The Daily Caller Promoted A Neo-Nazi Troll

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Conservative news site The Daily Caller promoted a white nationalist yesterday, celebrating his accosting of a “fake news” journalists while identifying him only as an “internet troll” and omitting his well-documented history of peddling neo-Nazi rhetoric.

Yesterday’s article titled “Jim Acosta Gets Fake News’d Into Another Dimension By Trump-Supporting Internet Troll, Baked Alaska” promoted Tim Gionet—who operates online under the “Baked Alaska” moniker—after he live streamed a video of himself telling CNN reporter Jim Acosta that he was “fake news.” The article embeds a video of the confrontation that Gionet had posted on his YouTube channel. From The Daily Caller:

Internet troll Baked Alaska caught up with Jim Acosta toward the tail end of a Donald Trump rally in Los Angeles on Wednesday and called CNN’s chief White House correspondent “fake news.”

The Trump supporter, who most recently made headlines for probably lying about getting blinded ahead of the Charlottesville rally, approached Acosta and struck up a friendly conversation, telling him “he’s a big fan.”


As Acosta turned to leave, Alaska launched his parting shot.

“I just want you to know, I appreciate what you do. And you’re fake news.”

Beneath the story are embedded links to two videos. The first video is titled “jim acosta gets cucked by baked alaska” and the second is Gionet’s full live stream from the Trump rally in Los Angeles. Both videos are hosted on Gionet’s channel.

The Daily Caller indicated it was aware of Gionet’s history with its mention of “getting blinded ahead of the Charlottesville rally,” a reference to the white supremacist gathering in Virginia where Gionet was pepper-sprayed last year. But the article makes no explicit mention of Gionet’s white nationalist history. In just the last year, Gionet has:

  • Hosted neo-Nazi blogger Andrew Anglin on his YouTube channel.
  • Promoted the candidacy of Paul Nehlen, an unabashed anti-Semite running for Congress in Wisconsin.
  • Admitted that Breitbart News had asked him to conceal his anti-Semitic views when he worked with Milo Yiannopoulous.
  • Urged white people to have more children and form coalitions because white people are “the ones that are picking the right people” in elections.
  • Held a speaking slot at the “Unite the Right” white supremacist rally in Charlottesville last year.
  • Posted anti-Semitic “gas chamber” memes on Twitter before he was eventually banned from the site.
  • Shared video memes of the “14 Words,” a well-known white supremacist slogan.
  • Declared that he has “no problem with white nationalists”.
  • Harassed a journalist who identified his ties to white supremacists.

Referencing Gionet’s participation at “Unite the Right” proved that The Daily Caller knew exactly what it was doing when it promoted his YouTube channel.