Stephen Strang Slams Bernie Sanders as ‘Really a Communist’ and ‘Really an Atheist’

Charisma founder and CEO Steve Strang talks about Trump's election (Image from CBN's 700 Club, November 6, 2017)

Charisma CEO Stephen Strang celebrated President Donald Trump’s acquittal by the Senate on his “God, Trump and the 2020 Election” podcast Thursday, during which Strang said impeachment was from “the pit of hell” and called Mitt Romney “disgusting.” Strang ended with a broadside against Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, a leading candidate in the Democratic presidential primary.

Strang repeated his oft-asserted belief that Trump “has been raised up by God” and said he believed that Trump would win reelection as long as conservative Christians don’t get too complacent. He warned that “if any of the Democrats get elected, I think it’s going to be all-out war on traditional values” and “religious freedom.” But Strang singled out Sanders, who he said is “really a communist.”

He also talked about Sanders being Jewish:

He is a non-practicing Jew. He’s really an atheist. It’s a very complicated kind of thing. And, you know, we need to be aware of this. And I want to make clear that just because he was born a Jew, does not mean that we can blame the Jewish people for all the things that Bernie Sanders does. Some people do that. I don’t. I just think, you know, he has actually, a couple of times when people have attacked him about his religion, claimed to be a Jew. But I don’t even think the Jews would claim him at this point. It was a matter of birth. And he is, he is an atheist. He’s an agnostic. He’s a socialist. And I just wanted to say that if he gets in it is very, very, very serious.

Strang said little about other Democratic candidates, but described Elizabeth Warren as “just slightly less dangerous” than Sanders.

Charisma is a multimedia company whose audience is primarily Pentecostal and charismatic Christians. Strang and Charisma have been unflagging promoters of Trump’s presidency. This podcast series draws its title from Strang’s most recent book.