Wayne Allyn Root: Liberals ‘Bear Some Responsibility’ For The Death Of Eric Bolling’s Son

Last Friday, it was announced that Fox News had fired host Eric Bolling amid allegations that he had sent unsolicited sexual messages to multiple female colleagues.

Later that day, the news broke that Bolling’s 19-year-old son had suddenly and unexpectedly died. Although the cause of death is currently unknown, that has not stopped right-wing commentator Wayne Allyn Root from declaring that liberals are to blame.

“Liberals are trying to destroy us, they think this is a bloodsport” Root said on his radio program yesterday. “Eric Bolling literally was fired from Fox News on Friday and just a couple of hours later, his only child was dead and it looks like it was suicide or something related to the emotional embarrassment and disturbance of your dad being embroiled in sexual harassment charges. What a terrible thing. Did liberals hound him, do they bear some responsibility? You’re darn right they do!”

“It led to the death of this man’s beautiful son,” he said, asserting that Fox News fired Bolling because the network is “running scared” and terrified of more sexual harassment lawsuits.

Root fumed that Fox fired Bolling “just like that, and now his son is dead. Well, you tell me who’s responsible, okay. Certainly liberals bear some responsibility.