The Daily Caller Features Neo-Nazi Podcast Host in Video Mashup

Tucker Carlson speaking with attendees at the 2018 Student Action Summit hosted by Turning Point USA at the Palm Beach County Convention Center in West Palm Beach, Florida. (Photo: Gage Skidmore / Flickr Commons)

Conservative news site The Daily Caller, founded by Fox News Channel host Tucker Carlson, created and uploaded a video that featured multiple lines recited on camera by the masked host of the neo-Nazi podcast “Goy Talk.” White supremacists on the podcast have, among other things, promoted the neo-Nazi writings of James Mason, advocated for launching nuclear strikes against Israel, and debated the best way to start a race war in America.

In the “Have You Heard Of The MAGA Challenge?” video, which was uploaded to The Daily Caller’s “TheDC Shorts” YouTube channel on Nov. 11, multiple clips of Trump supporters rapping along to the #MAGAChallenge are assembled in a three-minute compilation. (The challenge asks Trump voters to film themselves rapping about their support for Trump.) Approximately two minutes into The Daily Caller video, the masked podcaster recites the following lines:

I’m tuning into CNN,
To see what they say next,
They call me homophobic,
But I love gay sex,
They call me racist,
But my wife’s son’s black,
Drag queens show me love,
I show them love back

And I don’t get it,
They call me anti-Semitic,
But I love Jews,
Honestly no one’s above Jews,
Israel’s the greatest ally our country could ever have

That neo-Nazi host is also featured in the preview image for social media and Google search results for the article accompanying the mashup video on Daily Caller’s website.

(Screenshot / Google Search: “MAGA Challenge” on Nov. 11, 2019)

The apparent source of the clip was a video uploaded to YouTube on Sept. 18, 2019, with the title: “#MagaChallenge SUBSCRIBE TO GOY TALK.” It was also uploaded on the “Goy Talk” podcast’s Twitter account on Nov. 8 with the #MAGAChallenge hashtag. In the 15 seconds immediately following what was included in the compilation uploaded by Daily Caller, the podcaster continues rapping lines meant to satirize conservatives’ support for Israel, and he alludes to the “Great Replacement” conspiracy theory popular in white supremacist circles:

And I’d gladly die for [Israel],
Put me in a body bag,
Give them all our money,
11 million a day?
Man, that’s not enough,
We need to triple the pay,
And the last thing I’ma say before I go away,
Is I don’t mind being replaced,
As long as it’s legally

The Twitter account for “Goy Talk” celebrated the co-host’s inclusion in The Daily Caller’s video in a tweet last night.

We contacted The Daily Caller via email and forwarded our request for comment directly to Daily Caller senior video editor Richie McGinniiss. We received a reply from the editor-in-chief of The Daily Caller, Geoffrey Ingersoll, who asked: “What’s the story exactly, Jared?” We reiterated our prior request for comment and Ingersoll wrote back:

So the premise of your story is that the Daily Caller is amplifying white nationalism because of a random 15 second clip in a three minute mish mash we did to highlight an annoying viral video trend?

Slap yourself.

The Daily Caller has repeatedly had to trim its staff of racists, anti-Semites, and bigots. Most recently, it was revealed that former Daily Caller reporter Jonah Bennett participated in a white nationalist group chat and sought to use his position at the website “to launder far-right viewpoints into an ostensibly mainstream publication,” according to Splinter.

A minimal amount of inquiry should have made the video’s sourcing apparent. Check Your Fact, a subsidiary of The Daily Caller, is relied on by Facebook for vetting misinformation on its platform.