Wayne Allyn Root Blames Deaths In Tesla Crash On Environmentalism

Two Florida high school students were killed earlier this week when the Tesla they were in crashed and caught fire. Investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board think that speed may have been a factor in the crash, but right-wing commentator Wayne Allyn Root thinks that something else may be to blame: environmentalism.

On his radio program yesterday, Root lamented that “two great-looking young men” with rich parents who were “probably dating beautiful girls” lost their lives because “they fell for that crap,” by which he meant the belief that electric cars may help fight climate change.

“I don’t trust Teslas,” he said. “I don’t trust electric batteries and I don’t think we need electric batteries. It’s all nonsense.”

After claiming that people who don’t believe in climate change “actually are much better for the environment than people who are radical, pro-climate-change believers,” Root said that this accident is precisely why he has “no interest in an electric car.”

“Those kids are dead and one of the reasons they might be dead is because they fell for that crap,” he said. “They fell for the lies and the B.S. of the liberal media and the environmentalists.”