Rodney Howard-Browne: CNN ‘Is A Wicked Globalist Organization’

In a program posted on his Facebook page last week, right-wing pastor and radical conspiracy theorist Rodney Howard-Browne declared that CNN is “a wicked globalist organization” and praised President Trump for “setting back the globalist agenda” by decades.

Howard-Browne asserted that the recently released files regarding the JFK assassination prove that “there were multiple shooters, which we knew all along” and that Kennedy was killed “because he was going to shut down the private central banks” and withdraw the United States from Vietnam. He also repeated his belief that ISIS is trained and controlled by the CIA and that Osama bin Laden was a CIA operative, while adding that America is only involved in Afghanistan “because we are running the opium of the world.”

People don’t know these facts, Howard-Browne said, because “all you do is sit and suck on the breast of CNN every day. What a wicked organization! What a wicked globalist organization. My God, may the Lord bring that thing to nothing. What a bunch of nonsense pumped through the airwaves every single day, pumping propaganda into the lives of the people.”

Howard-Browne said that God chose Trump “to wreck the system, that is why the Pope came out against him, that is why former presidents came out against him, that is why the world’s financial elite in Davos, Switzerland, came out against him. Why? Because he is wrecking the globalist agenda as we speak.”

Howard-Browne said that the meeting during which he laid hands on and prayed over Trump in the Oval Office earlier this year was supernaturally arranged, praising Trump for playing “with the media like a cat plays with a mouse, that is his distraction while he does something else and he is setting back the globalist agenda probably 30, 40 years. That is why they are freaking out.”