Rodney Howard-Browne: Spiritual Revival Will Shut Down Congress For Days

Rodney Howard-Browne, a right-wing pastor and radical conspiracy theorist who laid hands upon and prayed over President Trump in the Oval Office last year, is currently hosting a week-long “Celebrate America” event in Washington, D.C, that is designed to prepare for “the Great Awakening that is soon to come.”

During Monday’s service, Howard-Browne brought his patentedHoly Laughter” revival to the nation’s capital and proclaimed that soon the entire federal government will be unable to function because our elected leaders and government officials will be unable to stand up or speak after being overwhelmed by the power of the Holy Spirit.

After several audience members were apparently incapacitated by the spiritual power emanating from Howard-Browne, he declared that “this is what will shake Washington, D.C.”

“When the fire of God hits the Congress, when the fire of God hits the Senate, when the fire of God hits the Supreme Court,” he said, “the news media [will] report Congress is shut down for several days [because] nobody can stand up. They’re all under the power.”

Howard-Browne said that even the Speaker of the House will be unable to speak “because the Holy Ghost shook him to the core.”