Stephen Strang: Christians ‘Have No Choice’ but to Support Trump in 2020

Stephen Strang appeared on the American Pastors Network’s “Stand In The Gap” radio program last week to discuss APN’s “52 Tuesdays” election prayer effort, which was created to mobilize “Christians to pray for America as never before” heading into the 2020 elections.

During the discussion, Strang said that Christians “have no choice” but to vote for President Donald Trump in 2020 because “whatever Donald Trump has done, the other side is 100 times worse.”

“They have no choice,” he said. “We’re not trying to elect a perfect Christian, we’re trying to elect someone who will protect our rights so you and I can be Christians. Since when did we have these standards for anyone else? Yes, he is a little rude and crude, but I’ve heard some preachers that were rude and crude. What are we going to do, be nicey nicey and have our country taken away from us? Whatever Donald Trump has done, the other side is 100 times worse.”

“I’m glad he pushes back,” Strang continued. “Finally somebody is standing up. These people hate you and me, but they just don’t attack us because they don’t think we’re important. The people who hate Donald Trump hate the rest of us.”

“I believe that Donald Trump has been raised up by God,” Strang concluded. “I am not ashamed to say that.”