Sheila Zilinsky: ‘Every NFL Stadium Is A FEMA Camp In Hiding’

On a recent radio broadcast, radical right-wing commentator Sheila Zilinsky use the controversy over athletes kneeling during the national anthem to warn that the NFL is working with the government to brainwash Americans so they can easily be herded into FEMA prison camps housed inside NFL stadiums.

“I told you the NFL was out of the bowels of hell and nothing more than a propaganda machine,” she said, “with mindless sheep who are brainwashed every night of the week with the alpha, gamma, theta waves, the delta waves lulling people into trances, slipping people into mass hypnosis. That’s declassified, folks. High-level mind control projects have been exposed, it’s on record. TV, that noise box, is the most disgusting invention ever made.”

“I think the NFL is pure evil,” she continued. “It’s anti-Christian, anti-family, anti-patriot, anti-constitutional, anti-gun, anti-American for sure.”

“These new NFL policies are straight out of the Pol Pot regime,” Zilinsky said. “In some stadiums, women can’t even enter into the same entrance as men and children. Talk about your FEMA camp training. That’s right, the NFL is an extension of the TSA, the DHS, the globalist agenda and FEMA.”

“Every NFL stadium is a FEMA camp in hiding,” she continued. “The American public is being conditioned to the fact that the state owns your body and your freedoms … The NFL stadiums are going to be staging areas for martial law and it’s all a part of the conditioning process.”