Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Turds

  • Jeff Jansen is “quadrupling down” on his prophecy that the military will remove President Joe Biden by the end of April, even though it is now May.
  • Sidney Powell declares that “we are living under a Communist totalitarian regime.”
  • E.W. Jackson believes that “Facebook is an oligarchical company that is controlled by the Democrat Party.”
  • Dave Daubenmire insists that “there is no racism in America” and that white Christian men are the real victims of discrimination and persecution: “There is an assault on white Christian Americans.”
  • Lauren Witzke appeared on “TruNews” Wednesday night, where she stated that Caitlyn Jenner is mentally ill and that “the LGBTQ agenda is a gateway drug to pedophilia.”
  • Finally, we are worried that Stew Peters and DeAnna Lorraine might not appreciate our coverage of their segments, judging by the fact that they repeatedly insulted us and called us “turds.”