Religious Right Must Vote in Midterms So Congress Will Help Trump Do What He Wants, Says Stephen Strang

Stephen Strang, the Donald Trump apologist and Pentecostal media mogul who oversees the Charisma magazine, online, and publishing operation, is relentlessly promoting “Trump Aftershock,” his second book about Trump, which is scheduled to be released on Election Day. His public relations firm is now distributing an interview with Strang that it encourages media outlets to take and run as is. It also offers audio of Strang’s answers, and a handy written list of the questions, so that outlets can record their own reporters’ voices asking questions—essentially faking an interview with Strang.

In a previous press release, Strang declared that his book will be “no puff piece,” but the new interview—like the three pre-released chapters—suggests that the book will indeed be a puff piece if not an outright love letter to Trump, who Strang believes was touched by God and elected in a miracle. Strang compares Trump to Winston Churchill, General George Patton, and even Abraham Lincoln. “Donald Trump is one of the strongest people, strongest leaders, that I have ever seen,” he says in his packaged interview. “We haven’t had a president like him since maybe Abraham Lincoln.”

In the interview, Strang calls on conservative Christians to get out and vote in the midterms. “Donald Trump is very, very strong, but he can’t do it all alone,” Strang says. “And we need to give him a House and a Senate that will actually back the things he’s trying to do.” Strang praises Trump for keeping his promises to the evangelical community to move the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, name right-wing justices to the Supreme Court, and try to do away with restrictions on political activity by churches.

Strang argues that the level of partisan hostility in our political culture is not really about a fight between right and left, or even Republicans and Democrats, but between a worldview based on God and “Judeo-Christian values” and an anti-God worldview with man at the center of everything—in other words, “a battle against good and evil, between light and darkness.”

Strang has helped promote people like Lance Wallnau and Frank Amedia, who prophesied before the election that God was raising up Trump like Cyrus, a pagan king in the Bible. In the interview, Strang says the authors of other Trump books have neglected that part of the story. Strang, whose book promotes the idea of a deep state conspiracy against Trump, complains in his interview that Barack Obama is working with George Soros and other “billionaire radicals” to undermine the Trump presidency.

Strang recently said that even if the sexual assault allegations against Brett Kavanaugh were true, they were “pretty nickel-and-dime stuff that high school kids do,” adding, “Everybody on that committee probably did that kind of stuff when they were teenagers. I mean, it’s just kind of part of growing up.”