administration to warn them that if the president endorses a Middle East peace plan that places any pressure on Israel to give up land or make concessions in any way, God will deny him a second term in office.

“The Bible is clear,” she said. “If anyone touches the boundaries of Israel, if anyone touches the land or seeks to divide the land, or if anyone touches Jerusalem or divides Jerusalem, that person or that nation also will be divided. There will be negative consequences … The scripture is very clear: If you divide the land or you put pressure on Israel to divide the people from the land or if you touch Jerusalem, there will be negative consequences. So if President Trump were to reveal a Middle East peace plan that divides the people from the land or pressures Israel or touches Jerusalem, I believe that that action could be sufficient to deny him a second term. It is that serious and that profound.”

Bachmann said that recently “God opened a door of opportunity” for her to “be able to speak directly, one on one, with the highest leaders in our country on this particular issue,” and that she used the meeting to hand out copies of the book, “Eye to Eye: Facing the Consequences of Dividing Israel,” by William Koenig, an End Times author who asserts that God inevitably sends natural disasters to America as punishment for failing to stand with Israel.

“I laid the scripture out and I made it very clear I’m not speaking politically, I’m speaking biblically,” she said. “God will be the one who protects the people, and the land, and the capital of Jerusalem and there are only downsides, negative sides to touching it.”

Bachmann claimed that everyone who attended the meeting “unanimously” agreed with her, and then revealed that she also had a personal, hour-long meeting “with an individual who has direct, continual contact with the president of the United States,” and that she invited Koenig to attend so that he could drive home the message of his book. Bachmann said that Koenig wrote “a two-page executive summary” of his book, which was handed over during this meeting so that it could be presented to “the decision-makers” in the Trump administration.

Bachmann also revealed that she had yet another discussion with “an individual that the president of the United States talks to on an almost continual basis,” during which she once again drove home this message, and was subsequently told by this person that her warning had been presented directly to the president.

Bachmann then asked Markell’s radio audience to pray “that the Lord would speak through the power of his Holy Spirit to the heart and mind of the president of the United States” and convince him to, ideally, not even present any sort of Middle East peace plan, or at least “to present one that would in no way pressure the Jewish people to separate from the land or from Jerusalem.”