Robert Maginnis: Hillary Clinton Is A Luciferian Psychopath

During a recent appearance on “The Sharpening Report,” Religious Right activist Lt. Col. Robert Maginnis said that it seems obvious to him that Hillary Clinton is a demonically-influenced psychopath.

Repeating his assertion that the “deep state” is controlled by demonic forces, Maginnis declared that people like Clinton “tend to be Luciferian, and what I mean by that is essentially they don’t like the laws of God [and] they want to propel themselves into God-like people.”

“Not only are they narcissistic and self-centered and want to control everything, but they, in fact, are psychopathic to a certain degree, some of them, in terms of their behaviors,” he continued. “Just watch Hillary Clinton, and I would argue that some her behavior is psychopathic in that it is antisocial, it’s egotistical, it’s narcissistic and all these sorts of things. So you have these groups of people that are very, very well connected, very powerful, manipulative of the world in terms of government, culture and economy and it’s a scary proposition. And, of course, many of them are demonically-influenced behind the scenes and their association with the evil side of the world, the unseen realm, I think is pretty self-evident.”