Mark Taylor Says That to Oppose Trump Is to Oppose ‘God Himself’

Radical QAnon conspiracy theorist and so-called “firefighter prophet” Mark Taylor appeared on the “Truth Unveiled” YouTube program Wednesday, where he declared that to oppose President Donald Trump is to oppose “God himself.”

“Whether you like Trump, dislike him, love him, or you don’t love him, he’s there and anointed and appointed by God, whether you like it or not,” Taylor said. “God appoints kings, and he removes them. So, your fight is not with Donald Trump, your fight is with God himself, because this man is literally God’s handpicked chosen person.”

Taylor asserted that Trump is a man whom “God has groomed from day one, born for such a time as this to come in here and straighten this mess out,” adding that those who oppose him have a “pharisaical spirit” just like those who put Jesus to death.

“[People say,] ‘I don’t like the way he cusses and talks,'” Taylor said. “There’s the Pharisees again. Let me warn people if you’re operating in the religious spirit because religious spirits are very strong right now: Those are the same spirits that killed Jesus. Those are the same spirits that couldn’t recognize who the Savior was. It’s the same spirit why you can’t recognize who God chose as the president.”