Stephen Strang: Those Who Oppose Trump Are Driven by Satanic Forces

Stephen Strang dedicated his most recent podcast to reading his latest column for Charisma Magazine, in which he asserted once again that opposition to President Donald Trump is driven by satanic forces.

“Many Christians see the current division in our country as a sign of spiritual warfare,” Strang said. “There are spiritual beings assigned to oversee various realms and territories. This explains why charismatics and even many evangelical Christians see what is going on in our country and in Trump’s presidency as a spiritual battle.”

“As a Christian who is aware of this unseen world and someone who believes we have authority over these powers through the name and blood of Jesus,” he added, “it’s critical to look with spiritual eyes at America and our unlikely president, who stands strong for what I believe is right while experiencing unparalleled attacks that often defy reason.”

“The vengeance with which some people hate Trump can only be understood if seen in spiritual terms,” Strang continued. “Of course there are many examples of unspeakable evil that at least make sense when seen in spiritual terms. Recognizing spiritual forces makes it easier to understand the actions of a Hitler or why there has been genocide in places like Rwanda. You can understand these horrible things better when you realize that both God and Satan operate in the earth through people.”

“If we can accept that there is a devil and he influences humans to do his bidding, then we can conclude that people are subject to these spiritual authorities, even if they don’t understand what they are doing or why,” Strang concluded. “I believe, however, that the only way to truly discern what’s happening in our nation is through spiritual eyes. This is not a war between left and right or between Democrats and Republicans or even between President Trump and his political opponents. It’s spiritual warfare.”