Mario Murillo Says Christians ‘Cannot Accept the Results of This Election’

Right-wing Trump-supporting evangelist Mario Murillo appeared on The Victory Channel’s “Flashpoint” program Tuesday evening, where he declared that Christians must never “accept the results of this election” because doing so will mean that the United States has been taken over by “an evil force.”

“I believe Donald Trump won this election,” Murillo said. “I believe he won it by a large majority. I believe that fraud has been implemented in order to rob the United States of the duly elected candidate that they have chosen. And there are reasons for why. There is an anti-American spirit. These people hate America. They hate our history, they hate our freedom, they hate what we represent. And unfortunately, a great deal of them have poisoned our children with that same hatred.”

“The first thing we’ve got to do is to realize that a second American Revolution has started,” he continued. “We cannot accept the results of this election. We’ve got—to our last drop and our last breath and our last strength—understand that our duty as Americans is to oppose this and to demand a full and free investigation. And to summarily realize that if that is denied—if that is denied the American people—we can say why it was we have been taken over. An evil force has taken us over, and there’s nothing less than that.”

“This is a fraudulent election that must be confirmed, or the people will never believe it again,” Murillo added. “You will never see another Republican president elected in your lifetime.”