Perry Stone Has Information That Will Change Our Understanding Of Watergate

During his appearance on Jim Baker’s television program on Friday, End Times pastor Perry Stone claimed to possess information that will completely rewrite the history of the Watergate scandal.

After claiming that he knows of 64,000 emails that allegedly prove that the Democrats colluded with Russia during the 2016 election to take down President Trump, Stone went on to assert that he also possesses a tape of an interview with his father that contains the “whole truth” about what happened during Watergate.

Stone claims that his father was a pastor in Northern Virginia during the Watergate scandal and that a high-ranking member of the intelligence community who was a member of his church told him what really happened.

“I know the facts on it,” Stone said. “If the whole truth ever came out in detail—there is one person still living that has to die probably before the truth can come out—that, in that day, it would have destroyed the other party … If the America people know what this person did—if I called his name, everybody would know; he’s an old man now—then it would destroy the [two]-party system.”

Stone declared that this intelligence official “listened in” on the Watergate tapes and told his father all about what they contained, adding that he has a tape of his late father revealing what he was told that has been locked away in a vault for safe keeping.

I have known my whole life that Watergate was not right,” Bakker responded. “Oh my God, I’ve known it … Nixon was not maybe the greatest president we’ve ever had, but I’ll tell you what, he did a lot for our country.”