Rodney Howard-Browne Thanks God For Giving America ‘A Rambo’ In Trump

Right-wing pastor and radical conspiracy theorist Rodney Howard-Browne appeared on “Revival Today Live” earlier this week, where he told host Jonathan Shuttlesworth that the election of President Trump was a bigger miracle than “having five Lazaruses raised from the dead.”

After Shuttlesworth declared that the entire world was on the verge of falling under the control of the Antichrist’s one world government until Trump was elected, Howard-Browne praised God for giving America “a Rambo.”

“People freaked over the fact that he’s not a Sunday School teacher,” Howard-Browne said. “We didn’t need a Sunday School teacher, we needed a Rambo. People say, ‘Well, he was a playboy or whatever.’ We all knew what President Trump was, we weren’t, like, stupid about it.”

“And unlike Hillary Clinton,” Shuttlesworth responded, “at least he was chasing the opposite sex.”

“Correct,” said Howard-Browne. “God brought him in to be a wrecking ball.”

“How strong of a miracle was it, what took place in the last U.S. election?” Shuttlesworth asked.

“It was the equivalent to having five Lazaruses raised from the dead,” Howard-Browne answered. “Seriously. It was that far gone.”