Trump’s Lawyers Claim Proof of Massive Fraud; Prophets Declare ‘Red Sea’ Moment for God to Give Trump Victory

Author and radio host Eric Metaxas (Image from Facebook video of Nov. 15, 2020 prayer call for "election integrity.")

It was not a good weekend for anyone hoping that President Donald Trump and his allies might soon concede that Joe Biden won the presidential election.

In addition to Saturday’s far-right “Stop the Steal” rally and a much smaller “Walk Away” gathering on Sunday, Trump’s lawyers made the rounds on right-wing media claiming that they had irrefutable proof that the presidential election was stolen by nefarious computer software designed for that purpose. On Sunday night, thousands of Trump supporters heard from a succession of “prophets”—joined by Sen. James Lankford and pundit Eric Metaxas—who decreed that the exposure of this demonic corruption would be so explosive that it would be a sign of divine intervention like God parting the Red Sea for Israelites fleeing Egypt’s armies, and that it would ensure that the U.S. Supreme Court would abide by the ruling of the Courts of Heaven and keep Trump in the White House for a second term.

Members of Trump’s legal team, including Rudy GiulianiSidney Powell, and Jenna Ellis fanned out to push Trump’s unfounded claims that he won the election and it was stolen from him. They pushed a conspiracy theory involving Dominion software, which has already been debunked by the New York Times and Fox News. As Mediaite noted, Powell even insinuated that the CIA was involved.

As Right Wing Watch has reported, Trump’s religious-right supporters have been actively promoting his claims about the election being stolen from him, and many have continued to insist that God will yet intervene to keep Trump in the presidency for four more years.

On Sunday night, anti-LGBTQ activist Jim Garlow hosted a prayer call ostensibly to pray on behalf of “election integrity”—his sixth since the election and one of dozens being held by a variety of leaders and ministries, including White House aide Paula White. During the call, Garlow showed a four-minute clip from Saturday’s march compiled by LifeSite news that included participants talking about putting Biden in jail and telling Trump not to concede “under any circumstances” and to “fight this to the death if you have to.”

Garlow opened the call and turned it over to religious right activist Mario Bramnick, who noted that Dec. 14, the day that electors will vote to certify the results of the election, comes during Hannukah. “We decree and declare that the hammer of God would come to expose what Satan’s dominion is trying to take over,” Bramnick said. “Satan’s hammer is no match for the Maccabee of God, for the hammer of God. And I decree by December 14, we will be victorious exposing the fraud and that President Trump will be declared our president for another four more years.”

Lankford said, “ultimately, at the end of the day, God is the one who raises up and he is the one who puts down.” He prayed:

Over and over again in scripture, your people called out and said, ‘God, may the unjust be shown to be unjust.’ You called out through the Old Testament over and over again for equal weights and that you hated unequal weights and measures where some people were measured one way, and other people were measured another. So God, I pray that you would bring in this election  equal weights and measures and that anywhere where it is unequal it would be exposed in the light, and that we’d call it out and to be able to see it for what it is.

Garlow said he’d hoped to have Ellis on the call, but since that didn’t work out he turned to Metaxas, who interviewed Ellis twice over the weekend. Metaxas said that the “evidence” that Powell and Ellis have is “so explosive that I believe that we all need to be praising God that the election went this way.”

Metaxas continued:

In other words, what is going to be exposed is so extraordinary, that it is far more powerful than if Trump had simply won. I can’t really overstate that, Jim. In other words, God has arranged this.

And when you talk to people who are in on this, like Jenna Ellis, and to some extent, Sidney Powell, you realize that they have seen the evidence. And I think that God is using them to encourage us and to say that anytime anybody thinks, “Well, we don’t know how it’s going to go,” I think you need to say “No.” There’s a level of injustice that has been done here. To steal votes to try to undermine our democracy is something so foul, so offensive, that’s going to harm human beings around the world, that we need to be angry.

And we need to say that we don’t care what it takes, we will pray till our knees bleed, we will pray and pray and pray because the Lord is calling us to pray, because he wants to do something.

Jenna is right in with the president. She spoke to him five times today. They know, they know that there was fraud, and they have the evidence, and the church needs to not just have patience and wait, but while we’re waiting to really pray. This is a spiritual battle—you all know this—unlike anything we’ve ever faced.

Sidney Powell said, this is going to be like a new American Revolution. The stuff that’s going to come out, it’s going to be staggering. This is something that God is doing—that God has done. He has set things up to do this. And I feel like we’re against the Red Sea. And we need to praise God. He is going to part the Red Sea. He’s going to destroy Pharaoh’s army. We need to praise him and know that now. And the people that I’ve talked to, even just in the natural, they know they have the goods.

There’s nobody more sober minded than Sidney Powell. She’s the lawyer for General Flynn—utterly brilliant, sober minded. She said some things on the Lou Dobbs program, and in other places that—she’s not just a talker, this is a woman who know. She has seen the evidence.

The nutshell version is that the Dominion stuff was designed for voter fraud. It’s not that it was used to defraud us in this election. It was specifically designed originally, so that it could be used for voter fraud in Venezuela, and I believe she said in Cuba. And the point is that this is something that when it’s exposed, we’re going to be looking at a different landscape. It’s not just going to be that Trump will be president. It’s going to be a different landscape. So, I want to say that to encourage people. We’ve got to praise God for what he is doing. We’ve got to praise God and don’t let anyone say, “Well, who knows?” We cannot let this stand. The prayers of God will be answered. We’ve got to storm heaven because this cannot stand.

Bramnick introduced Robert Henderson, who claimed earlier this year that God had made him Trump’s “spiritual running mate” and who prayed on election night that God would dispatch an army of angels to prevent Democrats from stealing the election in Pennsylvania and Michigan. He said in October that Trump was chosen by God and therefore “should never be criticized” by Christians.

Henderson said that Christians need to plead Trump’s case in “the court of Heaven” to get a ruling that will sway the U.S. Supreme Court to reseat Trump as president, which “we all know is the intention of God.”

Next up was Becca Greenwood, who talked about a vision she had in 2019 that covered the five-year period through 2024, which she said would bring “historic exposures” of corruption. It will look like “complete chaos,” she said, but it will be a sign that God is cleansing the nation and that “the demonic grip of the enemy, of corruption, antichrist elite structure, would let go of this nation.”

The call continued for about two hours, with additional speakers from around the world making similar assertions and decrees for God to ensure Trump’s reelection. Abby Abildness talked about “Jericho marches” taking place in Pennsylvania. She prayed that God would “bind everything that is in opposition to the holy governance of the Lord God Almighty, and you would loose this new era of a nation and nations founded on righteousness and justice.” She added a prayer the God would “establish justice at the gates of the Supreme Court of the United States.”

Garlow’s wife Rosemary prayed that God’s coming action in the election would be so “mighty” that it will spark a spiritual revival:

He says, “I’m coming out of Heaven, and I’m stepping on the on the land of your nation.” And even though the demoniacs come and react to my appearance, there is going to be such a mighty deliverance in the United States of America and in the government, that when the Lord appears the fear of the Lord is going to strike the nation in such a way that the eyes of multitudes will be open.

And though they were raging—we have seen these people in person in DC, in a total demonic rage out of their mind—there is going to be a massive deliverance of multitudes of people, and their nakedness will be covered, there’ll be clothed in salvation, and they will come and be the greatest evangelists in our country and for the next revival, as God is now birthing this great End Time move of God. The Lord says, “Just watch me. I’m stepping into your nation.  I am coming with deliverance. Do not be afraid. Do not be timid. Have faith. I calm the storm, and I am coming to deliver you from evil.”

And now, Father, we as your body, we submit ourselves to fulfill your word to see and have faith that what you did will come to our nation. We will have this deliverance. We will have this breakthrough. You will take hold of these demonic spirits and cast them out of the premises of our country. And we will rejoice not only to receive our rightful president and have the evil exposed, but we rejoice even more for the precious people made in your image, who are going to come to know you, because of this time and because of these prayers and because of this experience.

Among the prayer leaders from outside the U.S. was Jack Van der Tang from the Netherlands, who described an experience he had in 2017 in which God told him that he had chosen Trump. Van der Tang asked God for forgiveness for his country for having recognized Biden as president-elect.