DeAnna Lorraine Complains that Offering Different Seating Sections to Vaccinated Spectators Is Just Like the Holocaust and Jim Crow

QAnon conspiracy theorist DeAnna Lorraine appeared on “The Stew Peters Show” last Thursday, where she railed against proposals to offer separate seating sections for vaccinated and non-vaccinated spectators at sporting events and other large gatherings, predictably likening it to Nazi Germany.

Lorraine, who has been an ardent COVID-19 denier and tireless anti-vaxxer from the very start of the pandemic, complained that offering separate seating sections for those who have been vaccinated is no different than Jim Crow.

“They’re gonna start dividing up their sections of sporting events, churches, and other areas of public interest and it’s gonna say vaccinated people or non-vaccinated people,” Lorraine griped. “And we know that—because there’s so many mindless sheeple out there—that the vaccinated section is going to be a hell of a lot bigger than the non-vaccinated section, but that’s how it’s going to be. So, sporting events, if you go to a baseball game, a football game, etcetera, you can expect to be put in a different section, whether you’ve been vaccinated or not.”

“I’m actually okay with it,” host Stew Peters responded, “because I don’t really want to be hanging around these vaccinated people. All this talk about transmission and shedding and all of this other stuff, I mean, this is a contagious vaccination, it’s a self-spreading vaccination.”

“Exactly,” Lorraine replied. “Don’t shed on me. We need to start having ‘Don’t Shed On Me’ flags everywhere.”

“I don’t want to be hanging out with the vaxxed anyways,” she continued, “but just imagine a year ago, did we ever think that this was going to happen? If we did think that it was going to happen, we were labeled conspiracy theorists with tinfoil hats. But imagine what the Jews experienced, right? Again, we go back to the Holocaust, where they had to show their papers. They had to show their papers, they had to wear the gold star. Isn’t this eerily familiar to that?  We have to show our papers, we have to show proof of vaccination, and it’s going to be separating people from vaccinated versus unvaccinated. This is also [like] back in the day where racism was paramount and they had separate water fountains, separate schools, separate eating areas for blacks and whites. How is this any different?”