White Nationalist Ousted at Daily Caller – Again

(Screenshot / YouTube.com via Fox News)

The right-wing site Daily Caller, which is owned by Fox News host Tucker Carlson, has axed yet another white nationalist from its ranks, as reported by The Atlantic.

Scott Greer, the former deputy editor at the Daily Caller, was reported this morning to have published articles on the white supremacist publication Radix Journal, which was founded by Richard Spencer, under the pseudonym “Michael McGregor.” The Daily Caller’s co-founder and publisher said he would no longer publish Greer and Greer announced on Twitter that he is “now resigning any affiliation with the Caller.” Greer left Daily Caller in June. As reported by Rosie Gray at The Atlantic:

The former Daily Caller writer and editor Scott Greer has severed all ties with the conservative website after acknowledging that he had written under a pseudonym for the white-supremacist Radix Journal.

Greer, who stepped down as an editor at The Daily Caller in June to write a book, said he would drop his contributor status last week after The Atlantic confronted him with leaked chat logs that showed he had spent some of his time at the website also writing as “Michael McGregor” for Radix, the online publication founded by the “alt-right” leader Richard Spencer, who wants to turn America into a white ethno-state.


Asked for comment about Greer’s work for Radix Journal while he worked at The Daily Caller, the website’s editor in chief, Geoffrey Ingersoll, passed on a statement from The Daily Caller’s co-founder and publisher Neil Patel saying the site would no longer publish Greer.

The controversy regarding Greer only serves to highlight the fact that Daily Caller can’t seem to stop hosting white nationalists. The Southern Poverty Law Center has reported about the site’s history of hosting white nationalists on its platform, including the publisher VDARE Peter Brimelow (who recently attended director of the National Economic Council Larry Kudlow’s birthday barbeque). SPLC also detailed Greer’s questionable ties to young white nationalists.

Last year, Greer published a book that he trotted around social media circles popular with online white supremacists that alleges that college campuses have been engineered to be hostile to white men. Greer used his position at the Daily Caller to attempt to mainstream a campaign organized by white nationalists that used arguments against pit bulls to justify scientific racism against minority groups in America. Most recently, Greer cheered on the president’s order to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to look into land reform measure in South Africa based on a segment he had watched on Carlson’s show that was framed by white nationalist myths.

OverthrowDotCom.com first unearthed Greer’s ties to white nationalists, including a photo of Greer wearing a shirt for Youth for Western Civilization, a defunct youth white nationalist organization, at a Wolves of Vinland gathering. He was also spotted mingling at last year’s CPAC with white nationalist Marcus Epstein, who pleaded guilty to assaulting a black woman.

Greer responded to the story on Twitter, writing: “As the political situation has evolved in recent years, so have my views.” He added that he would not apologize for his writings in Radix Journal and that he would “continue to promote [his] views without any shame or regret.”

There’s also the curious case of Ian Miles Cheong, a former Daily Caller contributor, who appeared on an alt-right podcast two months ago alongside hosts from the white supremacist podcast network The Right Stuff during which he told the hosts that he supported both nationalism and socialism. The podcast recently hosted former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke and features white supremacist iconography and a visual aesthetic known as “fashwave.” In his earlier days online, Cheong reportedly posted to a chat log with messages praising the Holocaust, which he later chalked up to irony.

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Cheong has not written for Daily Caller since May and the site’s editor-in-chief told NBC’s Ben Collins last month that he was “just a random.” We shared our findings with Daily Caller editor-in-chief Geoff Ingersoll, who told us via email:

Cheong wrote for us as an independent freelancer from August 2017 till January 2018. He was never on our staff. He is not affiliated with us.

Otherwise, I would refer you to our statement to Rosie [Gray] about these kinds of people.

In 2017, Daily Caller hosted articles from Jason Kessler, the white supremacist activist responsible for the Unite the Right rallies. In 2017, Unite the Right took a violent turn and one white supremacist drove his vehicle into a crowd of counter-demonstrators, resulting in the death of Heather Heyer. The publication has also published articles written by anti-Semite David Hilton under the moniker “Moses Apostaticus” and ran columns by Ilana Mercer—including one about the “hatred of whites”—despite the fact she touted praise from white nationalist John Derbyshire.

(Update: 12:45 p.m.) This article has been updated to clarify Overthrowdotcom.com’s role in uncovering Greer’s ties to white nationalists in 2016.