Sheila Zilinsky: Las Vegas Massacre Was A Pagan Illuminati ‘Blood Sacrifice Ritual’

Radical right-wing commentator and rabid conspiracy theorist Sheila Zilinsky posted a new podcast over the weekend in which she spent an hour explaining that the recent mass shooting in Las Vegas was really an Illuminati/deep state/occult ritual sacrifice.

Claiming that there is deep Illuminati/Free Mason/occult significance behind everything from the hotel floor from which the attack occurred, the number of guns found in the room, the location of the concert across from the pyramid-shaped Luxor hotel and countless other minor details, Zilinsky insisted that is it obvious that the massacre was a pagan “blood sacrifice ritual.”

“Folks, this whole thing in Las Vegas,” she said, “this killing field in front of this sphinx, this pyramid, this obelisk, this is no coincidence. The pyramid, the place of death; do you know that the Luxor has been there 23 years, the man had 23 guns and his room was 23? This is not a coincidence in these number sequences.”

“Las Vegas is a cesspool,” she continued. “It’s full of defilement, it’s full of debauchery, that’s why they call it Sin City. I don’t know if I’d brag about that. It might even be the world class pit of debauchery, really. The divination, the witchcraft, the occult, the necromancy. Forget that it is ancient Egypt revisited on steroids … it is really the epicenter of pagan gods, most of all these idols. That’s the very first commandment: no other gods before me.”

“This Route 91 Harvest Festival,” Zilinsky added. “Yeah, it’s a harvest festival all right—a pagan harvest festival. This thing was nothing more than a strategically located blood sacrifice ritual, a death ritual across from a pyramid.”