Wayne Allyn Root: ‘There’s No Difference In When You Call Someone Old Versus When You Call Someone The N-Word’

Earlier this week, right-wing commentator, conspiracy theorist and Donald Trumpobsessed sycophant Wayne Allyn Root boasted on his radio program that “if you put me in a cage with a real liberal, I will beat the living daylights out of them. They’ll have broken ribs and a black eye.”

Despite his tough talk, Root spent a good portion of his radio program yesterday complaining that vulgar liberals were being mean to him on Twitter, at one point saying that calling him “old” is no different than calling a black person the N-word.

Root said that he has been the target of “the most disgusting, low down, revolting profanity-laced, filthy, wash your mouth out with soap gutter language you ever heard from liberals” on Twitter. He was particularly upset by the fact that “every single young liberal in the world, every single one of them [was] calling me ‘old man,'” despite the fact that he is only 55 years old.

“There’s no difference in when you call someone ‘old’ versus when you call someone the N-word,” Root said. “There’s no difference. It’s a lack of respect. It’s filthy. It’s disgusting.”

Root said he was shocked by the racism of the “millions and millions of Hillary voters, Bernie voters, Obama voters, liberals in general, young liberals who think anyone over the age of 30 should be called an old effin’ white man.”

“Every young liberal in this country, from what I’ve seen answering me, needs a bar of soap to wash their filthy little mouths out and maybe a mother with some class who would have taught them something about how you speak to somebody,” he stated.

Later in the broadcast, Root blasted NBA star LeBron James for saying that “being black in America is tough” after racist graffiti was sprayed on his home. While denouncing the vandalism and the “idiot” who did it, Root insisted that James’ statement is “ridiculous” and that people should laugh in his face “when you say stupid things like that.”

“It’s not tough being black in America,” Root insisted. “It’s what you make of it. Obviously, you’ve done pretty good in America, haven’t you?”

“There’s a lot of anti-white racism coming from black Americans and also from liberal white college students,” he continued. “They seem to hate every white person. And by the way, LeBron, do you want to come to my home and do you want to see my Twitter account and do you want to see the comments coming from both black and white Americans saying ‘you old white mother effer’? Is that racist? I think so!”

“I think most white people treat you really, really well, LeBron,” Root said. “I don’t think white people have been bad to you at all … Black Americans who are liberals who are sending me tweets saying their going to beat me up in a ring because I’m an old white mother effer, is that racism? You’re damn right it is. It happens every day. It goes both ways, my friend. But I wish they were more racist to me and, in return, I could have the $21 million mansion and the $60 million a year income. I think America has been damn good to you, LeBron James and white Americans have been damn good to you.”