Richard Land: Donald Trump Is ‘A Genetic Marvel’

Richard Land appeared on TheDove TV’s “Focus Today” program last week, where he declared that President Trump is “a genetic marvel” who is working tirelessly for the betterment of this nation.

Land claimed that Trump, who reportedly works just a few hours a day and prefers to spend most of his time watching television and tweeting endlessly, goes “full bore” from 5 a.m. to midnight and is working so diligently that he is wearing out his 30 year-old staffers, who can’t even keep up with him.

“President Trump is the Energizer Bunny,” Land said. “He gets up at five in the morning, he goes to bed at midnight and it’s full bore all the way in between. He’s a genetic marvel.”

Land went on to assert that evangelical Christians continue to support Trump despite his adulterous and generally unseemly past because “he’s a very different man than he was five or ten years ago. He’s a very different man morally, he’s a very different man spiritually. I think the nature of his third marriage is one that Christians would be much more comfortable with.”

“When it came down to a binary choice between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, I’ll take Donald Trump every day and twice on Sunday,” Land added. “I believe Donald Trump is a more moral man than Hillary Clinton is a moral woman. I believe he’s more moral, I believe he is more of a law-abider, I believe he’s a far better person to be president of the United States than Hillary Clinton.”