Trump-Allied Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne Says The CIA Controls ISIS And Vaccines Are Population Control

As we have noted before, right-wing pastor Rodney Howard-Browne, who laid hands upon and prayed over President Trump in the Oval Office earlier this year, is a radical conspiracy theorist and that characteristic was on full display during a sermon that he delivered on Wednesday night to his congregation in Tampa, Florida. In the sermon, Howard-Browne spent over an hour railing against everything from the banking system and chemtrails to the Bohemian Grove and Nazi control of the U.S. government.

At one point, he warned that “the globalists” might use President Trump’s upcoming trip to South Korea as an opportunity to launch a false flag attack against the president in order to justify launching a war against North Korea, while asserting that ISIS is trained and controlled by the CIA.

“The dogs want war,” Howard-Browne said. “Our American men and women are being used as cannon fodder for the globalist agenda. We’re not in Afghanistan because we’re killing terrorists. The ISIS bases are in 49 states in America that the CIA brings them and trains them here and then ships them out to the areas of the world where they want there to be conflict. They are all trained here. Osama bin Laden worked for the CIA, so does Anderson Cooper. Work that one out.”

Later in the sermon, Howard-Browne claimed that vaccines are really just an eugenicist effort to impose population control on the world by sterilizing people and giving them diseases, vowing that he’ll “go Old Testament” if anyone ever tries to forcibly vaccinate him.

“There was talk about five years ago, they were going to stop people by the side of the road and give them forced vaccinations,” he said. “Let them try. I have a couple of injections for them and it’s going to be the size of a .45, I can promise you right now. Somebody said, ‘But you’re a Christian.’ Yeah, I am, but I’ll go Old Testament for a half an hour, it’s not a problem.”