Mario Murillo Says Democrats Oppose Trump Because They Hate the Bible and Christianity

During an appearance on the “Encounter Today” program last month, right-wing Trump-supporting evangelist Mario Murillo blasted Christians who do not support President Donald Trump at a time when he says Trump is trying to protect them from Democrats, who “hate Christianity.”

“What we’ve got in the Democrat Party is atheism, late term abortion, destruction of marriage, socialism,” Murillo said. “Do you really believe this is about Trump, folks? … Do you really believe they hate Trump? No, they don’t. They hate you. They hate Christianity, and the only reason that they are targeting Trump is because he’s in the way. They can’t get to us because of Trump.”

“How do we look when we don’t like Trump who every day is suffering for his support of the American church?” he continued. “Every day he pays a price. They insult his children. The insult his wife. They insult his life. He gets death threats. Why is he getting death threats? Because he mentions prayer, he mentions the church, he mentions free speech. Oh, you say, ‘Well, he’s rough. His tweets are really embarrassingly crude.’ You know your problem? You never met anybody from New York City before.”

“I’m going to tell you for a fact, what this is about is the Democrat Party hates—look at me—hates Christianity, hates the Bible, hates American history, hates the foundations of our freedom,” Murillo added. “I can’t understand how you don’t see that the person who hates you, you’re supporting and the person who’s trying to defend you, you’re opposing. That is called you have a mind that is so open that your brains fell out.”