George Pearsons Reports That God Is ‘Not Happy’ With What Is Happening to Trump in the Election

During the Victory Channel’s election coverage Wednesday, right-wing pastor George Pearsons reported that God is “not happy” about what is happening to President Donald Trump in the election and the ongoing voting counting efforts.

Pearsons, the son-in-law of televangelist Kenneth Copeland and senior pastor at Copeland’s Eagle Mountain International Church in Texas, was broadcasting on Copeland’s network when he suddenly received a word from God about the election.

“I’m not happy,” Pearsons proclaimed, speaking on behalf of God. “I’m not happy with what you’re doing to my nation, and I’m not happy about what you’re doing to my man—now he’s speaking about Mr. Trump right there. He has yielded to me. He’s endeavored to follow my word. And I am not happy with this that is going on right now.”

Pearsons then declared that he had seen God angrily roll up his sleeves and declare, “Watch me work.”

“This is a word from the Lord, and he’s not happy with what’s going on,” Pearsons continued. “He’s not happy with some of these things that have been decided, and he’s not happy with the opposite direction that he wants to go where abortion is concerned, where the Supreme Court is concerned, where religious liberty is concerned, where Israel is concerned. And he’s saying, ‘Watch me work.'”

“Lord, we’re gonna see you work,” Pearsons then began to prophesy. “We’re gonna see you work in the midst of this. And we invoke the name of Jesus and take authority over the powers and the principalities and the spirit of communism that is trying to infiltrate, overtake, and attack this nation right now. You bow your knee to the name of the Lord Jesus! You hear the voice of the Lord through this man of God. You have no authority in this. Watch me work.”