Right Wing Round-Up: Arizona’s Great Abortion Ban Is Terrible

  • Katie Herchenroeder @ Mother Jones: The Arizona Supreme Court Just Allowed a Near-Total Abortion Ban From 1864 to Go Into Effect
  • The 160-year-old law, if enforced, would outlaw nearly all abortions in the state and send providers to prison for up to five years.

  • Nikki McCann Ramirez @ Rolling Stone: Kari Lake Claims She Opposes Arizona Abortion Ban She Once Called ‘Great’
  • Just like Trump, MAGA Senate candidate Kari Lake is learning just how hard it is to outrun her record on abortion.

  • Richard Eberwein @ Heartland Signal: Wisconsin Senate candidate Eric Hovde says people in nursing homes shouldn’t vote
  • During an appearance on the “Guy Benson Show,” Wisconsin Senate candidate Eric Hovde responded to a question on 2020 voting irregularities by saying people in nursing homes aren’t “in a point” to vote.

  • Kate Briquelet @ The Daily Beast: Michael Flynn’s Anti-Vax Pals Want to Take Over This Florida Hospital
  • Anti-vaccine conspiracy theorists and Michael Flynn’s sister are running to gain control of the board of a prestigious public hospital in Sarasota.

  • Angry White Men: Stew Peters Files Lawsuit Over Rights To Anti-Vaccine Propaganda Film
  • Stew Peters is one of the most visible figures of the modern anti-vax movement. In 2022, Peters released Died Suddenly, an anti-vax propaganda film which falsely claimed that the COVID-19 vaccine was a deadly “bioweapon.” Now, Peters is suing the film’s producers — including a former employee — for the rights to Died Suddenly.

  • Adam Reiss and Dareh Gregorian @ NBC News: Right-wing operatives Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman agree to pay up to $1.2 million for misleading 2020 robocalls
  • The agreement with the New York attorney general’s office comes after the pair was fined $5 million by the FCC and pleaded guilty to related charges in Ohio.

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