Robert David Steele: Hillary Clinton Was ‘Going To Legalize Bestiality And Pedophilia’

On the most recent episode of her “Weekend Vigilante” podcast, radical right-wing commentator and unhinged crackpot Sheila Zilinsky interviewed former CIA officer Robert David Steele, who made news this summer when he told conspiracy theorist radio host Alex Jones that NASA was operating a secret colony on Mars where kidnapped children worked as slaves.

Steele made several equally wild claims in his interview with Zilinsky, including asserting that he helped President Trump use the NSA database to “get every name, date and place for every pedophile, every traitor and every white collar criminal in the United States of America,” insisting that all Shirley Temple films were nothing more than pedophile propaganda, and declaring that had Hillary Clinton been elected, she would have legalized pedophilia and bestiality.

“Hollywood has been run by Zionists from day one,” Steele said. “And Hollywood was designed, inclusive of Walt Disney, was designed to destroy American values.”

“If you go back and look at every Shirley Temple movie, it is essentially soft porn for pedophiles,” he continued. “Shirley Temple was essentially the poster girl for pedophiles for her entire career, they are essentially the pedophile’s wet dream.”

“We have senior founding Zionists in Hollywood saying, ‘Our objective is to eliminate all American values,’ and we have a senator who has exposed a memorandum from Loretta Lynch, had Hillary Clinton become president, they were going to legalize bestiality and pedophilia,” Steele added.