Lance Wallnau: Mueller Report Proves My Prophetic Gifts

Last year, Trump-loving evangelical leader Lance Wallnau repeatedly prophesied that “the entire deep state intrigue” against President Trump would be exposed by June 6, 2018.

Relying on a passage from the Book of Esther in which King Ahasuerus ordered Mordecai to issue a decree in the king’s name giving the Jews the right to destroy the forces that had been assembled by Haman to attack them, Wallnau spent May and June of last year predicting that the same thing was soon going to happen to Trump’s enemies.

When it didn’t, Wallnau insisted that his prophecy had actually come true but that the proof was “being suppressed,” claiming that a report from Department of Justice inspector general that had just been released at the time had “vindicated” him:

I’m still going to be vindicated in that. I’m convinced that when the [Inspector] General reports and the special investigation papers are released, you will see that it was the sixth and it was the ninth, it was those dates in which there was editing being done—everybody right now is editing and editing and editing, trying to water down the document, but the document has already been released. It’s going to come out.

It didn’t, but Wallnau is continuing to unjustifiably claim vindication for his false prophecy, declaring in a video he posted on Facebook last night that the delivery to the Justice Department of the special counsel report on Russian interference in the 2106 election proves that he has a prophetic gift.

The feast of Purim, which is the Jewish celebration of Haman’s defeat and the story upon which Wallnau based his initial prophecy, took place last week and Wallnau sees that as confirmation of his prophecy.

“I was so mocked by moronic Right Wing Watch people because I had said a year ago that when we hit the third month of Sivan on the third and twentieth day, I began to pray that God was going to reverse the curse that was working against Donald Trump,” Wallnau said. “This week, it comes to pass. It’s being reversed.”

“We’ve been accurate so far,” he added. “From the beginning, you and I have been accurate on this and we do have the prophetic perspective. Nobody else does.”