Right Wing Bonus Tracks: You’re the Puppet

  • E.W. Jackson says that Stacey Abrams is “a con woman” and a “manipulator” who is nothing but a “puppet” of George Soros.
  • John Guandolo raises alarm over the nomination of Zahid Quraishi to become a federal judge: “How can someone who follows Islamic doctrine serve as a U.S. federal judge, which requires fidelity to the U.S. Constitution which stands in complete contrast to Islamic doctrine?”
  • Mat Staver claims the Equality Act is “the most dangerous legislation ever proposed in America’s history.”
  • Karen Hardin warns that a new Holocaust is “being ushered in by the Biden administration which will affect every American personally.”
  • Finally, Mario Murillo declares that God wants the prophetic movement to rise up and “terrify national Democrat leaders.”